June 30, 2012

Coke Is It!

So I went to a card show last weekend and why did I spend $4.00 on two beat up Coke bottle tops?  

Because back in 1965, Coke bottling companies got the bright idea to include football players pictures underneath the pop tops.  Packer fans and collectors would keep buying Coke after Coke until they had all their favorite players.  

Under my two tops are Packer greats Willie Davis and Jim Ringo.  Between the two of them they played in 15 Pro Bowls and were the member of five championship teams.

Wilfred and the Green Bay Packers

Saw this on Wilfred yesterday and had to make a video:


June 27, 2012

Best Thing I Saw At Last Weekend's Card Show

I picked up quite a few nice cards at the card show in Marshfield, WI this past weekend [more on that later] but the best thing I saw that weekend was this original Star Wars table cloth.  Thinking about it know, I should have made an offer on that.

Did I Get Anything Worth Mentioning? Part 2

The first time was so much fun let's try it again.  So did I pull anything worth mentioning?

Yes, indeed I did!  We've got a red border Yu Darvish Rookie Card.  So obviously these packs came from Target.  I've had some good luck in pulling Yu cards as I also got his Archives rookie as well.  With his win yesterday Yu became the third rookie pitcher to win 10 games and strike out more than 100 batters before the All-Star break.

2012 Topps #660 Yu Darvish RC Red Version
There was nothing in those SP packs as I'm still waiting to pull one of those autographed Derek Jeter rookie cards.  I mentioned a nice looking Matt Cain over on A Pack To Be Named Later and here's another one.  I'm always a sucker for pitchers batting cards and I always pick up a Matt Cain card now that he's a member of the Perfecto Club.

2009 Upper Deck SP #119 Matt Cain
And in the Heritage High Number pack I was able to pull a short printed card.  Not that that means much to me but if anyone is working on the set and needs this one, just let me know.

2008 Topps Heritage #677 Ryan Langerhans SP

June 26, 2012

Did I Get Anything Worth Mentioning?

So did I get anything worth mentioning?

Four packs = all base, no short prints...except one Yankee Stadium Legacy card.

And one that is certainly worth mentioning...book value of $6.00 if you care about that sort of thing. Using COMC's book value listing here are the most valuable Yankee Stadium Legacy cards by player

1.  Derek Jeter (BV $8.00)
1.  Babe Ruth (BV $8.00)
3.  Joe DiMaggio (BV $6.00)
3.  Don Mattingly (BV $6.00)
3.  Lou Gehrig (BV $6.00)
3.  Alex Rodriguez (BV $6.00) What the hell are they thinking with this?
7.  Roger Maris (BV $5.00)
7.  Roger Clemens (BV $5.00)
9.  A whole bunch of Yankees at (BV $3.00)

Somebody Is So Getting Bipped!

--Found at Uncommon Sports Cards in Ritchfield, MN.

June 25, 2012

The Best Five Cards Out Of My 200 Card Grab Bag

This $5.00 box came from Uncommon Sportscards in the Twin Cities and while there were a fair number of commons inside I thought I would share my five favorite cards.  

Let's dive inside headfirst!

Ah, yes, the good old days of 2008 when Donruss existed and they made baseball cards.  Sure, they didn't really have any logos and the cards were pretty ugly but boy do I miss them.  It was so nice to also see a new card for The Bird given he only had about 15 cards from his playing days.  It's hard to believe that less than a year after this card was released Mark Fidrych would be dead.

2008 Donruss Threads #24 Mark Fidrych
As you may have noticed from the first picture of the grab box, I was guaranteed one pretty good card for my $5.00.

That would be a 2010 Topps Red Hot Rookie redemption of Braves pitcher Mike Minor.  I really like these rainbow-ish looking cards and since these aren't numbered I've always wondered about how many copies existed of each.  The redemptions came one per hobby box.  

2010 Topps Red Hot Rookie #RHR-9 Mike Minor

If you blinked then you probably missed Jim Thome playing 17 games for the Dodgers back in 2009.  Still, for only playing that many games he does have quite a few cards of him as a Dodger available.

