My Wife and Bart Starr

My wife enjoys sports and there are certain things she really likes...track and field, Latvian hockey, Wisconsin Badgers football...and she knows the important basics, never cheer for the Cowboys and that Brett Favre is still a jerk who should be despised.  She has been a full supporter of my Green Bay Packers addiction and one day a few years ago out of the blue she announced "You know, I've got a Bart Starr autograph."

Well, what do you know? She had been holding out on me! Although she's from Minnesota, her family has always been pro-Packers and when she was little her Mom waited in line at a signing and got this from the hero of Super Bowls I and II.  I think it is wonderful that the best autograph in our house is hers.


Hackenbush said…
That's very cool and Bart has great penmanship