Did I Get Anything Worth Mentioning?

So did I get anything worth mentioning?

Four packs = all base, no short prints...except one Yankee Stadium Legacy card.

And one that is certainly worth mentioning...book value of $6.00 if you care about that sort of thing. Using COMC's book value listing here are the most valuable Yankee Stadium Legacy cards by player

1.  Derek Jeter (BV $8.00)
1.  Babe Ruth (BV $8.00)
3.  Joe DiMaggio (BV $6.00)
3.  Don Mattingly (BV $6.00)
3.  Lou Gehrig (BV $6.00)
3.  Alex Rodriguez (BV $6.00) What the hell are they thinking with this?
7.  Roger Maris (BV $5.00)
7.  Roger Clemens (BV $5.00)
9.  A whole bunch of Yankees at (BV $3.00)


Spankee said…
I just sold a lot of 99 YSL cards on eBay for $70. Not a bad deal if you ask me.
Where did you get these for $1, and were there any Yankees that I could trade for.
Matt Flaten said…
They were in my cardshop's clearance bins. I'll go through them again and see if there were Yankees.