August 26, 2018

Vic Power Needs List

Vic Power is an all-time favorite for me for several reasons. First "Vic Power" is the best name in baseball history. You can stick your Pete LaCocks and Rusty Kuntzs in a sack.

He was also a Twin for parts of three seasons when they were really good in the early 1960s. His career also coincided with the best baseball sets ever made so his bright yellow rookie card in 1954 Topps is a work of art and one of my favorite cards of all-time. His other key appearances in the 50s are each remarkable.
Power was also a trailblazer in integrating baseball as he was the second Puerto Rican of African descent to play in either league.

And did I mention that he was great at the sport, particularly defense? Power was a four-time All-Star and won seven consecutive Gold Gloves from 1958-1964.

Like my Andy Pafko collection, I'm always looking for more Power cards even if I have them already.

Vic Power Needs List
Last updated: 08-25-18

1954 Topps #52 Vic Power RC
1955 Topps #30 Vic Power
1956 Topps #67 Vic Power
1956 Topps #67A Vic Power [Gray Back]
1957 Topps #167 Vic Power
1958 APBA Baseball 1957 Season #VIPO Vic Power
1958 Topps #406 Vic Power
1959 Topps #229 Vic Power
1959 Topps #229A Vic Power [Gray Back]
1960 Leaf #65 Vic Power
1960 Topps #75 Vic Power
1960 Topps Venezuelan #75 Vic Power
1961 Post #63A Vic Power [Box Cut]
1961 Post #63B Vic Power [Perforated Version]
1961 Topps #255 Vic Power
1962 Post #37 Vic Power
1962 Post Canadian #37
1962 Salada Tea/Junket Desserts All Star Coins #44 Vic Power
1962 Topps #445 Vic Power
1962 Topps Baseball Bucks $5 Bill Vic Power
1962 Topps Stamps #39 Vic Power
1963 Fleer #23 Vic Power
1963 Post #1 Vic Power
1963 Topps #40 Vic Power
1964 APBA Baseball 1963 Season #VIPO Vic Power
1964 Topps #355 Vic Power
1965 Topps #442 Vic Power
1966 Topps #192 Vic Power
1966 APBA Baseball 1965 Season #VIPO Vic Power
1976 JDM/JMC 1955 Rodeo Meats Kansas City Athletics Reprints #18 Vic Power
1978 TCMA 60'S I #196 Vic Power
1979 TCMA 50'S #147 Vic Power
1981 San Diego Sports Collectors Association Discount Cards #5 Vic Power
1984-89 O'Connell and Son Ink #114 Vic Power
1990 The Official Hall of Fame Sticker Book of Records Stickers #56 Vic Power
1994 Topps Archives 1954 #52 Vic Power
1994 Topps Archives 1954 Gold #52 Vic Power
2012 Leaf History of Baseball Cut Signatures #952 Vic Power/40*

August 23, 2018

1997 Upper Deck Green Bay Packers Season to Remember Needs List

I was recently reunited with a dozen packs of an Upper Deck set from 1997 honoring the Super Bowl winning Green Bay Packers team. These were probably purchased in 1998 and have been sitting at my parents' house ever since. The bright orange price tag is the calling card of the Midwest institution known as Shopko and each pack was marked down to a dime.

I enjoy the set as there is a ton of gold foiling on each card which fits in nicely with the green and gold team colors. The cards were also surprisingly not bricked and although a couple of packs had been dropped on their corners, they were overall in pretty good condition. After opening the packs I'm 14 cards short of the entire 90-card set and here's my needs list.

1997 Upper Deck Green Bay Packers Season to Remember Needs List 

Last updated: 8-22-18

5, 12, 28, 42, 45, 46, 58, 61, 64, 65, 73, 81, 85, 87

August 20, 2018

Tim Krumrie Needs List

To go along with my favorite baseball players from around the Eau Claire, Wisconsin area (Andy Pafko, Burleigh Grimes, Brad Radke, Jordan Zimmermann) there are also a few football players as well (Jim Leonhard, Bill Schroeder) including former Cincinnati Bengals nose tackle Tim Krumrie.

