November 27, 2014

Don't Forget MST3K Turkey Day 2014 Is Today

Don't forget MST3K Turkey Day 2014 is today. It starts at 12pm ET and I've searched around but I haven't found a schedule for what's showing when. Fingers crossed for The Giant Spider Invasion! You'll be able to view the stream from the YouTube post below.

November 26, 2014

Episode #2 Of The Trading Card Preservation Society Podcast Is Available

The newest episode of The Trading Card Preservation Society is available now. In this 2+ hour episode you get to hear Dave the Cardboard Junkie and I talk about  the return of Barry Bonds to baseball cards, the very old stickers of 2014 Topps Supreme, and the problems of buying cards site unseen. In pop-culture we have Marvel’s Phase 3 films, Garbage Pail Kids, and Doctor Who cards. And as always the release calendar and your Q and A.

 Keep your ears peeled at the two hour, two minute mark in which Dave, the biggest Braves fan I know, predicts that Jayson Heyward will be traded to the Cardinals. 

November 25, 2014

I Highly Recommend Crackin' Wax's Post On Topps Bunt

I'm a couple of days behind on Crackin' Wax's post on Topps Bunt and I couldn't agree more with Topher's thoughts on the app. And I'm not totally against "freemium" games as I play both The Simpsons:Tapped Out and Family Guy:The Quest For Stuff nearly daily but the idea o f trading collecting virtual cards is some marketing person's dream. Whenever I see posts promoting Bunt I'm reminded of the Mean Girls meme:

November 23, 2014 Black Friday Deals 2014 is having another Black Friday sale and you can get free shipping when shipping 10 or more items. If you are really ambitious and ship more than 100 cards in November then you can get a $5.00 store credit for Cyber Monday. They claim to have nearly 10 million cards listed so there are a lot of great things to find even if their search and listings are often messed up. [For example, a basic search for "Andy Pafko" returns non-Pafko cards]. All this trouble is due to Beckett severing their relationship with COMC earlier this year after COMC claims they failed in buying the site. So if you aren't a fan of Beckett, spend some money at COMC this Christmas. 

November 22, 2014

A Sticker Autograph For The Ages

About five years ago I wrote a little post about Bill Madlock and how in my mind he only played for the Pirates. In reality he spent time with six teams and being a great player [the only player to win two batting titles for two different teams...that four total, two for each team] it makes sense that more than one team claims him as part of their legendary history. It's that idea plus the horrible scourge that sticker autographs are that gives us this monstrosity from 2005 Donruss Signature Series:

I found this particular card on eBay and with a little more searching you find that Bill personalized each autograph some way either talking about his batting titles, MVP award, or just writing down the name of a team he played for.

Donruss only made one design with Bill in the Pirates uniform and so you get cards that both Pirate and Cubs fans don't want to own.

November 21, 2014

Trading Card Preservation Society Mini Episode Is Live! Dave's Review of Bela Lugosi's Ape Man

It's three week since Halloween so what better time to release a Trading Card Preservation Society mini episode featuring Dave the Cardboard Junkie's review of Bela Lugosi's Ape Man. This was originally recorded during our Episode #1 recording session but we edited it out of that episode because of time considerations.

But now we've taken that review and combined it with clips from the film for an audio and visual extravaganza!

You can download the mp3 version HERE. Find us on iTunes HERE and you can also find/download all our episodes from our libsyn page as well HERE.

Our RSS Feed:

Look for a brand new, nearly two hour long episode of the Trading Card Preservation Society on Monday!

November 20, 2014

Pearl Jam Would Have Been Even Bigger If They Kept The Name Mookie Blaylock

Poor Mookie Blaylock. He could have been one of the most famous players in NBA history if he just let that little band from Seattle keep their original band name. Life has recently turned very hard for Blaylock, who lived in the Atlanta area. He was recently sentenced to 15 years in prison for vehicular homicide when he killed a woman in a car accident in 2013. 

