August 30, 2013

Tales From The LCS: The Eddie Lacy Collection Begins

When I first got back into collecting I certainly started collecting in quantity rather than quality.  Having doubles of a card was no big deal especially if they were of a player I admired.  But once my collection reached the tipping point of being too big to handle I've been focusing more on vintage, autographs, and jersey/relic cards.  So now when I exit a LCS my haul is usually just a card or two.  Here is what I picked up from Jeff's Sportscards in Topeka, KS when I was down there recently. 

I think you can expect to see Eddie Lacy's cards go up, up, up now that he is going to be the unquestioned lead back for the Packers after DuJuan Harris went down for the season.  This is my first relic card for him and I'm going to be trying to track down an autograph sooner rather than later.  

2013 Panini Prestige #8 Eddie Lacy Jersey Relic #125/199
I'm always a sucker for the Fan Favorites autographs and so I picked up this card of Chuck Finley.  You might be surprised to hear that he is the Angels career leader in wins, games started, and innings pitched.  

2013 Topps Archives #FFA-CF Chuck Finley Autograph

August 28, 2013

Some Andy Pafko Stuff I Had Never Seen Before

We'll start today with an eBay auction of a card I've never seen before.  Only 25 copies were made of this dual Andy Pafko/Phil Rizzuto autographed relic card from 2002 Topps.  Unfortunately, since they shrunk two cards into the size of one, the signature areas are very small and so the signatures are almost on top of each other.  In my long time examination of Pafko cards I believe this is the only Topps dual on-card auto that Andy has signed thus far.

The card is priced at $199 currently and has about four days left to bid and I will update this post if the auction has any surprising developments.

While the Pafko/Rizzuto card lives in a fantasy "I would like to own" someday, this next piece is in my grubby hands.  It's a book dedicated to Pafko by John C. Hoffman and was published in 1951.  The book has Andy listed as "The Solid Man" which is a cool nickname but not one that seems to have stuck with him as he is still mainly known as "Handy Andy."

I will have scan more of the pages in an additional post but I just wanted to show this treasure which came to me from reader and fellow Wisconsinite Jason C.  

August 25, 2013

An Exclusive Stan Lee Mars Attacks Card

If you happen to be in Los Angles the weekend after Halloween and are a huge Mars Attacks fan, be sure to make your way to Stan Lee's Comikaze Convention.  At the Topps booth you'll have a chance to get one of the 2,500 copies of this specially made Stan vs. the Martian card.  I will certainly try to find one on the secondary market as I don't think I'll be in the City of Angels that weekend.  As a reminder, the new Mars Attacks: Invasion cars set comes out in October and you can pre-order it here.  

August 23, 2013

Hearing The Death Rattle of My 1971 Topps Need List

Here is my 1971 Topps need list that I brought to The National a few weeks ago and as you may notice there are many, many cards crossed off my list.  Many of these came to be in a trade from my long time trading partner Mike D. who I actually got to meet when I was in Chicago.

My favorites from the trade include cards of John Powell and Ernest Bank...or Boog Powell and Ernie Banks as you may commonly know them.  Mike's a huge Cubs fan and it must have been a little difficult to part ways with an Ernie Banks.

#525 Ernie Banks
Boog's card is one of the tougher cards to find in the 1971 set as he is star that is also in limited production high numbered series.  

#700 Boog Powell

August 22, 2013

Joy of the Completed Set: Hello Sailor!

I've made a lot of progress on my needs lists recently and so I'm feeling a little like this:

Although, to be honest as I haven't done much of the "heavy lifting" as a lot of the credit goes to my trading partner Mike D.  You will see his name often throughout my upcoming posts and if you are ever lucky enough to complete trades with him it will be worth your while.  

While I haven't purchased any 2013 Allen and Ginter yet, I was able to finish up my Sailors of the Seven Seas mini insert set from 2010.  Oh the joy, feast your eyes on my ten sailors!

