Dusting off the blog to talk about the 2019 Topps design

If there is anything that makes me dust off Blogger and get the card blog up and running again it is a new Topps design. 

My 2019 Topps design hot take (a couple days later, so it's not too hot) is that the generally positive response is that the "new" design reminds many of us of something we have seen before in 1982 Topps ... with the colored lines flipped to the other side.  

Also, remove the player signature and add a team logo and there you go. It is a pretty close approximation I think and with 1982 Topps being featured in the Topps Archives set several times, it makes natural sense that the design would be inspired by the '82 set ... if only unintentionally. 

In terms of the announcement, I'm on trading card Twitter throughout the day and I somehow missed that the design announcement was approaching. It is insane that Topps wastes the biggest announcement of the year without a huge fanfare.

If it is going to be announced so early and since it's just a few weeks since the National it should be coincided with that event. I think they should make it a tradition, pick a day, make it Topps Day. Or if only there was like a National Baseball Card Day that the announcement could be paired with I think that would work out well.

On the flip side, delaying the announcement saves Topps from running into the same problem that Wizards of the Coast runs into with new Magic: The Gathering releases. Each new set faces leaks on new set mechanics and the art of the key cards before the release and while it seems some Magic leaks are planned, Topps stays in control with they way they do things currently.

Here's that original Gary Woods card from 1982 Topps Traded #130T. Woods was traded from the Astros to the Cubs and he would stay with the team through 1985.