1995 Fleer Marvel Metal Pack 2

Here's Pack #2 of a five-pack lot I bought from a card show a couple of weeks ago. Let's see if I pulled a Gold Blaster. 

When I got into comics War Machine had taken over for Iron Man while I think Tony Stark was dead [or presumed dead if I remember correctly]. This is one of my favorite cards from the series that I've seen in hand so far. 
#27 War Machine

Rogue got cut from the Days of Future Past movie this past summer but apparently you'll be able to buy a director's cut next summer which will have Anna Paquin sucking the power out of someone.

#114 Rogue
Speaking of sucking powers, this card highlights the alternate universe in which Rogue take's Thor's Powers and then teams up with Loki to take control of Asgard. This storyline was featured in What If #66 if you want to read the story. 

#132 Roge Alternate M
Mondo is a Generation X mutant that can temporarily take the properties of whatever he touches.

#105 Mondo
It would be neat to see Elektra make an appearance on the Marvels Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. after all she was in S.H.I.E.L.D. for a while...and Jennifer Garner isn't too busy.

#30 Elektra
Johnny Blaze was the original Ghost Rider and I always confuse his name with The Human Torch Johnny Storm. It just makes more sense for someone named "Blaze" to be a superhero that can start themselves on fire...but then as I think about it Ghost Rider was on fire all the time so I shouldn't be confused at all. Glad I figured that out. 

#57 Blaze
This pack yielded me another Sliver Metal Blaster. My favorite Storm is the Mohawk Storm and it's a shame we won't get to see Halle Berry sporting it.

#13 Storm Metal Blasters

My one-per-pack Silver Flasher was the young version of The Vulture..I always prefered the elderly Vulture to the rejuvenated one.

#81 Vulture Silver Flasher