Krumrie played for the Bengals his entire career from 1983 to 1994. Krumrie went to high school in Mondovi, Wis. and was an all-star wrestler, winning the state title in the heavyweight category. As a Wisconsin Badger, he led the team in tackles all four of his seasons becoming the university's all-time leader.

The Bengals drafted him in the 10th round in the 1983 draft and Krumrie became one of the best nose tackles in the league. He was selected as an All-Pro in 1987 and 1988 however during the Bengals' appearance in Super Bowl XXIII he broke his leg in two places.

You can find Krumrie's rookie card in 1988 Topps although he does have a sticker in the 1987 Topps sticker set that pre-dates his proper rookie.

Tim Krumrie Needs List

Last updated: 8-21-17

1986 McDonald's Bengals Black Tab #69 Tim Krumrie
1986 McDonald's Bengals Blue Tab #69 Tim Krumrie
1986 McDonald's Bengals Gold Tab #69 Tim Krumrie
1986 McDonald's Bengals Green Tab #69 Tim Krumrie
1987 Topps Stickers #12 Kevin Butler/ 161 Tim Krumrie
1988 Kenner Starting Lineup Cards #8` Tim Krumrie
1988 Panini Stickers #27 Tim Krumrie
1988 Starting Line Up Football Figure #76 Tim Krumrie
1988 Topps #347 Tim Krumrie RC
1988 Topps Stickers #25 Robert Awalt/ 161 Tim Krumrie
1989 Franchise Game #23 Tim Krumrie
1989 Kenner Starting Lineup Cards #58 Tim Krumrie
1989 Panini Stickers #232 Tim Krumrie
1989 Panini Stickers UK #232 Tim Krumrie
1989 Pro Set #63 Tim Krumrie
1989 Score #69 Tim Krumrie
1989 Score #308 Tim Krumrie AP
1989 Topps #26 Tim Krumrie
1989 Topps Box Bottoms #K Roy Green
1990 Action Packed #36 Tim Krumrie
1990 Fleer #218 Tim Krumrie
1990 Panini Stickers #22 Tim Krumrie
1990 Panini Stickers UK #22 Tim Krumrie
1990 Pro Set #466 Tim Krumrie
1990 Score #237 Tim Krumrie
1990 Topps #268 Tim Krumrie
1990 Topps Disclaimer Back #268 Tim Krumrie
1990 Topps Tiffany #268 Tim Krumrie
1991 Pacific #70A Tim Krumrie ERR/(Misspelled Krumprie on front)
1991 Pacific #70B Tim Krumrie COR
1991 Pinnacle #135 Tim Krumrie
1991 Pro Set #464 Tim Krumrie
1991 Pro Set Platinum #17 Tim Krumrie
1991 Score #97 Tim Krumrie
1991 Stadium Club #482 Tim Krumrie
1991 Stadium Club Super Bowl XXVI #482 Tim Krumrie
1991 Topps #249 Tim Krumrie
1991 Ultra #19 Tim Krumrie
1992 Action Packed #38 Tim Krumrie
1992 Action Packed Mint Parallel #38 Tim Krumrie #/500
1992 Fleer #60 Tim Krumrie
1992 GameDay #251 Tim Krumrie
1992 Pacific #364 Tim Krumrie
1992 Pinnacle #236 Tim Krumrie
1992 Power #169 Tim Krumrie
1992 Pro Line Portraits #432 Tim Krumrie
1992 Pro Line Portraits Autographs #85 Tim Krumrie
1992 Pro Line Portraits National Convention #432 Tim Krumrie
1992 Pro Set #131 Tim Krumrie UER/(Misspelled Krumerie on front)
1992 Score #61 Tim Krumrie
1992 Ultra #59 Tim Krumrie
1992 Wild Card #196 Tim Krumrie
1992 Wild Card 10 Stripe #196 Tim Krumrie
1992 Wild Card 100 Stripe #196 Tim Krumrie
1992 Wild Card 1000 Stripe #196 Tim Krumrie
1992 Wild Card 20 Stripe #196 Tim Krumrie
1992 Wild Card 5 Stripe #196 Tim Krumrie
1992 Wild Card 50 Stripe #196 Tim Krumrie
1992 Wisconsin Program Cards #2 Tim Krumrie
1993 FACT Fleer Shell #64 Tim Krumrie
1993 Fleer #66 Tim Krumrie
1993 GameDay #443 Tim Krumrie
1993 McDonald's GameDay #14 Cincinnati Bengals B
1993 Pacific #313 Tim Krumrie
1993 Pinnacle #22 Tim Krumrie
1993 Pro Line Live #35 Tim Krumrie
1993 Pro Set #95 Tim Krumrie
1993 Score #349 Tim Krumrie
1993 Topps #358 Tim Krumrie
1993 Topps Gold #358 Tim Krumrie
1993 Ultra #60 Tim Krumrie
1994 A1 Masters of the Grill #15 Tim Krumrie
1994 Finest #100 Tim Krumrie
1994 Finest Refractors #100 Tim Krumrie
1994 Fleer #81 Tim Krumrie
1994 Pro Line Live #245 Tim Krumrie
1994 Topps #595 Tim Krumrie
1994 Topps Special Effects #595 Tim Krumrie
1997 Bengals Team Sheets #2 John Garrett CO/Ray Horton CO/Tim Krumrie CO/Al Roberts CO/Kim Wood CO/Bob Wylie CO/Ashley Ambrose/Willie Anderson

