November 30, 2008

Watch This Video

If you watch one video today, watch this one of kids playing video games:

Heartbreaking Pack: 2008 Football Upper Deck Masterpieces Part 5

Pack #5 of the Blaster:

Another Tom Brady:

Although it's an iconic image, I wonder if Winslow enjoys this image as much as everyone else...I would prefer to see a Fouts to Winslow pass card.

A great John Elway...let's do a comparison:



I'm predicting a kickoff return for TD against the Vikings tonight.

November 29, 2008

Heartbreaking Pack: 2008 Football Upper Deck Masterpieces Part 4

Pack #4 of the Blaster:

A red bordered Adrian Peterson numbered out of 199...This was my only "hit" from the this blaster and I'm pretty happy with it...RED BORDERED SORT OF MOJO!

I really hope Donovan gets to play with the Bears next season and the Vikings get a decent quarterback and then I can look forward to my NFC North division matchups.

Wikipedia lists the following nicknames for this catch:

The Catch
Double Miracle
Catch 42
The Play
The Great Escape
Escape and Capture
Slip and Grip
Hail Manning
Desert Storm
The Helmet Catch
The Sling
Flee to Tyree
Shawshank Reception
The Great Helmet Escape Catch
The Gasp and The Grasp
The Gotham Grab

Earl is a rookie from Vanderbilt and hasn't caught a pass this season yet.

Heartbreaking Pack: 2008 Football Upper Deck Masterpieces Part 3

Pack #3 of the Blaster:

I am very conflicted about my feelings with Tony Romo...As a fan of America's Team [The Packers] I always root for whoever is playing the Cowboys...On the other hand, Tony is a Wisconsinite, as I am, so I am proud of his success...Romo is also my star fantasy quarterback and so if he doesn't score two touchdowns I curse his name...

A double...this really shouldn't happen over 24 cards...

Will we see some Booty on the field is season?

A card reminding us the Lions weren't always an 0-16 team...sometimes they were 8-8.

November 28, 2008

Heartbreaking Pack: 2008 Football Upper Deck Masterpieces Part 2

Pack #2 of the Blaster:

This is from the Time Warp insert series that combines a current and former player:

Will Forte be the next Walter Payton, Neil Anderson, or Rashaan Salaam?

Maybe the best passing combo last year next to Brady/ will be interesting to see what will happen with Matt Cassell this season as the Patriots can't put the franchise tag on a player they are planning on trading...

Heartbreaking Pack: 2008 Football Upper Deck Masterpieces Part 1

Besides the brilliant move to bring the Masterpieces line to football, I love that the blasters give you six packs for $15.00 which average out to $2.50 a pack for four cards. No too shabby if you ask me.

We'll do these six packs over six posts and here is Pack #1:

I only remember seeing Cardboard Junkie's review of a few packs and he pulled an AWESOME Jack Lambert with a black border...mine is just the regular version:

I was hoping Kevin would have a better rushing day on Thanksgiving and make the game interesting but alas, no such luck.

Fact I learned researching Drew Pearson: he was the receiver of the first pass that would become known as The Hail Mary.

So far Dexter hasn't played in a game but at least he has a Masterpieces card so things aren't all bad.

Are You Ready For Some Football?

Football cards are going to dominate the next couple of posts as I've received some in the mail and bought a blaster of Upper Deck Football Masterpieces this week...

These Packers are from reader Eric S. who sent me an 800-count box last week that I'm still going through!

Donald Driver:

Aaron Rodgers:

Ahman Green:

Heartbreaking Pack: More Timeline

I bought four more packs of Upper Deck Timeline today battling the crowds...I got a disappointingly high amount of doubles even though I've only opened eight packs so far. Rather than put you to sleep with each pack, I'll show you just the highlights:

Base Cards:

Mail Call: Thoughts and Sox Parcel

I sent Adam from Thoughts and Sox an Edgar Renteria jersey card a little while ago and received some thank you cards earlier this week...

Two Campaign cards from the Topps Series II set off my Needs List...

The election of 1796 was one of the most important in history in that it was the first peaceful transfer of power from one party to another...although it seems funny to think about it now, the Federalists could have very well violently kept power rather than stepping down to Jefferson.

On a separate note, if you haven't seen the John Adams miniseries I highly recommend it.

These cards always remind me that the problems that we face today have all been faced before...nothing we do is original...take for example the election of 1888 in which Grover Cleveland won the popular vote but lost the Electoral College total to Benjamin Harrison.

Plus two Bowman Heritage Umpire cards:

Heartbreaking Packs: Turkey Red on Turkey Day

Like Wax Heaven, I can't sleep...I've got Black Friday specials on my mind and an antacid in my stomach...Here are two packs of the Poor Man's UD Masterpieces, Topps Turkey Red. Turkey Red for Turkey Day.

These packs were the same price as Masterpieces but had four more cards per pack compared to this year's Masterpieces. The painting quality was not quite as good as UD's but every once in a while you will get a really beautiful in point, the Joe Nathan below:

Pack 1:

#131 Jose Reyes Checklist

#164 Jorge Posada

#50 Jason Giambi -- It will be interesting to see where Giambi will end up this winter...Although he only batted .247 last season he did hit 32 home runs and 96 RBIs.

#100 Gary Sheffield -- Gary is currently one home run short of the 500 Club...and therefore one home run from the Hall of Fame?

#114 Gary Matthews

#52 Brandon Wood

#45 Billy Butler

#24 Akinori Iwamura

Pack 2:

#163 Troy Tulowitzki -- I am eager to see how Tulowitzki will do next year when he's back to 100% and able to play a full season.

#169 Justin Verlander

#64 Miguel Tejada

#148 Joe Nathan -- My favorite card of the packs...

#172 Kelvin Jimenz

#42 Dice-K Checklist

#93 Carlos Gomez

#28 Alejandro De Aza