August 16, 2018

Dusting off the blog to talk about the 2019 Topps design

If there is anything that makes me dust off Blogger and get the card blog up and running again it is a new Topps design. 

My 2019 Topps design hot take (a couple days later, so it's not too hot) is that the generally positive response is that the "new" design reminds many of us of something we have seen before in 1982 Topps ... with the colored lines flipped to the other side.  

Also, remove the player signature and add a team logo and there you go. It is a pretty close approximation I think and with 1982 Topps being featured in the Topps Archives set several times, it makes natural sense that the design would be inspired by the '82 set ... if only unintentionally. 

In terms of the announcement, I'm on trading card Twitter throughout the day and I somehow missed that the design announcement was approaching. It is insane that Topps wastes the biggest announcement of the year without a huge fanfare.

If it is going to be announced so early and since it's just a few weeks since the National it should be coincided with that event. I think they should make it a tradition, pick a day, make it Topps Day. Or if only there was like a National Baseball Card Day that the announcement could be paired with I think that would work out well.

On the flip side, delaying the announcement saves Topps from running into the same problem that Wizards of the Coast runs into with new Magic: The Gathering releases. Each new set faces leaks on new set mechanics and the art of the key cards before the release and while it seems some Magic leaks are planned, Topps stays in control with they way they do things currently.

Here's that original Gary Woods card from 1982 Topps Traded #130T. Woods was traded from the Astros to the Cubs and he would stay with the team through 1985.

August 7, 2018

1969 Topps Deckle Edge Needs List

1969 Topps Deckle Edge Needs List

UPDATED: 8/7/18

 1 - Brooks Robinson
 2 - Boog Powell
 3 - Ken Harrelson
 4 - Carl Yastrzemski
 5 - Jim Fregosi
 6 - Luis Aparicio
 7 - Luis Tiant
 8 - Denny McLain
 9 - Willie Horton
10 - Bill Freehan
11a - Hoyt Wilhelm
11b - Jim Wynn
12 - Rod Carew
13 - Mel Stottlemyre
14 - Rick Monday
15 - Tommy Davis
16 - Frank Howard
17 - Felipe Alou
18 - Don Kessinger
19 - Ron Santo
20 - Tommy Helms
21 - Pete Rose
22a - Rusty Staub
22b - Joe Foy
23 - Tom Haller
24 - Maury Wills
25 - Jerry Koosman
26 - Richie Allen
27 - Roberto Clemente
28 - Curt Flood
29 - Bob Gibson
30 - Al Ferrara
31 - Willie McCovey
32 - Juan Marichal
33 - Willie Mays

