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1957 Topps Space Cards Needs List

Another space set to complete but this one is pretty unique in that it is based on real space advancements (the launch of Sputnik and as well as sending a dog into space) as well as fantasy cards of what the future of space exploration would look like.  Cards No. 53 "Space Supply Depot" and No 70. "Refueling Planet Ship" offer possibilities of a robust space exploration expansion and as the card numbers get higher, space exploration heads to Venus, Mars and Saturn. I enjoy No. 86 "Pluto — The Coldest Planet" just because it would piss off Neil deGrasse Tyson. The wrapper for the set always reminded me of the the famous image from the early silent film Le Voyage dans la Lune from 1902 by director George Melies.  It is appropriate as the film is about a trip to the moon, just like Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins would make in July of 1969.  In general, these cards are not as pricey as the 1963 Topps Astronaut set which featured color photogra

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