2009 Upper Deck Signature Stars #58 Jim Thome

So you want a chrome Sandy Koufax card?  Well, there aren't too many options for you.  You've got this, this [which would be a pretty awesome card minus Kevin Brown], and the card you are looking at.  Topps really needs to make a Chrome version of the Topps inserts that highlight so many legends.

2011 Topps Prime 9 #9 Sandy Koufax

In the race to determining my favorite card of the group it wasn't close at all.  My buying habits are almost completely dominated by vintage cards currently and so I was very pleasantly surprised to pull a third year Ozzie Smith.

1981 Topps #254 Ozzie Smith

June 24, 2012

2012 Topps Minis Needs List

2012 Topps Minis Needs List

Last Updated: 7-13-2014

Series 1:

Series 2:


Update Series:


2012 Topps Series Two A Cut Above Insert Set Needs List

2012 Topps Series 2 A Cut Above Insert Set Needs List


2012 Topps Archives 1971 Design Needs List

Since I'm working on the 1971 Topps set for a few years now it only seems right that I also make a go to collect all the 1971 Topps design cards found in 2012 Topps Archives.  The 1971 design runs from card 51-100 and includes current players as well as some legends.

2012 Topps Archives 1971 Design Needs List

COMPLETED! 12-17-12

June 23, 2012

Finding Mars Attacks #1 in Northwestern Wisconsin Turned Out To Be Easier Than I Expeted

In the course of my moving from Kansas to Minnesota at the end of  May I totally spaced pre-ordering
the Mars Attacks #1 comic.  The issue hit the stores this week and so if I was going to get one I would have to staring doing something about it.  There is a tiny comic shop in Eau Claire but they are the kind of shop that if they were a card shop and you went in and asked "do you have Topps Archives?" they would say "didn't that some about about a decade ago?"

But wouldn't you know, I walked in, and there the issue was as if it was placed there just for me.  I ended up with variations #41 and #40 with "Horror In Paris" as my favorite.  

Now it's just a few weeks until the Mars Attacks card set comes out.

June 21, 2012

Owning A Piece Of Lost

Jorge Garcia was on the Nerdist podcast this week which got me thinking about a card I've been meaning to write about for a while.  I picked it up on eBay before my move and it sort of got put to the side.  It really is a shame that inkworks isn't around anymore because THIS IS HOW A RELIC CARD SHOULD BE DONE.

First we have a photo of Jorge wearing the shirt in question and when we flip the card over...

2006 Inkworks Lost Season 2 #PW-5 Hurley Relic
...and we learn exactly which episode Jorge wore the shirt on Lost.  And it turns out that it was on one of the most memorable episodes of Lost ever!  

I got out my Lost DVDs and grabbed some screen shots of Season Two's episode "Lockdown." We get to see Hurley in the shirt even before the opening credits finish rolling.  

For you Lost fans out there let me remind you where "Lockdown" falls in the storyline.  After the survivors of Flight 815 have broken their way into The Hatch they have imprisoned "Henry Gale" who claims to have been stranded on the island when his balloon crash landed.  

Well, Locke is guarding Henry Gale when the Hatch starts going crazy and, for lack of a better word, some blast shields come down from the ceiling and Locke is able to get something wedged under one of the shields before being trapped completely.

So he needs Henry Gale/Benjamin Linus' help to try to get out.

Meanwhile, outside The Hatch, Hurley is rocking his orange shirt over a game of poker!

Long story short, Locke gets stuck under the door and when Henry Gale doesn't put in the Lost numbers [4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42] the lights in the Hatch go all blue like a college dorm room and reveals a larger map of The Island giving us a first look at the other stations.

In typical Lost fashion, they let us look at it long enough to get a rough idea of it but most of the smaller details are unintelligible.

In the big twist at the end, Syid reveals that "Henry Gale" isn't actually "Henry Gale" as the real Henry Gale is from Wayzata, Minnesota and black.

June 20, 2012

Topps Tier One and Archives Alternatives

All across the country people are ripping 2012 Topps Tier One and Topps Archives.  For every one person who ends up pulling a Mickey Mantle bat knob, hundreds [possibly thousands] of others are pulling this year's equivalent to these autographs.

