Heartbreaking Packs: 1991 JOGO CFL Football

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Okay, Stale Gum and Wax Heaven get to be sponsored by Upper Deck.  But what other blog is bringing you CFL cards from 1991 from a company called JOGO?  The answer: no one else!  Who loves you, baby?

This product of NAFTA was a quarter a pack at Three Star Cards...let's dig in:

Pack #1:

First off, I like the blue design but I especially like the fact that the cards list if the player is an "import" or "non-import"...meaning if they were born in Canada or not. 

#17 Blake Dermott [Non-Import]

CFL 1 Blake Dermott CFL 1 Blake Dermott Back

#65 David McCrary [Import]

CFL 1 David McCrary CFL 1 David McCrary Back

#127 Eddie Lowe [Import]
#175 Anthony Hunter [Import]

CFL 1 Eddie Lowe CFL 1 Tony Hunter
#169 Deatrich Wise [Import]
#117 Bob Poley [Non-Import]

CFL 1 Deatrick Wise CFL 1 Bob Poley
#185 Carl Coulter [Non-Import]
#65 David McCrary [Import]

Yep, this is the 2nd McCrary card in the same pack.

 CFL 1 Carl Coulter CFL 1 David McCrary (2)
#59 Junior Thurman [Import]
#75 Will Johnson [Import]

CFL 1 Will Johnson CFL 1 Junior Thurman

Pack 2:

#115 Dan Rashovich [Non-Import]
#168 Robin Belanger [Non-Import]

CFL 2 Robin Belanger CFL 2 Dan Rashovich
#125 Dave Ridgway [Non-Import]
#176 Stacey Dawsey [Import]

CFL 2 Dave Ridgway CFL 2 Stacey Dawsey
#198 Carl Brazley [Import]
#15 Reggie Taylor [Import]

CFL 2 Carl Brazley CFL 2 Reggie Taylor
#5 Michel Bourgeau [Non-Import]
#58 Allen Pitts [Import]

CFL 2 Michel Bourgeau CFL 2 Allen Pitts
#88 Peter Giftopoulos [Non-Import]
#34 Jeff Braswell [Import]

CFL 2 Peter Giftopoulos CFL 2 Jeff Braswell

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dayf said…
Ha! I bought a whole box of this stuff back in the '90s for a couple of buck when I was bored and wanted something to rip. I think Rocket Ismael was on the box.