1962 Topps Green Tint Needs List

Although single error cards might be a little more famous, there is nothing that  reaches the magnitude of the green-tint error cards that were issued in the 1962 Topps set.

The story goes that kids across America were scooping up the first series of '62 Topps quickly so everyone's favorite card maker commissioned a second printer to run off some more second series cards.

That printer screwed up and the cards ended up being printed without magenta coloring and so the cards have a green tint to them which someone escaped quality control.

I'm working on building sets of the corrected and green tint cards. Unless when noted the green and non-tinted cards use the same photo with just small design modifications between the versions. But there are nine cards that featured different photos in the second run and I've noted the differences between the two printings.

For example, here are the two versions of Lee Walls' card No. 129. As you can see they have different photos with the green version being on the right.

Here's the complete list of the photo variations:

  • No. 129 Lee Walls
  • No. 132 Los Angeles Angels Team
  • No. 134 Billy Hoeft
  • No. 139 Hal Reniff
  • No. 139 Babe Ruth 
  • No. 147 Bill Kunkel
  • No. 174 Carl Willey
  • No. 176 Eddie Yost
  • No. 190 Wally Moon

Another oddball part of this series is that one card in the second series escaped the green tint error. Card No. 159 Hal Reniff doesn't have a green version because in the first printing Reniff's card was numbered as 139 (making two No. 139s in the second series).