August 16, 2018

Dusting off the blog to talk about the 2019 Topps design

If there is anything that makes me dust off Blogger and get the card blog up and running again it is a new Topps design. 

My 2019 Topps design hot take (a couple days later, so it's not too hot) is that the generally positive response is that the "new" design reminds many of us of something we have seen before in 1982 Topps ... with the colored lines flipped to the other side.  

Also, remove the player signature and add a team logo and there you go. It is a pretty close approximation I think and with 1982 Topps being featured in the Topps Archives set several times, it makes natural sense that the design would be inspired by the '82 set ... if only unintentionally. 

In terms of the announcement, I'm on trading card Twitter throughout the day and I somehow missed that the design announcement was approaching. It is insane that Topps wastes the biggest announcement of the year without a huge fanfare.

If it is going to be announced so early and since it's just a few weeks since the National it should be coincided with that event. I think they should make it a tradition, pick a day, make it Topps Day. Or if only there was like a National Baseball Card Day that the announcement could be paired with I think that would work out well.

On the flip side, delaying the announcement saves Topps from running into the same problem that Wizards of the Coast runs into with new Magic: The Gathering releases. Each new set faces leaks on new set mechanics and the art of the key cards before the release and while it seems some Magic leaks are planned, Topps stays in control with they way they do things currently.

Here's that original Gary Woods card from 1982 Topps Traded #130T. Woods was traded from the Astros to the Cubs and he would stay with the team through 1985.

August 7, 2018

1969 Topps Deckle Edge Needs List

1969 Topps Deckle Edge Needs List

UPDATED: 9/30/18

 1 - Brooks Robinson
 2 - Boog Powell
 3 - Ken Harrelson
 4 - Carl Yastrzemski
 5 - Jim Fregosi
 6 - Luis Aparicio
 7 - Luis Tiant
 8 - Denny McLain
 9 - Willie Horton
10 - Bill Freehan
11a - Hoyt Wilhelm
11b - Jim Wynn
12 - Rod Carew
13 - Mel Stottlemyre
14 - Rick Monday
15 - Tommy Davis
16 - Frank Howard
17 - Felipe Alou
18 - Don Kessinger
19 - Ron Santo
20 - Tommy Helms
21 - Pete Rose
22a - Rusty Staub
22b - Joe Foy
23 - Tom Haller
24 - Maury Wills
25 - Jerry Koosman
26 - Richie Allen
27 - Roberto Clemente
28 - Curt Flood
29 - Bob Gibson
30 - Al Ferrara
31 - Willie McCovey
32 - Juan Marichal
33 - Willie Mays

