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Can anyone tell me a little more about these Old Judge cards...I picked them up for a $1.00 each mainly because they were on-card autos and a miniature card but I don't know anything about the set...Anyone know about these?

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dayf said…
These were from a Signature Rookies minor league set that came out in 1996 (T-96, get it?).

The whole set was mini sized and make to look kind of like old tobacco cards. They were named after Old Judge which was a landmark baseball card set that came out in the 1880's. These cards look absolutely nothing like the original Old Judges.

Signature Rookies did this set in '95 and '96. The autographs were seeded one per pack. The big names that had autographed cards this year are Vlad Guerrero, Brian Giles, Frank Catalonotto and the immortal Butch Huskey.

A buck is about right for the no-names in the set. I picked up a couple of them in a quarter box once!
Matt Flaten said…
Thanks dayf! I knew I could count on you.