1993 Topps #268 Mookie Blaylock 

Mookie was always one of my favorite players because of his unique nickname. Here are a couple of rookies I have in my collection:
1990 Fleer #117 Mookie Blaylock RC
1990 NBA Hoops #193 Mookie Blaylock RC

November 19, 2014

New 1966 Topps Batman Additions

The black and red boarded Batman logos were the first and second series of Batman cards put out by Topps to take advantage of the incredibly popular TV series. Although I've written about these cards before I more than doubled my collection at the traveling vintage card show put on by Sports Memories. This first one is now my overall favorite of the Batman set with the nice jumbo close up of Batman, his painted eyebrows and the bat-gasmask.

#43 The Bat-Gasmask
The great part of the black logo set was that nearly each card featured a key Batman villain like The Penguin...

#23 Umbrella Duel
...The Riddler...

#41 Time For Rescue
...The Riddler again...

#38 Robin Rescued
and Cat Woman. This card is so creepy. Batman and Robin were stealing celebrity photos way before The Fappening!

#25 The Cat Woman
Robin is giving us a little moose knuckle on this one.

#8 Into the Batmobile

Here's what the backs of the black bat cards look like in their Halloween orange goodness.

In the red set we got some more cards with the key villains like The Joker.

#26A The Joker's Last Laugh
Here are the backs of this set's cards which make up larger puzzles. 

The red set also has some some non-essential enemies like a guy with a gun...

#17A Link To Lincoln
...or an invisible man.

#1A The Ghostly Foe
...or saving Robin from the dangers of water.

#7A The Batline Life-Line
You've probably heard of "jumping the shark" well how about "jumping ON a shark and stabbing it with a knife." That should totally be the new way to describe when a show has peaked.

#37A Watery Warfare

November 18, 2014

Andy Pafko Biography Cover Released

Joe Niese, the author of the upcoming Andy Pafko biography Handy Andy released the cover photo for the book yesterday. I think it look pretty good with its an iconic Pafko photo from his Cubs playdays and I can't wait to get my hands on a review copy hopefully in the next couple weeks. 

One of 10,000 Mackey Sassers

In case you missed it a few months ago ESPN did a 30 For 30 short documentary called "Fields of Fear" on Mackey Sasser and his problems throwing the baseball back to the pitcher after receiving the pitch. It's a really interesting watch and one that seems to actually help Sasser conquer his fear.

Above you'll see Mackey's 1993 Topps Gold card as well as the Florida Marlin's stamped version. You may remember those stamped cards are from one of 10,000 factory sets made especially to be sold at the Marlins stadium. The Rockies have their own stamped sets as well and I enjoy these cards because it gives you a chance to get a limited run card in the middle of the junk wax card era. 

November 17, 2014

1995 Fleer Marvel Metal Pack 2

Here's Pack #2 of a five-pack lot I bought from a card show a couple of weeks ago. Let's see if I pulled a Gold Blaster. 

When I got into comics War Machine had taken over for Iron Man while I think Tony Stark was dead [or presumed dead if I remember correctly]. This is one of my favorite cards from the series that I've seen in hand so far. 
#27 War Machine

Rogue got cut from the Days of Future Past movie this past summer but apparently you'll be able to buy a director's cut next summer which will have Anna Paquin sucking the power out of someone.

#114 Rogue
Speaking of sucking powers, this card highlights the alternate universe in which Rogue take's Thor's Powers and then teams up with Loki to take control of Asgard. This storyline was featured in What If #66 if you want to read the story. 

#132 Roge Alternate M
Mondo is a Generation X mutant that can temporarily take the properties of whatever he touches.

#105 Mondo
It would be neat to see Elektra make an appearance on the Marvels Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. after all she was in S.H.I.E.L.D. for a while...and Jennifer Garner isn't too busy.

#30 Elektra
Johnny Blaze was the original Ghost Rider and I always confuse his name with The Human Torch Johnny Storm. It just makes more sense for someone named "Blaze" to be a superhero that can start themselves on fire...but then as I think about it Ghost Rider was on fire all the time so I shouldn't be confused at all. Glad I figured that out. 

#57 Blaze
This pack yielded me another Sliver Metal Blaster. My favorite Storm is the Mohawk Storm and it's a shame we won't get to see Halle Berry sporting it.

#13 Storm Metal Blasters

My one-per-pack Silver Flasher was the young version of The Vulture..I always prefered the elderly Vulture to the rejuvenated one.

