Hearing The Death Rattle of My 1971 Topps Need List

Here is my 1971 Topps need list that I brought to The National a few weeks ago and as you may notice there are many, many cards crossed off my list.  Many of these came to be in a trade from my long time trading partner Mike D. who I actually got to meet when I was in Chicago.

My favorites from the trade include cards of John Powell and Ernest Bank...or Boog Powell and Ernie Banks as you may commonly know them.  Mike's a huge Cubs fan and it must have been a little difficult to part ways with an Ernie Banks.

#525 Ernie Banks
Boog's card is one of the tougher cards to find in the 1971 set as he is star that is also in limited production high numbered series.  

#700 Boog Powell


mike said…
I will admit, it was a little tough to send along the Banks card...but knowing it was going to a good home and helping check off a major need from the list, I was OK with it!