My Topps Living Set Card #1 Has Arrived

I'm here to admit I was one of the people that purchased 13,256 copies of Aaron Judge's card #1 in the new Topps Living Set. Up to this point I hadn't purchased a Topps Now card but I was intrigued by the set's idea and the art on Judge's card was beautiful. Plus, the price of $7.99 per card with the ability to get free shipping helped me in jumping the mental hurdles I had to clear to finally buy this card. 

The card arrived on Tuesday and came in this nice looking box. I imagine these will be standard with each week's order and it is a nice touch I must admit. 

And here it is. I arrives in a nice plastic case and I don't plan on taking it out. I'm not a Yankees fan or a Judge collector but I think this is a special card.

The card come with a foam square to keep it from moving around in the case so I haven't seen the reverse side of the card yet.

So going forward I'm open to picking up some more cards from the Living Set as we move forward, especially with that free shipping. 


Once a Cub said…
I'll be picking up the Cubs I'm sure. I'm just not sure if I want to go straight through Topps or secondary market. $2 is $2 and over the long haul...

But that box thing is kind of nice.
Mark Hoyle said…
I just grabbed a Jackie Bradley. Found an eBay seller who sells for 5.50 a card
Fuji said…
Nice looking card... but I don't see myself ordering any of these unless they make a Tony Gwynn or Rickey Henderson card.