August 20, 2013

At One Time This Would Have Been A Controversial Statement

At one time this would have been a controversial statement but I am so glad that the idea very idea of this not being true today seems ridiculous.

I fell wrong posting about the Packers without also showing a card or two. So here is my 1971 Topps Gale Gillingham. Gale might not be a household name to non-Packer fans but he protected Bart Star during the first two Super Bowls and is a member of the Packer Hall of Fame.  This came into my collection as part of a huge trade with my long time trading partner Mike D that we completed while we were both at The National in Chicago.

1971 Topps #83 Gale Gillingham

August 19, 2013

Trimming The Baseball Card Tree

There's nothing quite like being away from your card collection for a year to really put things into perspective about what is important and what isn't.  Since returning to America, I have successfully cut my collection roughly in half with many of them going to a lucky young collector in Osseo, WI.
I'm planning on giving away some more of my cards during a giveaway in a short while when Heartbreaking Cards surpasses half a million visitors...we are sitting at roughly 496,000 currently so it should be next week sometime I would imagine.  More on that later though.

So as I was trying to consolidate my collection to only those cards that I really appreciate, my parents dropped off this binder of cards they found in my old childhood closet at their house.  As you can see, the binder tells you exactly what was waiting inside for me.

Also spelling didn't seem to be a priority...apparently as I kid I would put my "1991 TOOPS SET" into anything including hot pink binders.  

As I wrote on the front cover this set came to me from my Uncle Tim who would regularly give me baseball card sets and packs for the holidays when I was younger and he really got me interested in card collecting.     

Here's the first page of the set celebrating Topps 40th anniversary in making cards.  I love that horizontal Nolan Ryan #1 card.    

As I flipped through I noticed that a few of the cards were missing and so I must have pulled what I thought were the best cards out of the set to stare at longingly in 1992.  So let's see if the actual best card in the set is still there.

Sure enough, 12-year-old me never gave Chipper Jones rookie a second glance.  I'm always happy to add another one of these to my collection.  

August 18, 2013

Andy Pafko In My Newspaper

I was reading my very, very, very local paper today and noticed this in the "From the Past" section that highlights notable news items that happened on that particular day.  As an Andy Pafko Super Collector the first event written about the events of 65 years ago caught my eye:

Andy is from Boyceville, WI which is about twenty miles from where I live currently and so news about Andy Pafko would have be front page news back then.

Updating the additions to my Andy Pafko collection is going to be a pretty regular feature of the blog as I made quite a few pickups in my year abroad and a few more at this year's National.  A couple of these have been some Andy Pafko tobacco cards.  When I say "tobacco cards" did you automatically think of the minis from cigarette packs?  Instead, my "tobacco cards" are from the 50's and made by chewing tobacco company Red Man.  These are from the 1953 set with the first one in pretty bad shape but it was at a very reasonable price on eBay.  The second copy came to me from my long time trading partner Mike D.

August 17, 2013

Update On My Inherited Minis

The other day I wrote about some inherited minis I received and I asked for a little help in getting to the bottom of their origin.  I received several good comments on the matter and was inspired to do some more searching around eBay.  I didn't find too much until I realized that I had seen those familiar yellow squares on the reverse side of the cards before.  You can find them on the great series of cards from the early 90's put out by a Beckett want-to-be called Hygrade.  While a lot of their cards were just photos of all-time great players shoved into an orange or green border they did successfully make one of the most beautiful Babe Ruth cards that anyone can afford.

So we now know for sure that the minis were made by Hygrade and just like the Babe Ruth card my inherited minis don't have any sort of numbering on them.  And those red-backed Honus Wagner cards I found correspond with Hygrade's green bordered edition of their Baseball's All-Time Greats set.

