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'We need your stinking patches!' Showing off Topps manufactured patches through the years

I've seen some hot takes that people aren't happy with the commemorative batting helmet cards included as bonuses in 2022 Topps Series 2 blasters.  I've only ripped one blaster of Series 2 and my manufactured relic was of current MLB RBI leader Pete Alonso and my pick for the player who had the best rookie season ever.  I'm personally a big fans of these and I really like the texture of the helmet and the shininess of the metal on the inside of it that really catches the light when the card is in hand.  But honestly, I'm a sucker for just about every Topps manufactured patches that have filled blaster boxes with over the past decade or so. Here are some of my favorite examples from over the years.  As a patch collector, I still pick these up whenever I see them at a card show. This beauty showing the Minneapolis and St. Paul twins shaking hands on the old Twins logo was included in the 2011 Topps Update Series.  These All-Star Game patches were found in 2010 Topps S

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