Take A Look At The Mars Attacks Sketch Cards

Topps has been posting a ton of sketch card examples of what we can expect to find out of this summer's Mars Attacks Heritage set.  Each box will have a 1/1 sketch card and some of these look amazing.

Here is my overall favorite which I love because the card border was just a suggestion for the artists.

These are the type of sketch cards I was hoping for.  This one seems to be a take on card #1 of the series with the reversed perspective.  

There aren't too many cards with humans featured and this one has the alien without his helmet.

This one has a distinct Jackson Pollack feel.

This next one is sort of the opposite of the Jackson Pollack card.  It's nice and clean and doesn't care about card borders.

This here is one of the sketch cards that is a reinterpretation of the original 1962 Topps cards.   

This all leads to my latest to my latest pick up of the 1962 set which is card #52 Giant Robot.  It is one of the few cards not showing a green Martian.

1962 Topps Mars Attacks #52 Giant Robot

Although it's a little unclear from the card itself as the card shows two soldiers getting stomped and crushed, the soldiers are actually destroying the Giant Robot.