Late Night Post Dump: Why Can't We Get Cards In Our American Cheetos?

Occasionally, late at night, I dump a blog post onto the world that I'm never going to put the proper amount of effort into finishing. 

While my wife and I were living in Europe last year she attended a conference in Spain and brought back some "Western" treats that I hadn't seen in many many months. The Doritos tasted exactly like the taco flavor in the U.S. but the Cheetos were not quite like anything I've tried before. 

They were sort of like really airy Fritos. They weren't too good but the package contained a little surprise as well.

There was a "card" included and by the looks of the cuts made on the card it could either stand up vertically or was a part of larger game. I say could because I'm not sure where it ended up. I'm pretty sure I also scanned the contents somewhere along the lines but who knows where those ended up. 

The player featured is Daniel "Cata" Diaz who played as a defender for Atletico Madrid at the time the snacks were made which makes sense as they came from Barcelona. 


Fuji said…
I love oddball, food issue cards... but they're even cooler when they're international. I've purchased Calbee chips before (for the Japanese cards) and they never taste as good as the chips I buy in the states. The only international chips I crave every now and then are the ketchup flavored Lay's from Canada.
Hackenbush said…
That's all I need -- an excuse to buy more snacks.