April 30, 2012

**Update: We Have A Winner** Want My Cards? Identify Mr. X

UPDATE:  We have a winner as dayf successfully figured out that Mr. X is really Dr. James Beckett, founder of the Beckett Price Guides.

I was inspired when I was at Half Priced Books last week and came upon this:

Is there any more humorous writing than an out of date price guide?  $7.48 for a 20+ year old guide seems a little crazy.  It's still a good source of resource information about various sets but still...Turning it over, I came face to face with Mr. X:

I realized that I don't think I ever actually had seen Dr. James before and so I wondered if anyone else knew him at first glance.

So congratulations to dayf, who is boycotting Topps 2012/spending his money on better things but he seems to have found a way to get about 1/3 of the set in one move.  Well played!


I've been trying to trade away my 2012 Topps cards and while I've had some success things have sort of dried up.  So I'll try the contest route instead to rid myself of these troublesome cards.

 If you are interested in winning these cards plus a jersey or auto from a player of your favorite team be the first to leave me a comment telling me who Mr. X is.

Good luck!

April 29, 2012

Contest Time: Tomorrow's Just Your Future Yesterday

To give everyone a fair shot at taking part in my contest, I thought I would do a little preemptive posting letting  let you all now the contest post will go up at one minute past noon [12:01 PM] tomorrow, Monday, April 30th.  You'll be asked to identify a photograph and so we may have a winner really quickly if you are on the ball.

April 28, 2012


Confession time, I love trolling Andy Pafko auctions on eBay to find the most oddball or unique old black and white press photos of him.  I've highlighted a couple HERE and HERE but this new one I've found is going into my Pafko photo Hall of Fame.  

But forget daydreaming on eBay, I've got real life Pafko signed photographs arriving in the mail.  This came from Reader Mike D. as a part of our perpetual trading machine.  Along with my signed Pafko baseball, this is going to be my collection's prized possessions.  Thanks again Mike!

My First Shoe Relic

As sport card collectors we all have our firsts.  We have our first packs, our first hobby boxes, our first high tend product.  Beyond that we have our first relic, first autograph, and first patch that we own.  Logically, the longer you collect, the less often you are going to have one of this "first time" experiences.  So you've got to start searching some "firsts" yourself.  Like first cut autograph or maybe first three or four color patch.  

Or maybe stumble upon your first ever three color shoe relic listed on eBay.  This is from former Royals reliever Jeremy Affeldt how is currently with the Giants.  I've been collecting Affeldt since the 2010 World Series when he would set up games for Brian Wilson. 

2002 Leaf Rookies and Stars Freshman Orientation #FO-19 Jeremy Affeldt Shoe Relic

April 27, 2012


As I was writing my little Packers draft post last night I was waiting for an e-mail to come in from the Packer Pro Shop telling me that I could buy Nick Perry's new Packers jersey.  I finally got tired of waiting and posted it.  I was surprised not to find that e-mail this morning either and was equally flabbergasted that it took until 4pm today to get it.

Perry picked #53 which hasn't been used since 2008.  The most famous Packer to have that number was George Koonce who was the Packer's starting linebacker in their Super Bowl championship in the 1996 season.

The Rookie Card Series: Charlie Hough

**In this series we do rookie cards and nothing else.**

I always love knuckle ball pitchers and so I'm working on getting some key rookie cards to these great pitchers.  Charlie Hough pitched for 25 seasons and when he pitched for the White Sox in 1991 and 1992 his catcher was the equally ancient Carlton Fisk.  I haven't seen the stat on it but they have to be the oldest pitcher/catcher combination.  Also, Charlie was the first starting pitcher for the Florida Marlins when they were created in 1993.  There's something simply wonderful about having a brand new expansion team have one of the oldest pitchers in baseball history to be their first starter.  

1972 Topps #198 Dodgers Rookie Stars

April 26, 2012

It's Nice To See Who's Cards I'll Be Chasing Next Season

In 2008, Clay Matthews III was having a great senior year with USC and was on his way to being drafted by the Packers in the first round of the 2009 draft.  That year, freshman Nick Perry and future linebacker was red shirted.  Four years later, the Packers are trying to strike gold again with a USC Trojan defensive player by selecting Perry with pick #28 this evening.    

It looks like I'm going to have a year trying to not write "Rick Perry" when I'm writing about the Packers next season.

You've Got To Draw The Line Somewhere

I've got Packer shirts, sweatshirts, jerseys, hats, and coats but I have to draw the line somewhere.  And for me, the line is firmly placed at the wearing a pair of Nike Packer shoes.

These monstrosities can be won by going HERE.  Thankfully, it sounds like only 15 pairs of the shows will be made.

So What's The Deal With Roy Oswalt?

