Did I Get Anything Worth Mentioning? Part 2

The first time was so much fun let's try it again.  So did I pull anything worth mentioning?

Yes, indeed I did!  We've got a red border Yu Darvish Rookie Card.  So obviously these packs came from Target.  I've had some good luck in pulling Yu cards as I also got his Archives rookie as well.  With his win yesterday Yu became the third rookie pitcher to win 10 games and strike out more than 100 batters before the All-Star break.

2012 Topps #660 Yu Darvish RC Red Version
There was nothing in those SP packs as I'm still waiting to pull one of those autographed Derek Jeter rookie cards.  I mentioned a nice looking Matt Cain over on A Pack To Be Named Later and here's another one.  I'm always a sucker for pitchers batting cards and I always pick up a Matt Cain card now that he's a member of the Perfecto Club.

2009 Upper Deck SP #119 Matt Cain
And in the Heritage High Number pack I was able to pull a short printed card.  Not that that means much to me but if anyone is working on the set and needs this one, just let me know.

2008 Topps Heritage #677 Ryan Langerhans SP


madding said…
I'm definitely interested in the Langerhans if it's still up for grabs.