I went back and forth on buying a box of Topps Archives and I ended up deciding against it.  Tier One has never been something I've realistically ever thought about purchasing.  If you are though, may I suggest you take less than half the money you were going to spend, hit up a card shop and pick up some of the same quality autographs you probably would have pulled for a much lower price.  Here's what I found when I took my own advice and spent about $30 at Uncommon Sportscards in the Twin Cities.

We begin with our most expensive card which I paid $6.00 for.  It comes from the last time Topps issued an Archives set with a large and beautiful Sal Bando autograph.  

2001 Topps Archives #106 Sal Bando Autograph
These next three won't get "hit chasers" very excited but these sort of autographs are of the caliber that you could expect to pull from this year's Archives.  These were each $3.00 which is a little less than a single retail pack of Archives.

2004 Fleer Greats #GBA-JR2 Joe Rudi Autograph
2004 Fleer Greats #GBA-JC Joe Charboneau Autograph
2004 Fleer Greats #GBA-BC Bernie Carbo Autograph
You aren't going to find celebrity autographs in Topps Archives but I couldn't pass up this Mark Zupan autograph for $4.00.  If you haven't seen Murderball, what is wrong with you?

2009 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions #A-MZ Mark Zupan Autograph
I also picked up two relic cards, one bat and and one jersey relic.  This Bill Russell bat relic is the kind of card I like to add to my collection.  A true fan favorite who played his entire career with the Dodgers and finished just short of 2,000 hits.

2001 Upper Deck Vintage #LA-BR Bill Russell Bat Relic
If you are looking for some nice relics from retired players, take a look at 2005 Topps Pristine which has a pretty great relic checklist.

2005 Topps Pristine #LI-GP Gaylord Perry Jersey

June 19, 2012

Which Card Should I Bring To The Cecil Cooper Signing?

I discovered that this Saturday Brewers [and Red Sox] great Cecil Cooper will be having an autograph session at a card show in Marshfield, WI.  It is being held at something called the Oak Avenue Community Center and here's a little more information about the signing which will be from 2pm-5pm and costs $10.

Marshfield is a couple hours from where I'm staying but I don't have anything going on on Saturday so I'm planing to get a card signed but the question is which Cooper card should I have signed???  We can eliminate several cards right away, meaning his cards that are already signed.  

We can also eliminate any card with with Cecil as a Red Sox because for me he will always be a Brewer.  We can also get rid of cards that are too busy and a signature just won't work.

Plus, I can't really get my new favorite Cooper card autographed...I've never really heard of too many relic cards that are then signed in person.  I pulled this out of a retail pack of Topps Archives the other day.

2012 Topps Archives #56R-CC Cecil Cooper Bat Relic

So this leaves us with a couple of good options.  Here are the top four contenders to get signed.  

We'll start with the what I think is the nicest looking photography wise and the card design has a lot of great space for an autograph.  

2007 Upper Deck #48 Cecil Cooper #492/575
I really enjoy this card because you get to see the entire jersey including those great blue stirrups over yellow socks and the green grass and jersey would let the signature be really visible.

1978 Topps #154 Cecil Cooper

I think a nice signature directly under the "Milwaukee" on his jersey but this Fleer design as never been one of my favorites. 

1981 Fleer #639 Cecil Cooper

The home jersey and the photograph placement gives a great spot to put the signature that should be very readable.
1985 Fleer #580 Cecil Cooper
So which should I choose?

2007 Upper Deck Sweet Spot?
1978 Topps?
1981 Fleer?
1985 Fleer?

June 18, 2012

Show and Tell #117: Jumbo Ichiro

Right before I moved I received an unexpected trade package out of the blue which included this giant Ichiro from last year's Topps Lineage.  This card is a tribute to the 1964 Topps Giants which came three giant sized cards per pack. 

2011 Topps Lineage #TG8 Ichiro Giant
The package came from  Nachos Grande a.k.a. Fan of Reds.  He included this neat little sticker as well...I've got to get me one of these too!

Thanks Chris!