So what's the deal with Roy Oswalt?  One of the most consistent pitchers in baseball has still not signed with a team even though he isn't injured or considering retirement.  In a recent article he said that he would consider returning to pitching in June after his children are out of school.  I think that is great and it would really only be better if he said he wanted to wait until Season 5 of Mad Men wrapped up to start pitch again.

I got this card for the ridiculous price of $6.00 late last year.  

2002 Topps #TA-RO Roy Oswalt Autograph

April 25, 2012

Five New Packer Relics

The draft starts on Thursday and so naturally my thoughts turn to the Packers.  Here are some recent Packers pickups.

When I mention Randall Cobb, I'm sure pretty much everyone thinks of this:

But beyond his very quick start, Randall had a hard time competing for passes with Greg Jennings, Jermichael Finley, and Jordy Nelson on the same roster.  With Donald Driver fading in the offense, one injury could put Cobb into the spotlight.  

2011 Topps Legends #ALR-RC Randall Cobb Jersey Relic #41/99

The Packers running back situation is pretty up in the air with Ryan Grant possibly signing with another team...such as the Patriots.  Alex Green will be coming back ACL surgery but the conventional wisdom seems to be that he isn't the long term solution for the running game and that the Packers should draft a running back in the draft.  

2011 Topps #197 Alex Green Autograph [Rookie Card]
D.J. Williams isn't a Packer any longer 

Robert Ferguson was released from the Packers after the 2006 season and I had no idea that he was still playing football in the UFL for the Omaha Nighthawks.

2001 Upper Deck Ovation #R-RF Robert Ferguson Jersey Relic

Ryan Taylor is fourth on the tight end depth chart behind Jermichael Finley, Tom Crabtree, and Andrew Quarless.  Last season he had one reception and that one reception was for a touchdown against the Raiders.

2012 Playoff Contenders #174 Ryan Taylor Autograph
Along with Ryan Taylor, D.J. Williams was another tight end the Packers drafted in 2011.  

2011 Topps Prime #24 D.J. Williams Autograph Rookie Card

April 24, 2012

Heartbreaking Damage: 1965 Topps Jim Roland

**In this series we highlight the cards that may have seen better days but the rough times these cards have seen have made them infinitely more interesting.**

1965 Topps #171 Jim Roland
Jim Roland was a middle reliever for the Twins from 1962 through 1967 before moving onto the A's.  Whenever I post one of these cards I try to figure out what exactly what has happened to it.  Could this be an example of a baseball card in bicycle spokes?  Any other guesses?

What The Hell Were They Thinking When They Made This?

For those of unfamiliar, here's Joey Gathright's stats...one home run over seven seasons with a career .263 batting average.

April 23, 2012

They're All Going To Laugh At You!

Horror movie fans can appreciate my latest non-baseball relic:

2011 Panini Americana Screen Gems #7 #008/249

And the reverse side:

And here's the important part a little closer:

April 21, 2012

When A Wrapper Isn't Just Colored Wax Paper

I've highlighted some pretty incredibly preposterous priced original 1962 Mars Attacks items recently...including a complete set with a buy it now price of $2500 and a $185,000 original Mars Attacks box.  Another recently listed auction takes the overpriced item to the next level as you can buy a single wrapper for $3750.  Although the auction listing says the wrapper has been "GRADED" but in reality it has just been authenticated as real.  So your choice is a authenticated wrapper or a complete set with an extra $1200.  [By the way, that complete set Mars Attacks set is already gone...I guess it wasn't that preposterous].

April 19, 2012

One Card Leads To Another

Like The Fixx sang, one thing leads to another. And the same is true with cards. One card does lead to another.  Sometimes these connections are hard to see and sometimes the cards lying on your desk seem to magically fall into order from the surrounding chaos.

We begin with the 1986 Donruss card showing the puzzle included three pieces at a time into packs.  This card then leads to...
1986 Donruss #602 Hank Aaron Donruss Diamond King Hall of Fame

The mini puzzle version of the same card...I have all the Diamond Kings Donruss made through 1992 but I'm still unsure where collectors could find these mini puzzle versions.  I believe some years they were included in "The Rookies" set they made each year but I never ever pulled one from packs.  This card then leads to...

1986 Donruss #602 Hank Aaron Donruss Diamond King Hall of Fame Puzzle

A 1970 National League Home Run Leaders card with Hammerin' Hank in second place to Willie McCovey by a single home run [45 to 44].  You may also notice that Topps gave Willie a space between the "Mc" and "Covey" in his name.  This card then leads to...

1970 Topps #65 National League Home Run Leaders

Another Hank Aaron card Home Run Leaders card this time with Hank on top.  I realize that these leaders cards are considered less desirable then the basic single player cards but that is really ignoring how awesome this card his.  Hank Aaron, Willie Mays, and one of my personal favorites Dick Allen. This card then leads to...