July 31, 2018

2013 Panini Beach Boys Trading Cards Needs List

Updated: 7-30-18

Main Set Checklist

1 The Beach Boys
2 The Beach Boys
3 Brian Wilson
4 David Marks
5 The Beach Boys
6 The Beach Boys
7 The Beach Boys
8 The Beach Boys
9 The Beach Boys
10 The Beach Boys
11 The Beach Boys
12 The Beach Boys
13 The Beach Boys
14 The Beach Boys
15 The Beach Boys
16 Bruce Johnston
17 Brian Wilson
18 Brian Wilson
19 Dennis Wilson
20 The Beach Boys
21 Carl Wilson
22 The Beach Boys
23 The Beach Boys
24 The Beach Boys
25 Brian Wilson
26 Dennis Wilson
27 The Beach Boys
28 The Beach Boys
29 Al Jardine
30 Brian Wilson
31 The Beach Boys
32 The Beach Boys
33 Mike Love
34 The Beach Boys
35 The Beach Boys
36 Brian Wilson
37 The Beach Boys
38 The Beach Boys
39 The Beach Boys
40 Al Jardine
41 The Beach Boys
42 The Beach Boys
43 The Beach Boys
44 Brian Wilson
45 Mike Love
46 The Beach Boys
47 Bruce Johnston
48 Al Jardine
49 Carl Wilson
50 Brian Wilson
51 The Beach Boys
52 Dennis Wilson
53 Bruce Johnston
54 Dennis Wilson
55 The Beach Boys
56 Carl Wilson
57 The Beach Boys
58 Al Jardine
59 Brian Wilson
60 The Beach Boys
61 The Beach Boys
62 The Beach Boys
63 Carl Wilson
64 Mike Love
65 Carl Wilson
66 Dennis Wilson
67 The Beach Boys
68 Carl Wilson
69 Dennis Wilson
70 Carl Wilson
71 Al Jardine
72 Mike Love
73 Dennis Wilson
74 The Beach Boys
75 Brian Wilson
76 The Beach Boys
77 Mike Love
78 The Beach Boys
79 Carl Wilson
80 Carl Wilson
81 The Beach Boys
82 The Beach Boys
83 Mike Love
84 The Beach Boys
85 The Beach Boys
86 The Beach Boys
87 The Beach Boys
88 The Beach Boys
89 Mike Love
90 The Beach Boys
91 The Beach Boys
92 The Beach Boys
93 Bruce Johnston
94 David Marks
95 Brian Wilson
96 Al Jardine
97 Dennis Wilson
98 Carl Wilson
99 The Beach Boys
100 Mike Love
101 Brian Wilson
102 Bruce Johnston
103 The Beach Boys
104 David Marks
105 Dennis Wilson
106 Carl Wilson
107 Al Jardine
108 The Beach Boys
109 The Beach Boys
110 Mike Love
111 Bruce Johnston
112 Brian Wilson
113 David Marks
114 Dennis Wilson
115 Carl Wilson
116 Al Jardine
117 The Beach Boys
118 David Marks
119 Mike Love
120 Brian Wilson

Commemorative Guitar Picks Set Checklist

1 Brian Wilson
2 Carl Wilson
3 David Marks
4 Al Jardine
5 Dennis Wilson
6 Bruce Johnston
7 Mike Love
8 Brian Wilson
9 Carl Wilson
10 David Marks
11 Al Jardine
12 Dennis Wilson
13 Bruce Johnston
14 Mike Love
15 Brian Wilson
16 Carl Wilson
17 David Marks
18 Al Jardine
19 Dennis Wilson
20 Bruce Johnston
21 Mike Love
22 Brian Wilson
23 Carl Wilson
24 David Marks
25 Al Jardine
26 Dennis Wilson
27 Bruce Johnston
28 Mike Love
29 Brian Wilson
30 Carl Wilson
31 David Marks
32 Al Jardine
33 Dennis Wilson
34 Bruce Johnston
35 Mike Love

