Finding Mars Attacks #1 in Northwestern Wisconsin Turned Out To Be Easier Than I Expeted

In the course of my moving from Kansas to Minnesota at the end of  May I totally spaced pre-ordering
the Mars Attacks #1 comic.  The issue hit the stores this week and so if I was going to get one I would have to staring doing something about it.  There is a tiny comic shop in Eau Claire but they are the kind of shop that if they were a card shop and you went in and asked "do you have Topps Archives?" they would say "didn't that some about about a decade ago?"

But wouldn't you know, I walked in, and there the issue was as if it was placed there just for me.  I ended up with variations #41 and #40 with "Horror In Paris" as my favorite.  

Now it's just a few weeks until the Mars Attacks card set comes out.



I hope your move was smooth and easy. Minnesota is an excellent sports town. Enjoy your "new" teams and have fun collecting them all over again.

Nice Martian covers !