You may remember Hygrade from their price guides which told us how much our baseball cards were worth in the early 1990's.  Is it too late to file a class action lawsuit against them?  I'm joking of course!  Here's a photo of a Hygrade guide that's for sale on eBay currently with a poster that has most of the minis I highlighted.  I'm sure there are more than a few of you out there who thumbed through these in 1992.  

August 16, 2013

My Feelings Toward 2013 Allen and Ginter

But I'm not sure how much longer I can last.  

The National's War On Your Wallet

While you can find many, many boxes of cards at a dime a piece at The National and possibly even more booths with boxes marked "90% off of Beckett" it is inevitable that this will be the result on your wallet of visiting the largest sports card show in the world.

Here's the most expensive single card I picked up at the show.  What this card lacks in being way off center it gains in having four very nice corners for a 1971 card.  Those black corners get scuffed up very easily if you aren't careful.  In the end, I probably overpaid a bit over what I could comparably find somewhere on the internet but I was anxious to cross this off my '71 Topps needs list and finally have it in hand.

August 15, 2013

Inherited Minis

A little while ago I posted a video about some inherited I received from my brother-in-law.  As I flipped through the pages some of my favorite cards from the binders went by without me commenting on them. Among them are these great reprints of some of the most famous tobacco era cards.

While many reprints have the tobacco logo on the reverse side, these have some brief background information on each card as well as the value.  These clearly came from the same series and if I remember correctly they may have been included with a card collecting set. Did anyone else have these as a kid or maybe have more information as to where these reprints came from?

Last night I dug deep into my collection and found I had four more Honus Wagner reprints. And on the reverse side of two of them they have a red box instead of the yellow.  That is clearly from a more recent variation as the value of the card has been increased from $20,000 to $25,000.  Anyone have any clue about the origin of these cards?

August 14, 2013

Anything Worth Mentioning?: A Fairfield Repackage Rack Pack

In this series, I cut through the crap and only show you the cards worth mentioning.

I enjoy these rack pack repackages because they promise a few vintage cards and I'm never been shorted on that front.  If you happen to not get any stars or semi-stars you can typically count on getting an old ball late-60's card.  This time around I got my semi-star card which turned out to be a 1974 Topps George Foster. This is the fourth year card of one of the last non-steroid players to hit more than 50 home runs in a season.       

1974 Topps #646
My packs also came with an inserted autograph.  The packs says that one in eight packs has a memorabilia card and there are no stated odds to pull an autograph so I imagine they are just lumped in with the memorabilia card odds.  Brian Stokes was a prospect for the Rays and also pitched for the Mets and Angels.  He retired from baseball after the 2011 season after five seasons in the majors.

2007 Topps Cosigners #112 Brian Stokes Autograph
All in all not a very bad repackage at all.  

Dirge's Words Of Inspiration

We all go through periods of depression and feeling low in our lives.  Whenever you question your abilities or maybe have some fear about the future, always remember Dirge the Decepticon's words of wisdom.  

2013 Topps 1972 Minis Needs List

As I'm getting closer and closer to finishing my 1971 Topps set I'm starting to think what set I'm going to work on next and right now I'm leaning towards choosing the 1972 set.  I am heading in that direction because of the sets unique design as well as its lack of any really, really high value cards make it an attractive choice.   So while I think about that further, I'm at least going to work on the 1972 minis that are included in the 2013 Topps sets.

