Anything Worth Mentioning?: A Fairfield Repackage Rack Pack

In this series, I cut through the crap and only show you the cards worth mentioning.

I enjoy these rack pack repackages because they promise a few vintage cards and I'm never been shorted on that front.  If you happen to not get any stars or semi-stars you can typically count on getting an old ball late-60's card.  This time around I got my semi-star card which turned out to be a 1974 Topps George Foster. This is the fourth year card of one of the last non-steroid players to hit more than 50 home runs in a season.       

1974 Topps #646
My packs also came with an inserted autograph.  The packs says that one in eight packs has a memorabilia card and there are no stated odds to pull an autograph so I imagine they are just lumped in with the memorabilia card odds.  Brian Stokes was a prospect for the Rays and also pitched for the Mets and Angels.  He retired from baseball after the 2011 season after five seasons in the majors.

2007 Topps Cosigners #112 Brian Stokes Autograph
All in all not a very bad repackage at all.  


Fuji said…
Holy Stokes... you pulled a vintage Foster and an autograph out of your Fairfield repack? That's gotta be the best repack I've ever seen. Congratulations.
EricBosloor said…
Some luck with these repacks you guys typically had it good for vintage memorabilia than us here down under. You’ll be hard pressed to get anyone to pull their Blue Sox out of storage for a look; prized possessions they are.