My First Shoe Relic

As sport card collectors we all have our firsts.  We have our first packs, our first hobby boxes, our first high tend product.  Beyond that we have our first relic, first autograph, and first patch that we own.  Logically, the longer you collect, the less often you are going to have one of this "first time" experiences.  So you've got to start searching some "firsts" yourself.  Like first cut autograph or maybe first three or four color patch.  

Or maybe stumble upon your first ever three color shoe relic listed on eBay.  This is from former Royals reliever Jeremy Affeldt how is currently with the Giants.  I've been collecting Affeldt since the 2010 World Series when he would set up games for Brian Wilson. 

2002 Leaf Rookies and Stars Freshman Orientation #FO-19 Jeremy Affeldt Shoe Relic


Man, that would have been wicked if there was, like, a cleat sticking out of it.