Late Night Post Dump: Margus Hunt

Occasionally, late at night, I dump a blog post onto the world that I'm never going to put the proper amount of effort into finishing.

During the 2013 draft the Bengals drafted Margus Hunt from Southern Methodist University in the 2nd round. Along with being a defensive end he is also the second Estonian to play in the NFL [the first being Tennessee Titans tackle Michael Roos]. This became a minor story line in the Bengals season on Hard Knocks as players teased him about being from such an odd place. Estonia is a tiny Baltic country nestled right next door to Latvia, a country which I hold near and dear to my heart [my wife speaks Latvian and I lived there for a few months last year]...and so anything Baltic state related always strikes my interest and so I picked up a few Hunt cards last year. 

2013 Panini Momentum Football #163 Margus Hunt Autograph #230/599

2013 Panini Prestige Football #261 Margus Hunt