I've Got 202 Days To Finish This Set

Election day is November 6th and so I've imposed that as my deadline to finish the President Obama Inaugural set from 2009.  Last week I used my eBay Bucks on a blaster of the set in a hopes to complete it.

I was able to take off six cards and one sticker from my Needs List leaving me with eight base cards and four stickers.  So I've got 202 days to track those 12 cards down.  

My overall favorite card from the set is this Bruce Springsteen card.   It must be pretty neat to have the President of the United States excited to see you. 

Out of the six packs I also pulled two cards with "Inauguration 2009" stamped on them.  Those fall at 1:3 packs.


Potch said…
Hi there! I had never heard of this set but if you have any dupes for trade, please let me know. Thanks!