Honors Set

1 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
2 Hollywood Walk of Fame
3 Award of Merit
4 Best Historical Album
5 I Get Around
6 Pet Sounds
7 Good Vibrations
8 God Only Knows
9 Sounds of Summer: The Very Best of The Beach Boys
10 Beach Boys Sing National Anthem at Dodger Stadium
11 In My Room
12 Pet Sounds
13 Good Vibrations
14 Pet Sounds
15 Good Vibrations
16 Appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show

Top 10 Hits Set Checklist

1 Surfin' USA
2 Surfer Girl
3 Little Saint Nick
4 Be True to Your School
5 The Man With All the Toys
6 Fun, Fun, Fun
7 I Get Around
8 When I Grow Up (To Be a Man)
9 Dance, Dance, Dance
10 Help Me, Rhonda
11 Rock and Roll Music
12 Barbara Ann
13 California Girls
14 Sloop John B
15 God Only Knows
16 Good Vibrations
17 Wouldn't It Be Nice
18 Kokomo

Sounds of Summer Set Checklist

1 California Girls
2 Little Deuce Coupe
3 God Only Knows
4 Good Vibrations
5 Wouldn't It Be Nice
6 Don't Worry Baby
7 Heroes and Villians
8 Help Me, Rhonda
9 Surfin' USA
10 Sloop John B
11 Surfin' Safari
12 In My Room

Etchings Set Checklist

1 Brian Wilson
2 Mike Love
3 David Marks
4 Al Jardine
5 Carl Wilson
6 Bruce Johnston
7 Dennis Wilson
8 Brian Wilson
9 Mike Love
10 David Marks
11 Al Jardine
12 Carl Wilson
13 Bruce Johnston
14 Dennis Wilson
15 Brian Wilson
16 Mike Love

Gold Albums Die-Cut Set

1 Surfin' USA
2 Surfer Girl
3 Little Deuce Coupe
4 Shut Down Volume 2
5 All Summer Long
6 The Beach Boys' Christmas Album
7 The Beach Boys Today!
8 Summer Days (And Summer Nights!!)
9 Pet Sounds
10 15 Big Ones
11 Still Cruisin
12 Beach Boys Concert
13 The Beach Boys in Concert
14 Good Timin : Live at Knebworth England 1980
15 Best of The Beach Boys
16 Best of The Beach Boys Vol. 2
17 Endless Summer
18 Spirit of America
19 Made in U.S.A.
20 Good Vibrations: Thirty Years of The Beach Boys
21 Sounds of Summer: The Very Best of The Beach Boys
22 20 Golden Greats
23 California Gold: The Very Best of The Beach Boys

April 4, 2018

What is going on with this kid from Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure?

Yesterday I was reminded that someday there might be a third Bill & Ted's movie and so I dusted off Excellent Adventure and Bogus Journey for a watch.

Bill and Ted take their kidnapped historical figures to a classic '80's mall and as Joan of Arc is looking at some weightlifters (which is something you would commonly see in a mall back then, right?) a guy in a baseball jersey walks behind her.

As the camera moves it becomes clear that his is wearing a Houston Astros jersey with a "We Are Family"-era Pittsburgh Pirates outfit? What the heck is going on here?

Points for wearing the best baseball cap every created but heavy deductions for wearing two different teams at the same time. That's worse than wearing a band's shirt to their concert.  Also heavy deductions for tucking in a jersey. Please, don't ever pull a Michael Wilbon.

But is it actually a Pirates cap? The cap the kid is wearing is missing the large "P" that you can clearly see on Bill Madlock's cap below. I looked around at the Pirate jersey designs and couldn't find one that doesn't feature the "P." So was it a generic ripoff? Was there another company making those honeycomb style hats at the time? 

