The Best Five Cards Out Of My 200 Card Grab Bag

This $5.00 box came from Uncommon Sportscards in the Twin Cities and while there were a fair number of commons inside I thought I would share my five favorite cards.  

Let's dive inside headfirst!

Ah, yes, the good old days of 2008 when Donruss existed and they made baseball cards.  Sure, they didn't really have any logos and the cards were pretty ugly but boy do I miss them.  It was so nice to also see a new card for The Bird given he only had about 15 cards from his playing days.  It's hard to believe that less than a year after this card was released Mark Fidrych would be dead.

2008 Donruss Threads #24 Mark Fidrych
As you may have noticed from the first picture of the grab box, I was guaranteed one pretty good card for my $5.00.

That would be a 2010 Topps Red Hot Rookie redemption of Braves pitcher Mike Minor.  I really like these rainbow-ish looking cards and since these aren't numbered I've always wondered about how many copies existed of each.  The redemptions came one per hobby box.  

2010 Topps Red Hot Rookie #RHR-9 Mike Minor

If you blinked then you probably missed Jim Thome playing 17 games for the Dodgers back in 2009.  Still, for only playing that many games he does have quite a few cards of him as a Dodger available.

2009 Upper Deck Signature Stars #58 Jim Thome

So you want a chrome Sandy Koufax card?  Well, there aren't too many options for you.  You've got this, this [which would be a pretty awesome card minus Kevin Brown], and the card you are looking at.  Topps really needs to make a Chrome version of the Topps inserts that highlight so many legends.

2011 Topps Prime 9 #9 Sandy Koufax

In the race to determining my favorite card of the group it wasn't close at all.  My buying habits are almost completely dominated by vintage cards currently and so I was very pleasantly surprised to pull a third year Ozzie Smith.

1981 Topps #254 Ozzie Smith


Sascards67 said…
Always nice to pull an Ozzie Padres card.
The glut of cards from numerous manufacturers make for a whole lot of card we nver saw or collected. Its nice to see these can be gotten cheap for the fun of card collecting - which was the original purpose.

Factor in the box, and you did alright, man.
Anonymous said…
Kevin Brown is statistically good enough to be on that card with Drysdale & Koufax.