#81 Vulture Silver Flasher

November 15, 2014

A Few Words On Dan Gladden

Dan Gladden is the very definition of a Fan Favorite. He roamed the outfield for the Twins two World Championships in 1987 and 1991 and and graced a Sports Illustrated cover or two or three. I doubt he would ever have to pay for his own drink in a bar in the Twin Cities again. He was a perfect choice for the Fan Favorites autograph set of Topps Archives from last year and I finally got around to picking one up.

2013 Topps Archives #FFA-DG Dan Gladden Fan Favorite Autograph
I had totally forgotten that he played in Japan for the Yumiri Giants during the baseball strike in 1994-1995 and found that he has a Japanese card floating out there somewhere. I stole this image from the Japanese Baseball Cards blog and I've added this card to my long term want list as I doubt I'll ever stumble upon it at a card show.

Here are a few more Gladden cards that I recently received from Spiff in a trade:

1990 Donruss #22 Dan Gladden Diamond King
1989 Donruss #391 Dan Gladden

1990 Classic Baseball #148 Dan Gladden
And one last thing, did you know that Dan's daughter is married to Gary Gaetti's son? How great is that!

November 13, 2014

Common Genius: 1999 Fleer Ultra #44 Otis Nixon

**In this series I try to show the brilliance of common cards that often get overlooked.**

I always love the non-traditional batting helmet cards and this one featuring Otis Nixon came to me in a Twins dump from Spiff of Texas Rangers Cards. I feel like he could tackle the first baseman no problem.

1999 Fleer Ultra #44 Otis Nixon

As I've become more accustomed to the Atlanta card collecting scene I found out that Otis Nixon lives in the Atlanta area and fairly regularly has signings at local card shows. I picked up this autograph from a seller who had Nixon sign it last year and I think I got a little Otis fingerprint in his last name.  

1986 Topps Traded #80T Otis Nixon Autograph

November 12, 2014

1995 Marvel Metal Needs List

1995 Marvel Metal Needs List

 Last Updated: 10-8-2015

Yellow = awaiting arrival/pending trade

Base Cards

1 Beast
2 Bishop
3 Cyclops
4 Gambit
5 Holocaust
6 Jean Gray
7 Nightcrawler
8 Sunfire
9 Weapon X
10 Black Widow
11 Captain America
12 Giant Man
13 Thor
14 Thunderstrike
15 Vision
16 Galactus
17 Nebula
18 Silver Surfer
19 Thanos
20 Tyrant
21 Warlock 
22 Hawkeye
23 Iron Man
24 Mandarin
25 Scarlet Witch
26 Spider-Woman
27 War Machine
28 Daredevil
29 Deathlok
30 Elektra
31 Hulk
32 Human Torch
33 Invisible Woman
34 Mephisto
35 Modok
36 Mr. Fantastic
37 Namor 
38 Puppet Master
39 She-Hulk
40 Super Skrull
41 Silver Sable
42 Thing
43 Bloodhawk 
44 Brimstone Love
45 Doom 2099
46 Ghost Rider 2099
47 Hulk 2099
48 Junkpile
49 Meanstreak
50 Punisher 2099
51 Ravage 2099 
52 Skullfire
53 Spider-Man 2099
54 Vendetta
55 Xi'an
56 Blade
57 Blaze
58 Dr. Strange
59 Ghost Rider
60 Morbius
61 Strange
62 Vengeance 
63 Firestar
64 Justice
65 Kymaera
66 Night Thrasher
67 Nova
68 Rage
69 Punisher
70 Black Cat
71 Carnage
72 Dr. Octopus 
73 Judas Traveller
74 Rhino
75 Scarlet Spider
76 Scorpion
77 Shocker
78 Spider-Man
79 Stunner
80 Venom
81 Vulture
82 Apocalypse
83 Archangel
84 Banshee
85 Beast
86 Bishop
87 Boomer
88 Cable
89 Chamber
90 Colossus
91 Cyclops
92 Deadpool
93 Domino
94 Gambit
95 Cannonball
96 Iceman
97 Jean Gray
98 Jubilee
99 Juggernaut
100 Lady Deathstrike
101 Omega Red
102 Longshot 
103 M
104 Magneto
105 Mondo
106 Mr. Sinister
107 Mystique
108 Nightcrawler
109 Penance 
110 Phoenix
111 Professor X
112 Psylocke
113 Random
114 Rogue
115 Sabretooth
116 Sauron
117 Shadowcat
118 Skin
119 Storm
120 Strong Guy
121 Stryfe
122 Synch
123 Warpath
124 White Queen
125 Wolverine
126 Beast
127 Cable
128 Dr. Doom
129 The Fantastic Four
130 Iron Man
131 Kraven
132 Rogue
133 Silver Surfer 
134 Spider-Man
135 Storm
136 Venom
137 Wolverine
138 Checklist

