A Sticker Autograph For The Ages

About five years ago I wrote a little post about Bill Madlock and how in my mind he only played for the Pirates. In reality he spent time with six teams and being a great player [the only player to win two batting titles for two different teams...that four total, two for each team] it makes sense that more than one team claims him as part of their legendary history. It's that idea plus the horrible scourge that sticker autographs are that gives us this monstrosity from 2005 Donruss Signature Series:

I found this particular card on eBay and with a little more searching you find that Bill personalized each autograph some way either talking about his batting titles, MVP award, or just writing down the name of a team he played for.

Donruss only made one design with Bill in the Pirates uniform and so you get cards that both Pirate and Cubs fans don't want to own.


I still give him credit for going the extra mile to make the autos a little more special. But yeah, I see how that's a problem here.