Heartbreaking Pack: 2008 Football Upper Deck Masterpieces Part 4

Pack #4 of the Blaster:

A red bordered Adrian Peterson numbered out of 199...This was my only "hit" from the this blaster and I'm pretty happy with it...RED BORDERED SORT OF MOJO!

I really hope Donovan gets to play with the Bears next season and the Vikings get a decent quarterback and then I can look forward to my NFC North division matchups.

Wikipedia lists the following nicknames for this catch:

The Catch
Double Miracle
Catch 42
The Play
The Great Escape
Escape and Capture
Slip and Grip
Hail Manning
Desert Storm
The Helmet Catch
The Sling
Flee to Tyree
Shawshank Reception
The Great Helmet Escape Catch
The Gasp and The Grasp
The Gotham Grab

Earl is a rookie from Vanderbilt and hasn't caught a pass this season yet.