Let's Trade

I really enjoy doing trades and so if you are interested in setting one up e-mail me at heartbreakingcards@gmail.com

Generally, I prefer doing semi-blind trades and I find they are a lot more fun.

I have my need lists for the sets I'm working on on the right side of my blog under "Sets I'm Working On." 

Here are the players/teams that I collect currently:

Baseball:Minnesota Twins
Seattle Mariners
Seattle Pilots [I have both the '69 and '70 Topps team sets]
Kansas City Royals

Harmon Killebrew
Robin Yount
Andy Pafko
Jim Thome
Matt Williams

Jordan Zimmerman
Zack Greinke
Jamie Moyer
Barry Zito
Glen Perkins

Floating Head Cards
Political Cards
Cards with Sports Stadiums
Cards with Team Mascots


Green Bay Packers
Aaron Rodgers
John Kuhn
Danny Woodhead

If you are interested in a trade or just sending something out of the blue contact me at heartbreakingcards@gmail.com for my address information.