Heartbreaking Pack: 2008 Football Upper Deck Masterpieces Part 1

Besides the brilliant move to bring the Masterpieces line to football, I love that the blasters give you six packs for $15.00 which average out to $2.50 a pack for four cards. No too shabby if you ask me.

We'll do these six packs over six posts and here is Pack #1:

I only remember seeing Cardboard Junkie's review of a few packs and he pulled an AWESOME Jack Lambert with a black border...mine is just the regular version:

I was hoping Kevin would have a better rushing day on Thanksgiving and make the game interesting but alas, no such luck.

Fact I learned researching Drew Pearson: he was the receiver of the first pass that would become known as The Hail Mary.

So far Dexter hasn't played in a game but at least he has a Masterpieces card so things aren't all bad.


RWH said…
Actually Dexter has been returning punts and kicks for a while now.