Confession time, I love trolling Andy Pafko auctions on eBay to find the most oddball or unique old black and white press photos of him.  I've highlighted a couple HERE and HERE but this new one I've found is going into my Pafko photo Hall of Fame.  

But forget daydreaming on eBay, I've got real life Pafko signed photographs arriving in the mail.  This came from Reader Mike D. as a part of our perpetual trading machine.  Along with my signed Pafko baseball, this is going to be my collection's prized possessions.  Thanks again Mike!


mike said…
You got it dude (thumbs up Olsen twins)!
I was able to score it while I was a roll with all that Pafko gold, so enjoy! Sorry you had to pay an extra 50 cents on that mitt...haha.
Matt Flaten said…
Funny thing is the shipping on the glove was $7.00 and so the guy lost money on listing the glove. That's the danger of free shipping and a low starting price.