Common Genius: 1999 Fleer Ultra #44 Otis Nixon

**In this series I try to show the brilliance of common cards that often get overlooked.**

I always love the non-traditional batting helmet cards and this one featuring Otis Nixon came to me in a Twins dump from Spiff of Texas Rangers Cards. I feel like he could tackle the first baseman no problem.

1999 Fleer Ultra #44 Otis Nixon

As I've become more accustomed to the Atlanta card collecting scene I found out that Otis Nixon lives in the Atlanta area and fairly regularly has signings at local card shows. I picked up this autograph from a seller who had Nixon sign it last year and I think I got a little Otis fingerprint in his last name.  

1986 Topps Traded #80T Otis Nixon Autograph


Spiff said…
I thought that was a cool card when i sent it. Wonder what the background is.
Spiff said…
Background meaning back story to the mask.