December 31, 2008

Experts Needed

Can anyone tell me a little more about these Old Judge cards...I picked them up for a $1.00 each mainly because they were on-card autos and a miniature card but I don't know anything about the set...Anyone know about these?

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More Cheap Seats Cards

Here are some highlights from the Royals that Saints of the Cheap Seats send me earlier this week.

2 Lukes:
A Chrome Stadium Club card...which leads to the logical question, will Topps Chromify this year's Stadium Club?

Jermaine Dye: another in a long line of good players that left Kansas City for greener pastures...along with Johnny Damon, Carlos Beltran, and David Cone.

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Heartbreaking Pack: 1991 Score

Yet another 25 cent pack from Three Star Sportscards:

I mentioned Todd Benzinger earlier today, so it is very appropriate that I pull him here:

Otis ended up at #16 in the all-time stolen base list.

Researching Mark I was surprised that he had nearly 2500 my mind his stats faded more than they really did.

Kenny's still with us but last season was his worst statistical year at 9-13.

I love those throw back jerseys:

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Kansas Wins

It's official, Kansas are Insight Bowl Champs beating Minnesota 42-21.

One interesting thing that is going on here in Lawrence that people outside of Kansas probably have no clue about is that the University of Kansas is suing a t-shirt shop here in town called Joe College. Kansas says that they are selling shirt that infringe on their copyright while Joe College says, of course, that they don't.

I don't really know who's right, but Joe College's shirts are pretty unforgettable. Here are two about Kansas football coach Mark Mangino:

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Heartbreaking Packs: 1991 JOGO CFL Football

CFL Cards

Okay, Stale Gum and Wax Heaven get to be sponsored by Upper Deck.  But what other blog is bringing you CFL cards from 1991 from a company called JOGO?  The answer: no one else!  Who loves you, baby?

This product of NAFTA was a quarter a pack at Three Star Cards...let's dig in:

Pack #1:

First off, I like the blue design but I especially like the fact that the cards list if the player is an "import" or "non-import"...meaning if they were born in Canada or not. 

#17 Blake Dermott [Non-Import]

CFL 1 Blake Dermott CFL 1 Blake Dermott Back

#65 David McCrary [Import]

CFL 1 David McCrary CFL 1 David McCrary Back

#127 Eddie Lowe [Import]
#175 Anthony Hunter [Import]

CFL 1 Eddie Lowe CFL 1 Tony Hunter
#169 Deatrich Wise [Import]
#117 Bob Poley [Non-Import]

CFL 1 Deatrick Wise CFL 1 Bob Poley
#185 Carl Coulter [Non-Import]
#65 David McCrary [Import]

Yep, this is the 2nd McCrary card in the same pack.

 CFL 1 Carl Coulter CFL 1 David McCrary (2)
#59 Junior Thurman [Import]
#75 Will Johnson [Import]

CFL 1 Will Johnson CFL 1 Junior Thurman

Pack 2:

#115 Dan Rashovich [Non-Import]
#168 Robin Belanger [Non-Import]

CFL 2 Robin Belanger CFL 2 Dan Rashovich
#125 Dave Ridgway [Non-Import]
#176 Stacey Dawsey [Import]

CFL 2 Dave Ridgway CFL 2 Stacey Dawsey
#198 Carl Brazley [Import]
#15 Reggie Taylor [Import]

CFL 2 Carl Brazley CFL 2 Reggie Taylor
#5 Michel Bourgeau [Non-Import]
#58 Allen Pitts [Import]

CFL 2 Michel Bourgeau CFL 2 Allen Pitts
#88 Peter Giftopoulos [Non-Import]
#34 Jeff Braswell [Import]

CFL 2 Peter Giftopoulos CFL 2 Jeff Braswell

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Gophers Taste Good

Go Jayhawks! Kansas is whooping Minnesota through half of the Insight Bowl 28-14. If I had my stuff together I should have bet Gellman or Eric S. on the game for a box of cards...

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Heartbreaking Packs: 1991 Topps Hockey

These were 25 cents each at Three Star are the highlights:

Pack 1:

Two Penguins...and one is a Jaromir Jagr rookie...Nice.

Pack 2:

This one had quite a few more player that I was familiar with.

Steve Yzerman...owner of a Power Mullet.

Jagr rookie in pack it's time for a Sergei Federov rookie...

The Northstars were my favorite hockey team and I sort of gave up on the sport after they left Minnesota. So I always enjoy pulling one.

After the Northstars, I like the Sabres....the only sports team named after a weapon...except the Colt .45s, I guess.
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Some Glorious Parental Discretion Is Advised

Nothing warms my heart more than Earl Weaver screaming and swearing at a lady who asks him when to plant tomatoes. We might just make it after all.

**Parental Discretion Is Advised** This clip would make a sailor blush.

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Quickie Contest: Give This Sweet Spot Helmet A Good Home

UPDATE: Mark from Stats on The Back was first with the correct answer. Joe Mauer was the #1 pick in the 2001 draft and made the All-Star team in 2006 and 2008.

I'm looking to unload this Fred Lewis Mini Helmet Auto from last year's Upper Deck Sweet Spot. Here are Fred's stats if you aren't a Giants fan. If you would like it, just be the first to leave the correct answer to the following question in the comments section:

Fred was drafted in the 2nd round of the 2002 draft. Name the last overall #1 pick from the draft that made an All-Star game?

Good Luck.

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Heartbreaking Pack: 2005 Topps Series 1

This one is from the Sports Dome in downtown Lawrence...

I'm sad that Mussina retired before getting to 300 wins because it may make him the pitching version of Jim Rice.

A broken record that I don't think anyone thinks was steroid related.

I love it when the Future Stars cards actually get it right!

Wow, that's a lot of stars.

Earlier when I was talking about the A's jerseys...this is what I was talking about:

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