Heartbreaking Pack: 2008 Football Upper Deck Masterpieces Part 3

Pack #3 of the Blaster:

I am very conflicted about my feelings with Tony Romo...As a fan of America's Team [The Packers] I always root for whoever is playing the Cowboys...On the other hand, Tony is a Wisconsinite, as I am, so I am proud of his success...Romo is also my star fantasy quarterback and so if he doesn't score two touchdowns I curse his name...

A double...this really shouldn't happen over 24 cards...

Will we see some Booty on the field is season?

A card reminding us the Lions weren't always an 0-16 team...sometimes they were 8-8.


Captain Canuck said…
that Romo is a sweeet card!
I love me some Cowboys!