July 31, 2018

2013 Panini Beach Boys Trading Cards Needs List

Updated: 7-30-18

Main Set Checklist

1 The Beach Boys
2 The Beach Boys
3 Brian Wilson
4 David Marks
5 The Beach Boys
6 The Beach Boys
7 The Beach Boys
8 The Beach Boys
9 The Beach Boys
10 The Beach Boys
11 The Beach Boys
12 The Beach Boys
13 The Beach Boys
14 The Beach Boys
15 The Beach Boys
16 Bruce Johnston
17 Brian Wilson
18 Brian Wilson
19 Dennis Wilson
20 The Beach Boys
21 Carl Wilson
22 The Beach Boys
23 The Beach Boys
24 The Beach Boys
25 Brian Wilson
26 Dennis Wilson
27 The Beach Boys
28 The Beach Boys
29 Al Jardine
30 Brian Wilson
31 The Beach Boys
32 The Beach Boys
33 Mike Love
34 The Beach Boys
35 The Beach Boys
36 Brian Wilson
37 The Beach Boys
38 The Beach Boys
39 The Beach Boys
40 Al Jardine
41 The Beach Boys
42 The Beach Boys
43 The Beach Boys
44 Brian Wilson
45 Mike Love
46 The Beach Boys
47 Bruce Johnston
48 Al Jardine
49 Carl Wilson
50 Brian Wilson
51 The Beach Boys
52 Dennis Wilson
53 Bruce Johnston
54 Dennis Wilson
55 The Beach Boys
56 Carl Wilson
57 The Beach Boys
58 Al Jardine
59 Brian Wilson
60 The Beach Boys
61 The Beach Boys
62 The Beach Boys
63 Carl Wilson
64 Mike Love
65 Carl Wilson
66 Dennis Wilson
67 The Beach Boys
68 Carl Wilson
69 Dennis Wilson
70 Carl Wilson
71 Al Jardine
72 Mike Love
73 Dennis Wilson
74 The Beach Boys
75 Brian Wilson
76 The Beach Boys
77 Mike Love
78 The Beach Boys
79 Carl Wilson
80 Carl Wilson
81 The Beach Boys
82 The Beach Boys
83 Mike Love
84 The Beach Boys
85 The Beach Boys
86 The Beach Boys
87 The Beach Boys
88 The Beach Boys
89 Mike Love
90 The Beach Boys
91 The Beach Boys
92 The Beach Boys
93 Bruce Johnston
94 David Marks
95 Brian Wilson
96 Al Jardine
97 Dennis Wilson
98 Carl Wilson
99 The Beach Boys
100 Mike Love
101 Brian Wilson
102 Bruce Johnston
103 The Beach Boys
104 David Marks
105 Dennis Wilson
106 Carl Wilson
107 Al Jardine
108 The Beach Boys
109 The Beach Boys
110 Mike Love
111 Bruce Johnston
112 Brian Wilson
113 David Marks
114 Dennis Wilson
115 Carl Wilson
116 Al Jardine
117 The Beach Boys
118 David Marks
119 Mike Love
120 Brian Wilson

Commemorative Guitar Picks Set Checklist

1 Brian Wilson
2 Carl Wilson
3 David Marks
4 Al Jardine
5 Dennis Wilson
6 Bruce Johnston
7 Mike Love
8 Brian Wilson
9 Carl Wilson
10 David Marks
11 Al Jardine
12 Dennis Wilson
13 Bruce Johnston
14 Mike Love
15 Brian Wilson
16 Carl Wilson
17 David Marks
18 Al Jardine
19 Dennis Wilson
20 Bruce Johnston
21 Mike Love
22 Brian Wilson
23 Carl Wilson
24 David Marks
25 Al Jardine
26 Dennis Wilson
27 Bruce Johnston
28 Mike Love
29 Brian Wilson
30 Carl Wilson
31 David Marks
32 Al Jardine
33 Dennis Wilson
34 Bruce Johnston
35 Mike Love

Honors Set

1 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
2 Hollywood Walk of Fame
3 Award of Merit
4 Best Historical Album
5 I Get Around
6 Pet Sounds
7 Good Vibrations
8 God Only Knows
9 Sounds of Summer: The Very Best of The Beach Boys
10 Beach Boys Sing National Anthem at Dodger Stadium
11 In My Room
12 Pet Sounds
13 Good Vibrations
14 Pet Sounds
15 Good Vibrations
16 Appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show

Top 10 Hits Set Checklist

1 Surfin' USA
2 Surfer Girl
3 Little Saint Nick
4 Be True to Your School
5 The Man With All the Toys
6 Fun, Fun, Fun
7 I Get Around
8 When I Grow Up (To Be a Man)
9 Dance, Dance, Dance
10 Help Me, Rhonda
11 Rock and Roll Music
12 Barbara Ann
13 California Girls
14 Sloop John B
15 God Only Knows
16 Good Vibrations
17 Wouldn't It Be Nice
18 Kokomo

Sounds of Summer Set Checklist

1 California Girls
2 Little Deuce Coupe
3 God Only Knows
4 Good Vibrations
5 Wouldn't It Be Nice
6 Don't Worry Baby
7 Heroes and Villians
8 Help Me, Rhonda
9 Surfin' USA
10 Sloop John B
11 Surfin' Safari
12 In My Room

