Heartbreaking Packs: 1991 Topps Hockey

These were 25 cents each at Three Star Sportscards...here are the highlights:

Pack 1:

Two Penguins...and one is a Jaromir Jagr rookie...Nice.

Pack 2:

This one had quite a few more player that I was familiar with.

Steve Yzerman...owner of a Power Mullet.

Jagr rookie in pack one...now it's time for a Sergei Federov rookie...

The Northstars were my favorite hockey team and I sort of gave up on the sport after they left Minnesota. So I always enjoy pulling one.

After the Northstars, I like the Sabres....the only sports team named after a weapon...except the Colt .45s, I guess.
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dayf said…
This is a nice looking set. I think it's the first Topps Base set that used the clean white cardstock and full color on the back if I'm not mistaken.