April 2, 2018

My Wallet Card, Three Years Later

More than three years ago (January 5th, 2015 to be exact), I did a post where I picked out a wallet card which was the fidget spinner of the trading card blogs at the time. I went with the 1980 Topps No. 623 Gorman Thomas and it has been in my wallet ever since. Here is the cards current condition (on the left) versus day one (on the right). 

Here's the reverse side which is showing some age. 

I will admit that over the past year I've sort of forgotten it was with me everywhere I go. The first year I would remember to take it out and snap a photo. I took it to the Atlantic Ocean ...

the Everglades ...

Stone Mountain ...

the Louisville Slugger Museum ...

I know some bloggers have replaced their cards over the years but I've stock with mine so far and I think it has held up pretty well. I guess that's a testament to the quality of the 1980 Topps set? I never thought I would ever type that sentence in a post. Long story short, in 2018 I'm going to try to up my wallet card game a little more and remember to actually get it out of the wallet more often.  

March 31, 2018

Did I Score A Sonny Jurgensen Autograph?

Included in an eBay autograph lot I received at Christmas was this Sonny Jurgensen 1970 Topps Super Football card. The card wasn't a key part of the lot and, as you can see, isn't in the greatest condition.

It has some major creases on the front and the back has clearly been rubbed against a surface enough to leave some wear and tear. 

But it also has an signature on it from the Washington Redskins Hall of Fame quarterback so it's worth taking a closer look to see if it is legit.

As you can tell, the 1970 Topps Super cards already has a facsimile autograph on it which sort of makes it an odd choice to add a legitimate autograph too, especially if the subject is going to sign right over the top of like like Jurgensen did.

Here are a couple of PSA certified example of Jurgensen's autographs with a similar black marker.

So what do you think? Is it legit?

I think the capital "S" is pretty close and the overall sloppiness of the final letters of "Jurgensen" seem to match as well. 

March 28, 2018

My Topps Living Set Card #1 Has Arrived

I'm here to admit I was one of the people that purchased 13,256 copies of Aaron Judge's card #1 in the new Topps Living Set. Up to this point I hadn't purchased a Topps Now card but I was intrigued by the set's idea and the art on Judge's card was beautiful. Plus, the price of $7.99 per card with the ability to get free shipping helped me in jumping the mental hurdles I had to clear to finally buy this card. 

The card arrived on Tuesday and came in this nice looking box. I imagine these will be standard with each week's order and it is a nice touch I must admit. 

And here it is. I arrives in a nice plastic case and I don't plan on taking it out. I'm not a Yankees fan or a Judge collector but I think this is a special card.

The card come with a foam square to keep it from moving around in the case so I haven't seen the reverse side of the card yet.

So going forward I'm open to picking up some more cards from the Living Set as we move forward, especially with that free shipping. 

March 18, 2018

Shaking Like A Leaf #2: Al Evans #22

Chronicling my quest to build a 1948-1949 Leaf Baseball set. 

PLAYER: Al Evans
CARD NO.: 22
TEAM: Washington Senators
OF NOTE: Evan's 1948-1949 Leaf card is considered his rookie card even though he had played in the majors since 1939. You can find Evans' cards in some of the early Bowman sets with his final card as a player was in the 1952 Topps set (where is featured as a Red Sox). Evans spent two years in the Navy during World War II has a petty officer and missed the 1943 and most of the 1944 seasons because of his service.  Known as a great fielding catcher, he led the American League in fielding percentage in 1949 at .992.
CARD PRICE: $7.50 eBay delivered.
SET PROGRESS: 3 of 98 or 3.06 percent complete.

March 12, 2018

Brothers don't shake hands, brothers gotta share a baseball card!

Brothers don't shake hands, brothers gotta' hug brothers gotta share a baseball card!

The Niekro brothers pitched for a combined 46 years (24 for Phil, 22 for Joe) and they appeared on hundreds of cards. Here are four that they ended up sharing. 

Joe and Phil both led the National League with 21 victories in 1979. While Joe was 21-11 and Phil had the unique distinction of leading the league in losses as well with 20. I can't even imagine a pitcher today finishing 21-20 in a season. 

