New 1966 Topps Batman Additions

The black and red boarded Batman logos were the first and second series of Batman cards put out by Topps to take advantage of the incredibly popular TV series. Although I've written about these cards before I more than doubled my collection at the traveling vintage card show put on by Sports Memories. This first one is now my overall favorite of the Batman set with the nice jumbo close up of Batman, his painted eyebrows and the bat-gasmask.

#43 The Bat-Gasmask
The great part of the black logo set was that nearly each card featured a key Batman villain like The Penguin...

#23 Umbrella Duel
...The Riddler...

#41 Time For Rescue
...The Riddler again...

#38 Robin Rescued
and Cat Woman. This card is so creepy. Batman and Robin were stealing celebrity photos way before The Fappening!

#25 The Cat Woman
Robin is giving us a little moose knuckle on this one.

#8 Into the Batmobile

Here's what the backs of the black bat cards look like in their Halloween orange goodness.

In the red set we got some more cards with the key villains like The Joker.

#26A The Joker's Last Laugh
Here are the backs of this set's cards which make up larger puzzles. 

The red set also has some some non-essential enemies like a guy with a gun...

#17A Link To Lincoln
...or an invisible man.

#1A The Ghostly Foe
...or saving Robin from the dangers of water.

#7A The Batline Life-Line
You've probably heard of "jumping the shark" well how about "jumping ON a shark and stabbing it with a knife." That should totally be the new way to describe when a show has peaked.

#37A Watery Warfare


Zvon said…
First cards I ever collected, these bring back major memories. The artwork made everything look ominous. I loved reading the backs, loved the puzzles. Trying to draw the running Batman on the card back was a favorite pastime for a little while.