1967 Topps #244 National League Home Run Leaders
My first Willie Mays card cut from a Post cereal box sometime in 1962.  I found this one for a pretty great deal a few weeks ago. This card then leads to...

1962 Post #142 Willie Mays

Another card from the same set, this time of Harmon Killebrew.  I bought this one at the same time as the Willie Mays card for $2.99. This card then leads to...

1962 Post #85 Harmon Killebrew
A card documenting The Killers dominance of the 1971 RBI crown with Frank Robinson 20 runs behind.  This card then leads to...

1972 Topps #88 American League RBI Leaders
A 1967 card with Frank Robinson in the lead of runs batted in crown this time beating Harmon by 12 runs.  Reggie Smith is also switched out for Boog Powell.

1967 Topps #241American League RBI Leaders
So that's where the connections end for today.  Eight cards thrown together by coincidence and/or fate.

April 18, 2012

The Rarest of the Rare

The 1962 Topps Mars Attacks cards are pretty rare and a complete set in really great condition is the rarest of the rare. The first complete Mars Attacks set I've ever seen has been listed on eBay today with a Buy It Now price for $2500.  Some of the cards in the set are graded and some ungraded but overall this looks to be a once in a year type of auction.

I've Got 202 Days To Finish This Set

Election day is November 6th and so I've imposed that as my deadline to finish the President Obama Inaugural set from 2009.  Last week I used my eBay Bucks on a blaster of the set in a hopes to complete it.

I was able to take off six cards and one sticker from my Needs List leaving me with eight base cards and four stickers.  So I've got 202 days to track those 12 cards down.  

My overall favorite card from the set is this Bruce Springsteen card.   It must be pretty neat to have the President of the United States excited to see you. 

Out of the six packs I also pulled two cards with "Inauguration 2009" stamped on them.  Those fall at 1:3 packs.

April 16, 2012

Mitch Maier, The Royals Reliever Secret Weapon

Any time I get a chance to highlight one of my many Royals autograph cards I jump on it.  Royals temporary starting center fielder, Mitch Maier started Sunday's game against the Indians in the outfield but finished by pitching the 9th inning for the Royals.  This was the second time Mitch has pitched an inning in relief and he has a perfect 0.00 ERA.  Do we have Joakim Soria's replacement patrolling the outfield?

Here are two Maier autographs I've received from trades through the years:

2007 Upper Deck SPx Rookie Signatures #112 Mitch Maier Autograph [Rookie Card]

2007 Topps Co-signers #115 Mitch Maier Autograph #025/250 [Rookie Card]

April 12, 2012

Last Three Presidential Match-ups

Over the past couple of weeks I have been able to track down the last three Presidential Match-ups cards from the 2008 Topps set that I needed.  Here are the last group of three with the last one being the 1864 Abraham Lincoln card.  The Lincoln ones have the highest book value [followed by George Washington] and I finally found a copy on Sportsbuy after never seeing it listed on eBay or COMC for a few months.

2008 Topps Presidential Match-ups #HCM-1864
2008 Topps Presidential Match-ups #HCM-1980
2008 Topps Presidential Match-ups #HCM-1988

It's a really great feeling to complete this set and another Joy of The Completed Set video is soon to come.

April 11, 2012

Show and Tell #117: The Baseball Card Snob's Propaganda

The Baseball Card Snob sent me a bunch of 2009 Topps Update Propaganda cards and now I'm only down to eight left for the insert set.

My favorite is this Chipper Jones.  Man I hope he has a great season and can at least get passed Jose Canseco on that all-time home run list.

2009 Topps Update Propaganda #PP07
Thanks again Snob!

April 9, 2012

Take A Look At The Mars Attacks Sketch Cards

Topps has been posting a ton of sketch card examples of what we can expect to find out of this summer's Mars Attacks Heritage set.  Each box will have a 1/1 sketch card and some of these look amazing.

Here is my overall favorite which I love because the card border was just a suggestion for the artists.

These are the type of sketch cards I was hoping for.  This one seems to be a take on card #1 of the series with the reversed perspective.  

There aren't too many cards with humans featured and this one has the alien without his helmet.

This one has a distinct Jackson Pollack feel.

This next one is sort of the opposite of the Jackson Pollack card.  It's nice and clean and doesn't care about card borders.

This here is one of the sketch cards that is a reinterpretation of the original 1962 Topps cards.   

This all leads to my latest to my latest pick up of the 1962 set which is card #52 Giant Robot.  It is one of the few cards not showing a green Martian.

1962 Topps Mars Attacks #52 Giant Robot

Although it's a little unclear from the card itself as the card shows two soldiers getting stomped and crushed, the soldiers are actually destroying the Giant Robot.