August 6, 2019

2018 Topps Stranger Things Season One Needs List


I'm down to just a couple of inserts to complete Season 1 and I have a bunch of double inserts and base cards if anyone is interested in a trade.


The Topps Stranger Things set for Season 1 really filled the void for me this year waiting for the 2019 products to finally arrive. At first I was a little concerned about never even seeing the product in the wild because if you are able to land an autograph from the set you can receive a huge return on investment but I've been lucky in finding some blasters at Walmart.

I'm mainly looking for the inserts stickers, character and scene cards. I'm also going for the patch replica cards that came one-per-blaster.

2018 Topps Stranger Things Season 1 Checklist

Last Updated: 8-6-19

Base set


Character stickers


Character cards

2, 4, 5, 6, 12, 13. 16, 18, 19. 20

Scene stickers

3, 8

Commemorative Patch Set Checklist

Barbara Holland - Hawkins High School
Benny Hammond - Benny's Burgers
Connie Frazier - Benny's Burgers
Connie Frazier - Hawkins National Laboratory
Dustin Henderson - Hawkins Middle School
Eleven - Benny's Burgers
Eleven - Hawkins National Laboratory
Florence - Hawkins Police Station
Jim Hopper - Benny's Burgers
Jim Hopper - Hawkins Police Station
Jonathan Byers - Hawkins High School
Lucas Sinclair - Hawkins Middle School
Martin Brenner - Hawkins National Laboratory
Mike Wheeler - Hawkins Middle School
Nancy Wheeler - Hawkins High School
Officer Callahan - Hawkins Police Station
Officer Powell - Benny's Burgers
Officer Powell - Hawkins Police Station
Scott Clarke - Hawkins Middle School
Shepard - Hawkins National Laboratory
Steve Harrington - Hawkins High School
Terry Ives - Hawkins National Laboratory
Tommy H. - Hawkins High School
Will Byers - Hawkins Middle School

July 28, 2019

Don Mossi Needs List

This checklist should have happened years ago but with Mossi's passing last week it was the right time to finally get things together and formally get a Mossi collection together. 

Don Mossi Needs List

Updated: 8-18-19

1955 Bowman #259 RC
1955 Indians Golden Stamps #8 
1955 Topps #85 RC
1955 Topps Double Header #83 Joe Frazier and/84 Don Mossi
1956 Topps #39 
1956 Topps #39A GB
1956 Topps Pins #9 
1957 Topps #8 
1958 Topps #35A 
1958 Topps #35B YT
1959 Topps #302
1960 Tigers Jay Publishing #10 
1960 Topps #418 
1960 Topps #418A WB
1960 Topps Tattoos #38 
1961 Post #42A COM
1961 Post #42B BOX
1961 Seven-Eleven #2 
1961 Topps #14 
1962 Jello #23 
1962 Post #23 
1962 Post Canadian #23 
1962 Tigers Jay Publishing #10 
1962 Tigers Post Cards Ford #12 
1962 Topps #55 AL ERA Leaders/Dick Donovan/Bill Stafford/Don Mossi/Milt Pappas
1962 Topps #105
1962 Topps Stamps #49 
1962 Topps Venezuelan #55 AL ERA Leaders/Dick Donovan/Bill Stafford/Don Mossi
1962 Topps Venezuelan #105
1963 Jello #56 
1963 Post #56 
1963 Topps #218 Tiger Twirlers/Frank Lary/Don Mossi/Jim Bunning
1963 Topps #530 
1964 Topps #335
1964 Topps Venezuelan #335 
1966 O-Pee-Chee #74 
1966 Topps #74 
1966 Topps Advertising Panels #1 Sandy Koufax/Jim Fregosi/Don Mossi
1966 Topps Venezuelan #74 
1975 Indians 1954 TCMA #22 
1975 Indians 1954 TCMA #39 Wynn/Lem/Hoop/Hout/Sant/Narl/Garc/Newh/Lopez
1979 Diamond Greats #297 
1979 TCMA 50'S #215 
1981 TCMA 60's II #418 
1981 Tigers Detroit News #49 
1984-89 O'Connell and Son Ink #152 
1990 Pacific Legends #95 

2015 Topps 50th Anniversary Stamped -- 1966 Topps

June 10, 2019

Mystery Science Theater 3000 Garbage Pail Kids Variations Needs List

In last fall's Garbage Pail Kids set "Oh, The Horror-ible!" they included two cards honoring my favorite TV show, Mystery Science Theater 3000. Cards 4a and 4b in the Modern Sci-Fi Sticker subset includes "MST3 Kay" (4a) and Jaded Joel (4b) which shows Crow T. Robot, Tom Servo and Joel (more on that in a moment) riffing on The Garbage Pail Kids Movie, one of the worst movies ever, and losing their lunch all over the cinema.