 Silver Flashers In Hand

3, 81, 122

Gold Blasters

1 Cable
2 Captain America
3 Cyclops
4 Gambit
5 Hulk
6 Human Torch
7 Iron Man
8 Jean Grey
9 Punisher
10 Rogue
11 Silver Surfer
12 Spider-Man
13 Storm
14 Thing
15 Thor
16 Venom
17 War Machine
18 Wolverine

Metal Blasters

1 Cable
2 Captain America
3 Cyclops
4 Gambit
5 Hulk
6 Human Torch
7 Iron Man
8 Jean Grey 
9 Punisher
10 Rogue
11 Silver Surfer
12 Spider-Man
13 Storm
14 Thing
15 Thor
16 Venom
17 War Machine
18 Wolverine

Metal Prints
1 Bishop
2 Carnage
3 Human Torch
4 Iron Man
5 Jubilee
6 Mr. Sinister
7 Spider-Man
8 Storm
9 Thing
10 Wolverine

November 11, 2014

1995 Fleer Marvel Metal Pack 1

I picked up five of these packs at the card show this weekend and I'm going to post them one at a time because these are just about the best Marvel cards in which foil stamping is just thrown everywhere. Plus having the original Human Torch, Marvel's first superhero, on some of the foil packs scores big points we me.

The set is made up of 138 base cards [137 + 1 checklist] and there is a subset of 137 "Silver Flashers" which you can find at the rate of one per pack. There is another subset called "Metal Blasters" made up of 18 cards and those are found one in every two packs. Those same 18 cards are also given the gold treatment in another subset called "Gold Blasters" which fall one per three packs. In this first pack I pulled six base cards, one silver flasher, and one metal blaster.

I got into comics right at the time of the Infinity Gauntlet and so Adam Warlock, the keeper of the Soul Infinity Gem, was one of my favorite characters. Given Marvel's list of upcoming movies, including two Infinity War movies, I'm guessing Adam Warlock will have a huge role in the upcoming films.

#21 Adam Warlock

Here's what the back of the cards look like. I love that they included the "Power Grid" that allows you to compare each character's individual power with other characters. 

One of the Spirits of Vengeance, along with Blaze and Ghost Rider, Vengeance was Ghost Rider's arch-nemesis for a while and is basically a more ruthless version of him. 

#62 Vengeance

Taking a look at the Marvel Metal checklist there are 12 cards that show storylines that are alternate realities like this one in which the Silver Surfer puts on the Infinity Guantlet and becomes dictator of the universe along with his wife Shalla Bal. 

#133 Silver Surfer Dons The Infinity Gauntlet

There are 13 cards devoted to the 2099 cards in this set which makes sense since at the time of this set the 2099 storyline was going strong. Ravage 2099, if you don't remember, was a sort of Marvel Captain Planet that was battling ecological enemies.  

#51 Ravage 2099
Penance was a member of Generation X and is now called Hollow.

#109 Penance
My first packs Silver Flasher is this Cyclops who has a haircut not dissimilar to Skrillex

#3 Cyclops [Silver Flasher]
Here 's what the backs look like. 

Bloodhawk is a mutant from the 2099 storyline what can turn into something that resembles a living gargoyle. 

#43 Blookhawk
Here's a look at what the Metal Blasters look like with the "Marvel Metal" logo is shifted to the bottom left. Again, there are 18 of these floating around and the same 18 cards in the gold least that's what I've pieced together on a nearly 20 year old set.
Metal Blaster #8 Jean Grey