Update On My Inherited Minis

The other day I wrote about some inherited minis I received and I asked for a little help in getting to the bottom of their origin.  I received several good comments on the matter and was inspired to do some more searching around eBay.  I didn't find too much until I realized that I had seen those familiar yellow squares on the reverse side of the cards before.  You can find them on the great series of cards from the early 90's put out by a Beckett want-to-be called Hygrade.  While a lot of their cards were just photos of all-time great players shoved into an orange or green border they did successfully make one of the most beautiful Babe Ruth cards that anyone can afford.

So we now know for sure that the minis were made by Hygrade and just like the Babe Ruth card my inherited minis don't have any sort of numbering on them.  And those red-backed Honus Wagner cards I found correspond with Hygrade's green bordered edition of their Baseball's All-Time Greats set.

You may remember Hygrade from their price guides which told us how much our baseball cards were worth in the early 1990's.  Is it too late to file a class action lawsuit against them?  I'm joking of course!  Here's a photo of a Hygrade guide that's for sale on eBay currently with a poster that has most of the minis I highlighted.  I'm sure there are more than a few of you out there who thumbed through these in 1992.  


Matt, maybe I missed a note on this either by you or a commenter, but your brother in laws album itself was made by Hygrade. He probably got the album at the same time as those minis!
Matt Flaten said…
And the pieces of the puzzle keep getting put together! We are going to get to the bottom of this faster than Columbo and Perry Mason combined.
Unknown said…
Are these worth anything? I have a whole binder filled with the green cards