Heartbreaking Packs: Turkey Red on Turkey Day

Like Wax Heaven, I can't sleep...I've got Black Friday specials on my mind and an antacid in my stomach...Here are two packs of the Poor Man's UD Masterpieces, Topps Turkey Red. Turkey Red for Turkey Day.

These packs were the same price as Masterpieces but had four more cards per pack compared to this year's Masterpieces. The painting quality was not quite as good as UD's but every once in a while you will get a really beautiful card...case in point, the Joe Nathan below:

Pack 1:

#131 Jose Reyes Checklist

#164 Jorge Posada

#50 Jason Giambi -- It will be interesting to see where Giambi will end up this winter...Although he only batted .247 last season he did hit 32 home runs and 96 RBIs.

#100 Gary Sheffield -- Gary is currently one home run short of the 500 Club...and therefore one home run from the Hall of Fame?

#114 Gary Matthews

#52 Brandon Wood

#45 Billy Butler

#24 Akinori Iwamura

Pack 2:

#163 Troy Tulowitzki -- I am eager to see how Tulowitzki will do next year when he's back to 100% and able to play a full season.

#169 Justin Verlander

#64 Miguel Tejada

#148 Joe Nathan -- My favorite card of the packs...

#172 Kelvin Jimenz

#42 Dice-K Checklist

#93 Carlos Gomez

#28 Alejandro De Aza