I Highly Recommend Crackin' Wax's Post On Topps Bunt

I'm a couple of days behind on Crackin' Wax's post on Topps Bunt and I couldn't agree more with Topher's thoughts on the app. And I'm not totally against "freemium" games as I play both The Simpsons:Tapped Out and Family Guy:The Quest For Stuff nearly daily but the idea o f trading collecting virtual cards is some marketing person's dream. Whenever I see posts promoting Bunt I'm reminded of the Mean Girls meme:


Marcus said…
Seriously, Topps Bunt is so stupid. I gave it a shot, but yeah, not worth my time. I'd love to meet somebody who thinks that's a good app.

Well, maybe I don't.
Nachos Grande said…
I, too, tried Topps Bunt and gave up on it.
madding said…

Unknown said…
Marcus: Gellman at Sports Cards Uncensored is a huge fan of Topps Bunt and brought up some very good points in defense of the app/game. However, his points were not enough to change my mind. Bunt is clearly not aimed at someone like me (a card collector who does not enjoy fantasy baseball) but is a genius money making model for Topps.

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