2013 Topps 1972 Minis Needs List


TM-1 Buster Posey
TM-2 Dan Haren
TM-3 Jered Weaver
TM-4 Mike Trout
TM-5 Ian Kennedy
TM-6 Trevor Bauer
TM-7 Craig Kimbrel
TM-8 Dan Uggla
TM-9 Adam Jones
TM-10 Adrian Gonzalez
TM-11 Dustin Pedroia
TM-12 Anthony Rizzo
TM-13 Starlin Castro
TM-14 Chris Sale
TM-15 Paul Konerko
TM-16 Joey Votto
TM-17 Johnny Cueto
TM-18 Carlos Santana
TM-19 Carlos Gonzalez
TM-20 Justin Verlander
TM-21 Prince Fielder
TM-22 Andre Ethier
TM-23 Clayton Kershaw
TM-24 Giancarlo Stanton
TM-25 Jose Reyes
TM-26 Ryan Braun
TM-27 R.A. Dickey
TM-28 Alex Rodriguez
TM-29 CC Sabathia
TM-30 Curtis Granderson
TM-31 Mark Teixeira
TM-32 Josh Reddick
TM-33 Cliff Lee
TM-34 Andrew McCutchen
TM-35 Felix Hernandez
TM-36 Matt Holliday
TM-37 Evan Longoria
TM-38 Adrian Beltre
TM-39 Yu Darvish
TM-40 Colby Rasmus
TM-41 Bryce Harper
TM-42 Willie Mays
TM-43 Tony Gwynn
TM-44 Nolan Ryan
TM-45 Cal Ripken Jr.
TM-46 Jim Rice
TM-47 Roberto Clemente
TM-48 Lou Gehrig
TM-49 Matt Kemp
TM-50 Ted Williams
TM-51 Ken Griffey, Jr.
TM-52 David Freese
TM-53 Gio Gonzalez
TM-54 Roy Halladay
TM-55 Miguel Cabrera
TM-56 David Wright
TM-57 Albert Pujols
TM-58 James Shields
TM-59 Shelby Miller
TM-60 Yoenis Cespedes
TM-61 Brooks Robinson
TM-62 Paul O'Neill
TM-63 Yogi Berra
TM-64 David Price
TM-65 Manny Machado
TM-66 Troy Tulowitzki
TM-67 Tim Lincecum
TM-68 Matt Cain
TM-69 Robin Yount
TM-70 Justin Upton
TM-71 Reggie Jackson
TM-72 Brandon Phillips
TM-73 Dylan Bundy
TM-74 Johan Santana
TM-75 Willie Stargell
TM-76 Jose Altuve
TM-77 Fred Lynn
TM-78 R.A. Dickey
TM-79 Josh Hamilton
TM-80 Johnny Bench
TM-81 Eric Davis
TM-82 Gary Sheffield
TM-83 Don Mattingly
TM-84 Ryan Howard
TM-85 Matt Williams
TM-86 George Brett
TM-87 Jurickson Profar
TM-88 Jose Bautista
TM-89 Will Middlebrooks
TM-90 Joe Morgan
TM-91 Stephen Strasburg
TM-92 Cole Hamels
TM-93 Robinson Cano
TM-94 David Ortiz
TM-95 B.J. Upton
TM-96 Jason Heyward
TM-97 Josh Johnson
TM-98 Ernie Banks
TM-99 Ozzie Smith
TM-100 Eddie Mathews

August 5, 2013

Seen At The National: Taking A Closer Look At The 1971 Topps Box

While walking around The National on Thursday I came upon a couple of 1971 Topps card boxes [they were empty boxes for display only otherwise I may have broken the glass and made a break for it].  

Looking at the images there you have Johnny Bench, Boog Powell, Bob Gibson and Carl Yastrzemski. As a '71 Topps collector with only four cards on my needs list currently and someone who searched through many, many booth's stacks of 1971 cards to find a good deal on the short prints, it stuck me as odd that the photos used for the Johnny Bench and Bob Gibson aren't the ones used on the actual cards in the '71 set.  

For the Bob Gibson they used an action shot and it is one of my favorite cards in the set.

1971 Topps #450 Bob Gibson

The Johnny Bench card on the other hand went the opposite direction.  Instead of the staged catching photo shown on the box they went with a photo with a bat just resting on his shoulder.  It's impossible for any fan of the 1971 set to not think of Thurman Munson's great horizontal card when discussing catcher cards and I think this Johnny Bench was just a wasted opportunity.  

1971 Topps #250 Johnny Bench