Andy Pafko In My Newspaper

I was reading my very, very, very local paper today and noticed this in the "From the Past" section that highlights notable news items that happened on that particular day.  As an Andy Pafko Super Collector the first event written about the events of 65 years ago caught my eye:

Andy is from Boyceville, WI which is about twenty miles from where I live currently and so news about Andy Pafko would have be front page news back then.

Updating the additions to my Andy Pafko collection is going to be a pretty regular feature of the blog as I made quite a few pickups in my year abroad and a few more at this year's National.  A couple of these have been some Andy Pafko tobacco cards.  When I say "tobacco cards" did you automatically think of the minis from cigarette packs?  Instead, my "tobacco cards" are from the 50's and made by chewing tobacco company Red Man.  These are from the 1953 set with the first one in pretty bad shape but it was at a very reasonable price on eBay.  The second copy came to me from my long time trading partner Mike D.


mike said…
I work for my itty, bitty newspaper that runs a very similar column. But instead of it running sports-based content, it spans the entire gamut, usually stating something along the lines of 'Betty Smith and the girls of the tapestry club held its monthly ice cream social last week. Smith presided as secretary and Mary Mathers served as president. They discussed tapestries. Fun was had by all.' It's a wonder I have made any progress in my job.
Matt Flaten said…
Mine has those too, I was just lucky that this particular day had something interesting to say!