1962 Topps Green Tint Needs List

Last updated: 8-11-22

110.1 Bill Skowron (green)
110.2 Bill Skowron

111.1 Dallas Green (green
111.2 Dallas Green

112.1 Hank Foiles (green)
112.2 Hank Foiles

113.1 White Sox Team (green)
113.2 White Sox Team

114.1 Howie Koplitz (green)
114.2 Howie Koplitz

115.1 Bob Skinner (green)
115.2 Bob Skinner

116.1 Herb Score (green)
116.2 Herb Score

117.1 Gary Geiger (green)
117.2 Gary Geiger

118.1 Julian Javier (green)
118.1 Julian Javier

119.1 Danny Murphy (green)
119.2 Danny Murphy

120.1 Bob Purkey (green)
120.2 Bob Purkey

121.1 Billy Hitchcock (green)
121.2 Billy Hitchcock

122.1 Norman Bass (green)
122.2 Norman Bass

123.1 Mike de la Hoz (green)
123.2 Mike de la Hoz

124.1 Bill Pleis (green)
124.2 Bill Pleis

125.1 Gene Woodling (green)
125.2 Gene Woodling

126.1 Al Cicotte (green)
126.2 Al Cicotte

127.1 Pride of the A's (green)
127.2 Pride of the A's

128.1 Art Fowler (green)
128.2 Art Fowler

129.1 Lee Walls (green) with photo looking to the right
129.2 Lee Walls with photo looking to the left

130.1 Frank Bolling (green)
130.2 Frank Bolling

131.1 Pete Richert (green)
131.2 Pete Richert

132.1 Los Angeles Angels Team (green) has two floating photos
132.2 Los Angeles Angels Team with no floating photos

133.1 Felipe Alou (green)
133.2 Felipe Alou

134.1 Billy Hoeft (green) photo facing straight
134.2 Billy Hoeft with photo slightly left

135.1 Babe As A Boy (green)
135.2 Babe As A Boy

136.1 Babe Joins Yanks (green)
136.2 Babe Joins Yanks

137.1 Babe and Mgr. Huggins (green)
137.2 Babe and Mgr. Huggins

138.1 The Famous Slugger (green)
138.1 The Famous Slugger

139.1 Babe Hits 60 (green) with pole, no dirt
139.2 Babe Hits 60 with no pole, dirt

139.1 Hal Reniff (green) with pitching photo
139.2 Hal Reniff with portrait photo

140.1 Gehrig and Ruth (green)
140.2 Gehrig and Ruth

141.1 Twilight Years (green)
141.2 Twilight Years

142.1 Coaching for the Dodgers (green)
142.2 Coaching for the Dodgers

143.1 Greatest Sports Hero (green)
143.2 Greatest Sports Hero

144.1 Farewell Speech (green)
144.2 Farewell Speech

145.1 Barry Latman (green)
145.2 Barry Latman

146.1 Don Demeter (green)
146.2 Don Demeter

147.1 Bill Kunkel (green) pitching photo
147.2 Bill Kunkel with portrait photo

148.1 Wally Post (green)
148.2 Wally Post

149.1 Bob Duliba (green)
149.2 Bob Duliba

150.1 Al Kaline (green)
150.2 Al Kaline

151.1 Johnny Klippstein (green)
151.2 Johnny Klippstein

152.1 Mickey Vernon (green)
152.2 Mickey Vernon

153.1 Pumpsie Green (green)
153.2 Pumpsie Green

154.1 Lee Thomas (green)
154.2 Lee Thomas

155.1 Stu Miller (green)
155.2 Stu Miller

156.1 Merritt Ranew (green)
156.2 Merritt Ranew

157.1 Wes Covington (green)
157.2 Wes Covington

158.1 Milwaukee Braves Team (green)
158.2 Milwaukee Braves Team

159.1 Hal Reniff -- there is no green version for 159 because it was numbered as 139 in the original green printing

160.1 Dick Stuart (green)
160.2 Dick Stuart

161.1 Frank Baumann (green)
161.2 Frank Baumann

162.1 Sammy Drake (green)
162.2 Sammy Drake

163.1 Hot Corner Guardians - Billy Gardner / Clete Boyer (green)
163.2 Hot Corner Guardians - Billy Gardner / Clete Boyer

164.1 Hal Naragon (green)
164.2 Hal Naragon

165.1 Jackie Brandt (green)
165.2 Jackie Brandt

166.1 Don Lee (green)
166.2 Don Lee

167.1 Tim McCarver (green)
167.2 Tim McCarver

168.1 Leo Posada (green)
168.2 Leo Posada

169.1 Bob Cerv (green)
169.2 Bob Cerv

170.1 Ron Santo (green)
170.2 Ron Santo

171.1 Dave Sisler (green)
171.2 Dave Sisler

172.1 Fred Hutchinson (green)
172.2 Fred Hutchinson

173.1 Chico Fernandez (green)
173.2 Chico Fernandez

174.1 Carl Willey (green) photo with cap
174.2 Carl Willey with no cap portrait

175.1 Frank Howard (green)
175.2 Frank Howard

176.1 Eddie Yost (green) photo with bat
176.2 Eddie Yost with portrait photo

177.1 Bobby Shantz (green)
177.2 Bobby Shantz

178.1 Camilo Carreon (green)
178.2 Camilo Carreon

179.1 Yom Sturdivant (green)
179.2 Tom Sturdivant

180.1 Bob Allison (green)
180.2 Bob Allison

181.1 Paul Brown (green)
181.2 Paul Brown

182.1 Bob Nieman (green)
182.2 Bob Nieman

183.1 Roger Craig (green)
183.2 Roger Craig

184.1 Haywood Sullivan (green)
184.2 Haywood Sullivan

185.1 Roland Sheldon (green)
185.2 Roland Sheldon

186.1 Mack Jones (green)
186.2 Mack Jones

187.1 Gene Conley (green)
187.2 Gene Conley

188.1 Chuck Hiller (green)
188.2 Chuck Hiller

189.1 Dick Hall (green)
189.2 Dick Hall

190.1 Wally Moon (green) photo with bat
190.2 Wally Moon with no cap photo

191.1 Jim Brewer (green)
191.2 Jim Brewer

192.1 Checklist 177-264 (green) with comma on No. 192 listing
192.2 Checklist 177-264 with no comma on No. 192

193.1 Eddie Kasko (green)
193.2 Eddie Kasko

194.1 Dean Chance (green)
194.2 Dean Chance

195.1 Joe Cunningham (green)
195.2 Joe Cunningham

196.1 Terry Fox (green)
196.2 Terry Fox


megaberry said…
I am trying to get a "complete" set of green tint autographed. No Ruths of course.
megaberry said…
I have most of them autographed. One of my favorite searches...of course no Ruths!!