While the card 4b references Joel Robinson, the first victim of the Mad Scientists during the first four and a half seasons of the show, it looks like it is Jonah Ray Rodrigues' Jonah Heston, who stars in Season 10 and 11, that is doing the puking on the cards.

Along with the regular base card, the cards come in seven variations plus a 1-of-1 printing plate. The key difference is the color of the border and each variation is named after either a bodily secretion or something equally as gross like "bruised."

MST3K Needs List

Last updated: 6-10-19

MST3 Kay 4a version
Spit /#99
Bloody Nose /#75
Fool's Gold /#50
Printing Plate

Jaded Joel 4b version
Spit /#99
Bloody Nose /#75
Fool's Gold /#50
Printing Plate

June 8, 2019

Del Unser Needs List

Another Central Illinois player to collect! Del Unser is from Decatur and he played 15 seasons in the majors with five teams. His baseball card appearances are very memorable as he has a Topps All-Star Rookie Cup card in the 1969 Topps set. What a way to have your first baseball card.

Unser also has a 1970 Ovenca Venezuelan League card which will pose a challenge for the completist in me. His 1975 Topps Mini card from his days with the Phillies will probably become my favorite card of his.

Between the release of the 1977 Topps set the the 1977 O-Pee-Chee set, Unser got another card and grew a mustache (he's got one in the O-Pee-Chee version but is clean shaven on his Topps card.)

Later in his career, Unser became an expert pinch-hitter and in 1979 he his three consecutive pinch-hit home runs. It was a major league record and Topps gave him a 1979 Highlights card No. 6 in the 1980 Topps set.

This is going to be a fun player collection to build.

Del Unser Needs List

Last updated: 8-8-19

1969 Milton Bradley #280 Del Unser
1969 Senators Team Issue 8x10 #18 Del Unser
1969 Topps #338 Del Unser RC
1969 Topps Team Posters #23 Washington Senators
1970 MLB PhotoStamps #287 Del Unser
1970 O-Pee-Chee #336 Del Unser
1970 Topps #336 Del Unser
1970 Venezuelan Ovenca #238 Del Unser
1971 Dell Today's Team Stamps #575 Del Unser
1971 O-Pee-Chee #33 Del Unser
1971 Senators Team Issue W-UNC #24 Del Unser
1971 Topps #33 Del Unser
1972 Milton Bradley #350 Del Unser
1972 Topps #687 Del Unser
1973 O-Pee-Chee #247 Del Unser
1973 Phillies Team Issue #23 Del Unser
1973 Topps #247 Del Unser
1974 O-Pee-Chee #69 Del Unser
1974 Topps #69 Del Unser
1974 Topps Stamps #80 Del Unser
1975 Mets SSPC #4 Del Unser
1975 O-Pee-Chee #138 Del Unser
1975 Topps #138 Del Unser
1975 Topps Mini #138 Del Unser
1976 O-Pee-Chee #268 Del Unser
1976 SSPC #535 Del Unser
1976 Topps #268 Del Unser
1977 Burger Chef Discs #155 Del Unser
1977 Montreal Expos Team Issue Post Card Del Unser
1977 O-Pee-Chee #27 Del Unser
1977 Topps #471 Del Unser
1978 O-Pee-Chee #216 Del Unser
1978 Topps #348 Del Unser
1979 O-Pee-Chee #330 Del Unser
1979 Topps #628 Del Unser
1980 O-Pee-Chee #12 Del Unser
1980 Phillies Burger King #13 Del Unser
1980 Topps #6 Del Unser HL
1980 Topps #27 Del Unser
1981 Donruss #164A Del Unser P1/No 3B heading
1981 Donruss #164B Del Unser P2/Batting record on back/corrected
1981 Fleer #26 Del Unser
1981 O-Pee-Chee #56 Del Unser
1981 Topps #566 Del Unser
1982 Donruss #273 Del Unser
1982 Fleer #261 Del Unser
1982 Topps #713 Del Unser

May 27, 2019

It's come to this: My Dan Hampton Needs List

I never thought I would see the day that I would create a needs list for a Chicago Bears player but here we are. As a life long Packers fan who grew up in western Wisconsin, the rivalry I always cared about was Packers/Vikings much more than Packers/Bears. Although I certainly hated Kevin Butler and Neal Anderson as a kid.

