Owning A Piece Of Lost

Jorge Garcia was on the Nerdist podcast this week which got me thinking about a card I've been meaning to write about for a while.  I picked it up on eBay before my move and it sort of got put to the side.  It really is a shame that inkworks isn't around anymore because THIS IS HOW A RELIC CARD SHOULD BE DONE.

First we have a photo of Jorge wearing the shirt in question and when we flip the card over...

2006 Inkworks Lost Season 2 #PW-5 Hurley Relic
...and we learn exactly which episode Jorge wore the shirt on Lost.  And it turns out that it was on one of the most memorable episodes of Lost ever!  

I got out my Lost DVDs and grabbed some screen shots of Season Two's episode "Lockdown." We get to see Hurley in the shirt even before the opening credits finish rolling.  

For you Lost fans out there let me remind you where "Lockdown" falls in the storyline.  After the survivors of Flight 815 have broken their way into The Hatch they have imprisoned "Henry Gale" who claims to have been stranded on the island when his balloon crash landed.  

Well, Locke is guarding Henry Gale when the Hatch starts going crazy and, for lack of a better word, some blast shields come down from the ceiling and Locke is able to get something wedged under one of the shields before being trapped completely.

So he needs Henry Gale/Benjamin Linus' help to try to get out.

Meanwhile, outside The Hatch, Hurley is rocking his orange shirt over a game of poker!

Long story short, Locke gets stuck under the door and when Henry Gale doesn't put in the Lost numbers [4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42] the lights in the Hatch go all blue like a college dorm room and reveals a larger map of The Island giving us a first look at the other stations.

In typical Lost fashion, they let us look at it long enough to get a rough idea of it but most of the smaller details are unintelligible.

In the big twist at the end, Syid reveals that "Henry Gale" isn't actually "Henry Gale" as the real Henry Gale is from Wayzata, Minnesota and black.


Dawgbones said…
WEll damn, I haven't watched any of my DVDs yet and you've gone and spoiled the whole thing!!!

I agree, Inkworks really had a finger on the pulse of doing things right.
Unknown said…
WOAH. Wayzata is, like... right next door to me!

...and it took me forever to learn that it's actually pronounced "Why-zetta."
Dude. Dude....DUDE! Hurley rocked.