Mike Flanagan had 23 wins in the American League and his record won him a Cy Young Award. 

This 1983 Donruss card highlights that the brothers were the major's best knuckleball pitchers and they were nearly the only ones at the time, with the exception of good old Charlie Hough.

In September 1985, Joe was traded to the Yankees from the Astros and he would join his brother Phil on the Yankees rotation. Phil pitched for New York in 1984 and 1985 and the duo were together only for a few games as Phil would be released during spring training in 1986. 

The brothers were the subject of one of my favorite cards from 1988 Topps as the duo set the record for wins by a pair of brothers. Joe and Phil recorded 539 wins which topped the 529 victories recorded by Gaylord and Jim Perry.

February 26, 2018

A Stern Pafko

Here are a couple of my recent Andy Pafko PC collection additions. The first is an autographed 8 x 10 photo of a stern looking Handy Andy. Pafko was known for his positive attitude on the field and nearly all of his baseball cards feature a broad smile (including his famous 1952 Topps #1) and so when I came upon this signed photo with a very serious expression I had to add it to the collection.

The other pickup was a graded 1957 Spic and Span Andy Pafko in excellent condition. These promo cards were originally available from a chain of dry cleaners in Wisconsin and they are pretty rare to find in good shape. I was willing to spend a little bit on a nice graded copy (in a huge PSA plastic case by the way) and take a Pafko card off of my needs list.  

February 25, 2018

Shaking Like A Leaf #1: Larry Jensen/Jansen #56

Chronicling my quest to build a 1948-1949 Leaf Baseball set. 

PLAYER: Larry Jensen ... well, actually it was Larry Jansen. This first of many spelling errors to be included in the set with several of them corrected. Jansen doesn't appear to have received a corrected version on the checklist.
CARD NO.: 56
TEAM: New York Giants
OF NOTE: This is my first 48-49 Leaf card in my quest to build the set. I do have several copies of Andy Pafko's card but  that I already have. Jansen was probably the best pitcher from the late 1940's that you probably aren't familiar. His rookie year in 1947 included a 21-5 record and a second-place finish in the Rookie of the Year voting. He went 23-11 in 1951, was named an All-Star and received MVP votes. He would later becoming a pitching coach for the Giants and would shepard the early career of Gaylord Perry and Juan Marichal. Jansen was included in just about every important post-war set including 1947 Bond Bread, 1948-1954 Bowman, and 1951-1952 Topps.
CARD PRICE: $6.77 eBay delivered.
SET PROGRESS: 2/98 or two percent complete.

1948-1949 Leaf Baseball Needs List

The 1948-1949 Leaf set is one of my all-time favorites and it offers some of the most beautifully simplistic cards ever made. The set checklist includes the fun problem of skip numbering and so although the set is numbered to #168 there are really only 98 cards in the set (plus some variations). It must had driven collectors of the day absolutely crazy looking for card #2 in the set!

The set also features some of the most valuable cards ever made which makes building a truly complete set probably impossible. So for many of these I will be looking for reprint placeholders, particularly the Satchel Paige, Jackie Robinson, and Babe Ruth cards.

The set also features one of Andy Pafko's earliest cards. It is also one of my personal favorites from his baseball card biography.

Last updated: 7-16-18

1948-1949 Leaf Baseball Reprints Needs List

1 Joe DiMaggio
3 Babe Ruth
4 Stan Musial
8 Satchel Paige RC SP
32 Warren Spahn
38 Ted Kluszewski RC
70 Honus Wagner
76 Ted Williams
79 Jackie Robinson RC
91 Ralph Kiner
93 Bob Feller SP
138 Larry Doby RC SP

