May 31, 2014

Jermichael Finley Cleared To Play By Personal Doctor

The Jermichael Finley saga continues as he has been cleared by his personal doctor, Dr. Joseph Maroon...what that actually means beyond being able to tweet that fact is unclear. When Finley tried out with the Seahawks a few weeks ago he apparently failed the physical examination with their team doctors. Finley's also tweeted a bunch of photos in and around the Twin Cities so there is always the possibility that the Vikings would try to sign him just so the Packers can't. 

As uncertainty continues Finley's autographs and memorabilia prices are way down. I picked this up for around $5.00 when prices were typically at least double and possibly triple that during his peak a few seasons ago. 

2012 Topps #PPA-JF Jermichael Finley Autograph

May 30, 2014

Break Out Your VHS Player, Here Comes Connie Gomper!

The 99 cent bin came up all cherries today folks! You see before you the legendary Connie Gomper video put out by the NFL in 1996. Gomper was a creation of Cindy Sandberg and is sort of an amalgamation of Sarah Palin speech technique crossed with every Wisconsin stereotype you've ever thought of...and she likes the Packers...a lot.

It's an interesting artifact because this came out before the Packers won the Super Bowl and because it has a rap performed by Packers received Robert Brooks. Thankfully someone put this on YouTube so you can watch it along with me. The Brooks rap is at the end of Part 2...right after a supposed cameo by Arnold Schwarzenegger as a Wisconsin state trooper. It really has to be seen to be believed.

Part 1: Part 2:

May 28, 2014

Another Blind Mini Figure, This Time From The Big Bang Theory

I've recently been on a mini figures spree having ripped mini figures from The SimpsonsStar Trek and even Portal. This evening the trend continues as we have a "mystery mini" from the most popular show on TV, The Big Bang Theory. This pack was $4.99. 

My odds of getting a Sheldon Cooper character are overwhelming with the odds of getting a Sheldon/Spock or Lenard/Captain Kirk are only 1 out of 144. I imagine if I pull one of the female characters my wife will end up with and if I pull a Sheldon I'm hoping for Green Lantern.

After opening the box the figure is sealed in a black garbage sack. So what did I pull.

My box fell like the statistics said it would, a Sheldon figure. I ended up with the Superman version with the blue shirt being much more navy than the picture on the box. You may also note the detail that he is holding the roommate agreement in his hands.

May 27, 2014

My Jerel Worthy Redemption Has Arrived

About a month ago I bought a redemption online for a Jerel Worthy RC autograph on eBay and the card in question arrived from Topps last week. It's from 2012 Topps Magic and the signature gets a little cut off at the top loop but it is nicely centered.

Casual Packers fan might not be too familiar with Worthy who tore his ACL during Week 17 of the 2012 season and missed nearly all of 2013. He should be back to full speed for the start of the season and hopefully the Packers defense will be better for it.

2012 Topps Magic #203 Jerel Worthy Autograph
And here's one of those orange refractors you could pull from the 3-pack value packs of Chrome. 

2012 Topps Chrome #93 Jerel Worthy Orange Refractor

Can This Really Be The Same Person?

I look at these two cards and I look at one face then look at the other...and back and forth and back and forth and I am just stumped...There are lots of cases of this phenomena.

My Mom tells me of a time when I was little and I saw my Dad after he had shaved off his beard and I was terrified of him and ran away. I'm running away from Alvin Davis right now!

May 26, 2014

Ripping A Pack 2013 Wizkids Star Trek Skele-Treks

What the heck are Skele-Treks? They are sort of like Star Trek zombies but in the tradition of the Mexican Day of the Dead. I found mine for $2.99 here in Lawrence at my local bookstore/movie/comic shop Hastings

We've got six options and I'm pretty existed that only one of them seems to be undesirable. That forth character from the left me wondering who that is? Was it just some operations officer from Star Trek: TNG? With a little researching it looks like that character is supposed to be Data.

And so what did I get? A Captain Jean-Luc Picard figure who is "making it so." And it's worth mentioning that the figure is detachable from the base. Now if only you could push a button and it would say this.

May 25, 2014

Scanner Art

This is what you get when you are trying to scan Juan Pizarro's 1971 Topps card [that's 1 "z" and two "r"s in Pizarro by the way...I always mess that up] and you bump the scan button before you've got the card positioned correctly. A clear version is at the bottom.  

1971 Topps #647 Juan Pizarro

May 24, 2014

My Wife and Bart Starr

My wife enjoys sports and there are certain things she really likes...track and field, Latvian hockey, Wisconsin Badgers football...and she knows the important basics, never cheer for the Cowboys and that Brett Favre is still a jerk who should be despised.  She has been a full supporter of my Green Bay Packers addiction and one day a few years ago out of the blue she announced "You know, I've got a Bart Starr autograph."