But as a sports writer in Decatur, Illinois which was the original home of Bears, it's impossible for me to escape the team that started as the Decatur Staleys in 1920 before becoming the Chicago Staleys in 1921 and then the Chicago Bears in 1922.

A couple of weeks ago, I interviewed Dan Hampton about an upcoming speaking engagement he had in Decatur and so what better inspiration to build a collection?

This is by no means a complete list and is mainly Hampton's cards from his playing days. I'm always looking for Hampton rookies, of course, and autographs.

Dan Hampton Needs List

Last updated: 8-8-19

1981 Bears Police #9 Dan Hampton
1981 Topps #316 Dan Hampton RC
1981 Topps Stickers #195 Dan Hampton
1981 Topps Team Checklists #264 Bears TL/Payton/Hampton
1982 Topps #297 Dan Hampton
1982 Topps Team Checklists #292 Bears TL/Walter Payton
1983 Topps #30 Dan Hampton PB
1985 McDonald's Bears Blue Tab #99 Dan Hampton
1985 McDonald's Bears Orange Tab #99 Dan Hampton
1985 McDonald's Bears Yellow Tab #99 Dan Hampton
1985 Topps #30 Dan Hampton AP
1986 Fleer Team Action #8 Chicago Bears
1986 McDonald's Bears Black Tab #99 Dan Hampton
1986 McDonald's Bears Blue Tab #99 Dan Hampton
1986 McDonald's Bears Gold Tab #99 Dan Hampton
1986 McDonald's Bears Green Tab #99 Dan Hampton
1986 Topps #22 Dan Hampton
1987 Fleer Team Action #6 Chicago Bears
1987 Topps #53 Dan Hampton
1988 Topps #83 Dan Hampton
1989 Action Packed Test #6 Dan Hampton UER
1989 Pro Set #41 Dan Hampton
1989 Score #7 Dan Hampton
1989 Topps #66 Dan Hampton
1990 Action Packed #25 Dan Hampton
1990 Action Packed All-Madden #52 Dan Hampton
1990 Fleer Update #U112 Dan Hampton
1990 Kenner Starting Lineup Cards #18 Dan Hampton 90E
1990 Pro Set #449 Dan Hampton
1990 Score #201 Dan Hampton
1990 Topps #377 Dan Hampton
1990 Topps Tiffany #377 Dan Hampton
1991 Pro Set #696 Dan Hampton LEG
1991 Score #89 Dan Hampton
1993 Action Packed All-Madden #12 Dan Hampton

May 7, 2019

Another Decatur, IL collection: Walter "Boom-Boom" Beck

As a sports reporter in Decatur, IL, I get excited when there's a local connection to a professional player, be it baseball, football, basketball or any sport. But my heart is always with baseball and so I have started building collections for local players, most notably Eisenhower High School graduate Bill Madlock.  

Another Decatur native I'm starting to collect is Walter Beck. He pitched spuradically from 1929 to 1945 for the St. Louis Browns, Brooklyn Dodgers, Philadelphia Phillies, Detroit Tigers, Cincinnati Reds, and Pittsburgh Pirates. He also made a few memorable baseball card appearances including the 1940 Play Ball set, the 1934 Diamond Baseball Matchcover set and 1934 Goudey. 

I tracked down a graded copy of his 1934 Goudey appearance which features a little cameo by Lou Gehrig at the bottom.

The back has a write up of Beck's career and his pitching strengths which is attributed to Gehrig. I always find it funny thinking about the "Iron Horse" actually writing these and maybe putting them off until a deadline was approaching and then pulling an all-nighter to get them submitted.

 The last line reminds us that "He was born in Decatur, Ill., 1906."