1948-1949 Leaf Baseball Needs List

1 Joe DiMaggio
3 Babe Ruth
4 Stan Musial
5 Virgil Trucks RC SP
8 Satchel Paige RC SP
10 Dizzy Trout
11 Phil Rizzuto
13 Cass Michaels RC SP
14 Billy Johnson
17 Frank Overmire RC
19 Johnny Wyrostek SP
20 Hank Sauer SP
22 Al Evans RC
26 Sam Chapman
27 Mickey Harris RC
28 Jim Hearn RC
29 Elmer Valo RC
30 Billy Goodman RC SP
31 Lou Brissie RC
32 Warren Spahn
33 Peanuts Lowrey RC SP
36 Al Zarilla SP
38 Ted Kluszewski RC
39 Ewell Blackwell
42 Kent Peterson RC - Blue Cap
42 Kent Peterson RC - Red Cap
43 Ed Stevens RC SP
45 Ken Keltner RC SP
46 Johnny Mize
47 George Vico RC
48 Johnny Schmidtz RC SP
49 Del Ennis RC
50 Dick Wakefield RC
51 Alvin Dark RC SP
53 Johnny Vander Meer
54 Bobby Adams RC SP
55 Tommy Henrich SP
56 Larry Jansen
57 Bob McCall RC
59 Luke Appling
61 Jake Early RC
62 Eddie Joost SP
63 Barney McCosky SP
65 Robert Elliott
66 Orval Grove RC SP
68 Eddie Miller SP
70 Honus Wagner
72 Hank Edwards RC
73 Pat Seerey RC
75 Dom DiMaggio SP
76 Ted Williams
77 Roy Smalley RC
78 Hoot Evers RC SP
79 Jackie Robinson RC
81 Whitney Kurowski RC SP
82 Johnny Lindell
83 Bobby Doerr
84 Sid Hudson
85 Dave Philley RC SP
86 Ralph Weigel RC
88 Frank Gustine RC SP
91 Ralph Kiner
93 Bob Feller SP
95 George Stirnweiss
97 Marty Marion
98 Hal Newhouser RC SP
102 Gene Hermanski RC - Hermansk
102 Gene Hermanski RC - Hermanski
104 Bud Stewart RC SP
106 Lou Boudreau MG RC
108 Matt Batts RC SP
111 Jerry Priddy RC
113 Dutch Leonard SP
117 Joe Gordon RC
120 George Kell RC SP
121 Johnny Pesky RC SP
123 Cliff Fannin RC SP
125 Andy Pafko RC
127 Enos Slaughter SP
128 Buddy Rosar
129 Kirby Higbe SP
131 Sid Gordon SP
133 Tommy Holmes RC SP
136 Cliff Aberson RC - Full Sleeve
136 Cliff Aberson RC - Short Sleeve
137 Harry Walker RC SP
138 Larry Doby RC SP
139 Johnny Hopp RC
142 Danny Murtaugh RC SP
143 Dick Sisler RC SP
144 Bob Dillinger RC SP
146 Pete Reiser SP
149 Hank Majeski RC SP
153 Floyd Baker RC SP
158 Harry Brecheen RC SP
159 Mizel Platt RC
160 Bob Scheffing RC SP
161 Vern Stephens RC SP
163 Fred Hutchinson RC SP
165 Dale Mitchell RC SP
168 Phil Cavaretta RC SP

January 23, 2018

1934 W. D. & H. O. Wills Animalloys Needs List

Check out my longer post on the set as my discovering it was my 2017 collecting highlight.

Last updated: 8-22-18

1934 W. D. & H. O. Wills Animalloys Needs List


1.   ALL
2.     IGA
3.         TOR


4.   ANT
5.      ELO
6.         PE


7.   ARM
8.      ADI
9         LLO


10   BUF
11      FA
12        LO


13   HIPP
14       OPOTA
15            MUS


16   IG
17     UA
18       NA


19   LE
20     OPA
21        RD


22   OP
23     OSSU
24         M


25   PLAT
26       YPU
27          S


28   PORC
29       UPI
30          NE


31   RAC
32      COO
33         N


34   RHIN
35       OCE
36          ROS


37   TORT
38       OI
39         SE


40   WAP
41      IT
42        I


43   WE
44     ASE
45        L


46   WOLV
47       ERI
48          NE