Well, what do you know? She had been holding out on me! Although she's from Minnesota, her family has always been pro-Packers and when she was little her Mom waited in line at a signing and got this from the hero of Super Bowls I and II.  I think it is wonderful that the best autograph in our house is hers.

Late Night Post Dump: Why Can't We Get Cards In Our American Cheetos?

Occasionally, late at night, I dump a blog post onto the world that I'm never going to put the proper amount of effort into finishing. 

While my wife and I were living in Europe last year she attended a conference in Spain and brought back some "Western" treats that I hadn't seen in many many months. The Doritos tasted exactly like the taco flavor in the U.S. but the Cheetos were not quite like anything I've tried before. 

They were sort of like really airy Fritos. They weren't too good but the package contained a little surprise as well.

There was a "card" included and by the looks of the cuts made on the card it could either stand up vertically or was a part of larger game. I say could because I'm not sure where it ended up. I'm pretty sure I also scanned the contents somewhere along the lines but who knows where those ended up. 

The player featured is Daniel "Cata" Diaz who played as a defender for Atletico Madrid at the time the snacks were made which makes sense as they came from Barcelona. 

May 23, 2014

It's Hard To Believe That This Didn't Catch On

1995 Upper Deck #172
As best I can tell Charlie Hayes is the only player to have worn a face exactly like that while batting. Dave Parker went full on NFL kicker, and David Justice and Terry Steinbach protected their jaws, but I can't find anything quite like this great Hayes' helmet. Certianly one of the best cards from the 1990's.

May 22, 2014

An Odd Harmon Killebrew Story

While re-reading through The Killer's wikipedia page for what seems like the 100th time to find some I came upon a little story I don't remember hearing about before. At the start of the 1968 season Killebrew had to nearly miss the opener to testify in court case in Idaho. It turns out that two guys named Fred Davis and Carl Harrison started selling shares of a business which would sell "cleansing tissues for children" [a.k.a. baby wipes]and that Harmon was going to support and promote the product. I had trouble finding the verdict of the case but based on the article written in the newspaper at the time it didn't sound too good for the defendants.  

May 19, 2014

Late Night Post Dump: Green Martians

Occasionally, late at night, I dump a blog post onto the world that I'm never going to put the proper amount of effort into finishing. 

I can't remember exactly when I received this emerald bordered beauties but I do know they came as part of a trade with good old Mike D. I'm still working on getting this variation set together if you happen to have any green ones laying around unloved. 

May 18, 2014

Andy Pafko's License Plate?

An odd Andy Pafko auction sprung up on eBay recently for an autographed Illinois license plate from 1947. It's signed by Pafko in what looks like black magic marker. The description doesn't provide any information as to if this was Pafko's license plate or just an odd item that someone had Andy sign. Pafko did play for the Cubs from 1943 until 1950 so the timing is right but $50 for something odd like this is a bit much. 

May 15, 2014

Andy Pafko Autographed Art Card

I've got quite a few Andy Pafko TTM autographs on index cards and without a doubt this is the most beautiful. I love the blue ink Pafko autograph and the level of detail in the drawing is great. I also like how the statistics are placed in a circle which makes them look just like a postmark stamp. When I found this card on eBay it didn't have any additional details about its origin and so if anyone knows if it is from a larger Braves set or when it was produced I would greatly appreciate it. 

May 14, 2014

Any Portal Fans Out There?

While I did play Half Life and Half Life 2, it was Portal and Portal 2 that really got me back into playing video games more frequently. The two Portal games are so unique and at times just plain weird that they stick with you beyond just the game play...and if you beat both games you may be singing the ending credits music for weeks afterword. So I was pretty excited when I found this miniature sentry turret figure for sale at my local bookstore Hastings.

These were $5.00 and you could pull a whole host of different variations. I was hoping for a plain one that was activated and ready to shoot as it was pictured on the front of the box.

Like so many Valve games, the details are part of the fun and you would miss out on a lot if you didn't take a closer look at the fine print of the Aperture Laboratories warning on the side of the box...apparently they aren't liable for the deaths that the turret will cause! 

My turret turned out to be the inactivated rainbow win some, you lose some. Still pretty neat though. 

May 13, 2014

What The Hell Is A Retrofractor?

In the 2002 Topps Super Teams set they introduced a new kind of "shiny" called the Retrofractor. The reverse side of the card is like a vintage or Heritage card but the front has a chrome-esque feel. It's not the same as a regular Chrome card but is still pretty nice. 

2002 Topps Super Teams #36 Andy Pafko Retrofractor 

Each Retrofractor is foil stamped numbered to the year that the "super team" won the World Series and so Pafko's Retrofractors were numbered to 1957 the year the Braves beat the Yankees in seven games. So far I have seven of the 1,957 copies available or 0.35% of the total supply. 

