Don't Forget MST3K Turkey Day 2014 Is Today

Don't forget MST3K Turkey Day 2014 is today. It starts at 12pm ET and I've searched around but I haven't found a schedule for what's showing when. Fingers crossed for The Giant Spider Invasion! You'll be able to view the stream from the YouTube post below.


I've been watching a lot of MST3K lately. Last one I saw was "Werewolf", definitely a favorite episode!

Just FYI, they are doing a Rifftrax Live event this Thursday that is being broadcast to select theaters around the country. I saw them do "Sharknado" a few months ago and it was awesome! This time they are showing some movie from the 1950s called "Santa Claus" and some shorts. Maybe there is a theater near you?

I highly recommend it, it was a very fun experience to see MST3K (well, almost) live with a big group of people!