Etchings Set Checklist

1 Brian Wilson
2 Mike Love
3 David Marks
4 Al Jardine
5 Carl Wilson
6 Bruce Johnston
7 Dennis Wilson
8 Brian Wilson
9 Mike Love
10 David Marks
11 Al Jardine
12 Carl Wilson
13 Bruce Johnston
14 Dennis Wilson
15 Brian Wilson
16 Mike Love

Gold Albums Die-Cut Set

1 Surfin' USA
2 Surfer Girl
3 Little Deuce Coupe
4 Shut Down Volume 2
5 All Summer Long
6 The Beach Boys' Christmas Album
7 The Beach Boys Today!
8 Summer Days (And Summer Nights!!)
9 Pet Sounds
10 15 Big Ones
11 Still Cruisin
12 Beach Boys Concert
13 The Beach Boys in Concert
14 Good Timin : Live at Knebworth England 1980
15 Best of The Beach Boys
16 Best of The Beach Boys Vol. 2
17 Endless Summer
18 Spirit of America
19 Made in U.S.A.
20 Good Vibrations: Thirty Years of The Beach Boys
21 Sounds of Summer: The Very Best of The Beach Boys
22 20 Golden Greats
23 California Gold: The Very Best of The Beach Boys

April 4, 2018

What is going on with this kid from Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure?

Yesterday I was reminded that someday there might be a third Bill & Ted's movie and so I dusted off Excellent Adventure and Bogus Journey for a watch.

Bill and Ted take their kidnapped historical figures to a classic '80's mall and as Joan of Arc is looking at some weightlifters (which is something you would commonly see in a mall back then, right?) a guy in a baseball jersey walks behind her.

As the camera moves it becomes clear that his is wearing a Houston Astros jersey with a "We Are Family"-era Pittsburgh Pirates outfit? What the heck is going on here?

Points for wearing the best baseball cap every created but heavy deductions for wearing two different teams at the same time. That's worse than wearing a band's shirt to their concert.  Also heavy deductions for tucking in a jersey. Please, don't ever pull a Michael Wilbon.

But is it actually a Pirates cap? The cap the kid is wearing is missing the large "P" that you can clearly see on Bill Madlock's cap below. I looked around at the Pirate jersey designs and couldn't find one that doesn't feature the "P." So was it a generic ripoff? Was there another company making those honeycomb style hats at the time? 

April 2, 2018

My Wallet Card, Three Years Later

More than three years ago (January 5th, 2015 to be exact), I did a post where I picked out a wallet card which was the fidget spinner of the trading card blogs at the time. I went with the 1980 Topps No. 623 Gorman Thomas and it has been in my wallet ever since. Here is the cards current condition (on the left) versus day one (on the right). 

Here's the reverse side which is showing some age. 

I will admit that over the past year I've sort of forgotten it was with me everywhere I go. The first year I would remember to take it out and snap a photo. I took it to the Atlantic Ocean ...

the Everglades ...

Stone Mountain ...

the Louisville Slugger Museum ...

I know some bloggers have replaced their cards over the years but I've stock with mine so far and I think it has held up pretty well. I guess that's a testament to the quality of the 1980 Topps set? I never thought I would ever type that sentence in a post. Long story short, in 2018 I'm going to try to up my wallet card game a little more and remember to actually get it out of the wallet more often.  

March 31, 2018

Did I Score A Sonny Jurgensen Autograph?

Included in an eBay autograph lot I received at Christmas was this Sonny Jurgensen 1970 Topps Super Football card. The card wasn't a key part of the lot and, as you can see, isn't in the greatest condition.

It has some major creases on the front and the back has clearly been rubbed against a surface enough to leave some wear and tear. 

But it also has an signature on it from the Washington Redskins Hall of Fame quarterback so it's worth taking a closer look to see if it is legit.

As you can tell, the 1970 Topps Super cards already has a facsimile autograph on it which sort of makes it an odd choice to add a legitimate autograph too, especially if the subject is going to sign right over the top of like like Jurgensen did.

Here are a couple of PSA certified example of Jurgensen's autographs with a similar black marker.

So what do you think? Is it legit?

I think the capital "S" is pretty close and the overall sloppiness of the final letters of "Jurgensen" seem to match as well.