Late Night Post Dump: 2012-2013 Panini Champions League Stickers Pack #2

Occasionally, late at night, I dump a blog post onto the world that I'm never going to put the proper amount of effort into finishing. 

I bought these stickers over a year ago when I was living in Ukraine and I ripped them shortly thereafter. I didn't have a scanner at the time so these are all cropped cellphone photos...which I absolutely hate posting on the blog. I posted Pack #1 back in March of 2013 so Pack #2 has been a long time in the making. You can find the original post explaining where these sticker packs comes from here and my results from Pack #1 here.

#199 Bram Nuytinck

#199 Bram Nuytinck
#307 Ryan Bertrand

#320 Dmytro Chygrynskiy

#408 Losc Lille

#504 Kelvin Wilson

May 12, 2014

Ripping A Mini Simpsons Figure Pack

To celebrate the Simpsons 25 years on TV Fox has put out some commemorative figures featuring famous guest stars. I found this particular pack at a local bookstore called Hastings for $2.99 with the full sized figures going for $14.99

My list of potential figures included Homer as a basketball coach, Tom Hanks, Yao Ming, Hugh Hefner, Kid Rock, and James Brown. ANYTHING BUT KID ROCK! ANYTHING BUT KID ROCK! ANYTHING BUT KID ROCK!

And so my figure turns out to be Hugh Hefner...I had hoped for James Brown but this turned out okay.

May 11, 2014

Some Packers 2014 Draft Thoughts

The 2014 Draft turned out to be the first draft that Ted Thompson has been in charge of in which he didn't trade spots with another team. Instead the Packers chose nine players in the original projected spots and here are some of my thoughts on who was drafted.

Rd 1, Pick 21 Ha Ha Clinton-Dix Safety Alabama

I wrote about my first reaction thoughts on Ha Ha on Friday and overall I'm seeing a lot of grades for the Packers draft in the B+ area.

Rd 2, Pick 21 Davante Adams [Wide Receiver, Fresno State]

One criticism of Adams [he's #11 on that list] is that he has great stats but he had Derek Carr throwing to him. Well, imagine what he can do with Aaron Rodgers throwing him passes.

Rd 3, Pick 21 Khyri Thornton [Defensive Tackle, Southern Miss]

Rd 3, Pick 34 Richard Rodgers [Tight End, California]

Out 3rd round pick will hopefully be an adequate replacement for Jermichael Finley if the worst case scenario happens and he won't be able to play during the 2014 season.  Having California grads named Rodgers at quarterback and tight end will certainly give headlines writers some great material.

2011 Topps Chrome #77 Jermichael
Finley Orange Refractor
2011 Topps Chrome #77 Jermichael Finley X-fractor

Rd 4, Pick 21 Carl Bradford, [Outside Linebacker, Arizona State]

Rd 5, Pick 21 Corey Linsley [Center, Ohio State]

I think it might be a little surprising to say that a fifth round pick could come in and easily win a starting job on a playoff team but Corey Linsley at the center position has that possibility. His primary competition is Garth Gerhart who was the Packers backup last season. 

Rd 5, Pick 36 Jared Abbrederis [Wide Receiver, Wisconsin]

I was excited when the Packers drafted Abbrederis as he's a Wisconsin Badger as well from Wautoma, Wisconsin which is a tiny little town in central Wisconsin. Along with Ha Ha I think he will be the other player I will try to really collect out of this draft class.

Rd 6, Pick 21 Demetri Goodson [Cornerback, Baylor]

Rd 7, Pick 21 Jeff Janis [Wide Receiver, Saginaw Valley State]

Nothing against our 7th round pick but I had hoped the Packers might have spent their last pick on Michael Sam. I personally have a feeling he would be a steal with a 7th round pick but as Sam's a Missouri player I think the Rams might be the best possible place for him.

I was surprised that we ended up drafting three receivers but how can I really complain when we addressed our key problem areas at safety, center, and the defensive line. Now we just need to get through the next 16 weeks until the Packers start the NFL season against the Seahawks.

Late Night Post Dump: Margus Hunt

Occasionally, late at night, I dump a blog post onto the world that I'm never going to put the proper amount of effort into finishing.

During the 2013 draft the Bengals drafted Margus Hunt from Southern Methodist University in the 2nd round. Along with being a defensive end he is also the second Estonian to play in the NFL [the first being Tennessee Titans tackle Michael Roos]. This became a minor story line in the Bengals season on Hard Knocks as players teased him about being from such an odd place. Estonia is a tiny Baltic country nestled right next door to Latvia, a country which I hold near and dear to my heart [my wife speaks Latvian and I lived there for a few months last year]...and so anything Baltic state related always strikes my interest and so I picked up a few Hunt cards last year. 

2013 Panini Momentum Football #163 Margus Hunt Autograph #230/599

2013 Panini Prestige Football #261 Margus Hunt