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Can we get more magazines that include free T206 cards in them?

I wish I remember where I picked up this copy of The Baseball Hobby Card Report issue No. 2. It has been a while I know and it could have been at The National in Chicago a couple years ago. I am familiar with this particular magazine's reputation for one reason -- the "40 FREE CARDS INSIDE" advertised on the cover. 

Issue No. 1 of The Report featured 40 cards from the T206 and issue No. 2 continued that trend. The Report is a product of the great cardmaker Renata Galasso who made so many great unlicensed and reprint card sets through the years. They produced reprint sets for the T206 sets and so including them in their new magazine was a perfect combination. 
Issue No. 2 is from March 1983 so somehow my copy has survived for nearly 40 years without being ripped apart. The 40 cards included feature some of the best known T206 cards including Walter Johnson and the four Ty Cobb variations in the set produced from 1909 to 1911.

If I have one complaint, it is that the backs are…

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