When A Wrapper Isn't Just Colored Wax Paper

I've highlighted some pretty incredibly preposterous priced original 1962 Mars Attacks items recently...including a complete set with a buy it now price of $2500 and a $185,000 original Mars Attacks box.  Another recently listed auction takes the overpriced item to the next level as you can buy a single wrapper for $3750.  Although the auction listing says the wrapper has been "GRADED" but in reality it has just been authenticated as real.  So your choice is a authenticated wrapper or a complete set with an extra $1200.  [By the way, that complete set Mars Attacks set is already gone...I guess it wasn't that preposterous].


dayf said…
There are a bunch of Mars attacks auctions in the latest REA catalog, let me know and I'll scan 'em for you
Matt Flaten said…
Sure, please do if you don't mind. I'm surprised that there isn't a PDF version available on their web page.