August 23, 2015

The Simpsons Lego Minifigures Series 2

While I have nearly the entire first series of Simpsons Lego mini-figures, it totally slipped by me that a Series Two was released in April. This set gives you the chance to get Comic Book Guy, Bartman, Fall Out Boy, and the Bouvier sisters. I find these on a big display at Target and are $3.99 per bag. Now these packs can sometimes be frustrating in pulling the same characters again and again but just like in Series 1 there is a way you can game the system and get unique figures each time.

These were my first two packs so I just did the old "feel test" and picked two figures that were obviously different. Pack #1 came up Milhouse as found Fall Out Boy! Besides inspiring the band, Milhouse famously won the role of Fall Out Boy in the Radioactive Man and was later replaced by Mickey Rooney.

Pack #2 found Selma...Selma wears a blue dress and Patty is red dress in case you have trouble differentiating the twins. Selma's been married to Side Show Bob, Troy McClure, and Disco Stu to name a few.

August 22, 2015

Topps Refractor Labeling


August 19, 2015

TCPS Podcast #TheHobby Interviews Series - Christopher From Crackin' Wax

The Trading Card Preservation Society starts a new #TheHobby Interviews series which will be a Better Know Your Blogger style collection of interviews conducted with trading card bloggers and people in the trading card industry. Today I call Christopher from Crackin' Wax to talk about his charity group breaks, designing trading cards, and our mutual love of the Minnesota Twins. Colligere Omnia!

You can stream the interview below, download it here, or listen on iTunes or Stitcher.


August 17, 2015

Ripping A Random Pack Of 2009 Upper Deck O-Pee-Chee

As you can see, my "to be ripped and reviewed" stack for A Pack To Be Named Later is getting a little out of hand so I need to get back into the habit of regularly ripping packs. So let's start today with an odd ball one-off product from Upper Deck, 2009 O-Pee-Chee Baseball. In 2010, Upper Deck lost its baseball license and so we never got to see this product's true potential. I think I really did buy this for $1 from a clearance box at a card shop in Minnesota during a visit. And as TraderCracks says "when you find 2009 O-Pee-Chee Baseball, you buy 2009 OPC Baseball."

In my my six cards I was able to pull two stadium cards which is a subset of baseball cards that I collect! As you'll notice my card of Progressive Stadium in Cleveland has a black border which fell one per pack.

August 13, 2015

I Can Die A Happy Man Now, Kent Hrbek Followed Me

Well, I can die a happy man now! Kent Hrbek followed me on Twitter! Herbie! Herbie! Herbie! 

Kent is of course known for his humorous and unique baseball cards and as I was flipping through my Hrbek collection today I think that this 1995 Upper Deck card is my person favorite of him. What's your favorite Kent Hrbek card?

1995 Upper Deck #195 Kent Hrbek

August 12, 2015

Have We Seen The 2016 Topps Design Before?

How's that for a click bait post title? If you make trading cards long enough you are bound to get to the point in which creating new designs becomes tougher and tougher. The same is true with collecting. If you own and look at your cards long enough you'll start seeing patterns or similarities that may not really be there. For example, am I crazy or does the 2016 Topps design look a lot like the Cut Above insert set from 2012 Topps?

2012 Topps A Cut Above #ACA-14 Willie Mays
If only that logo was in the bottom right I think we would have a winner!

August 6, 2015

An Inadvertent Theme In My Card Show Pickups

Sorting through my card show pickups I discovered an inadvertent theme in a few of the cards. What could that theme be? Why glorious facial hair, of course! Sparky Lyle's mustache is putting Rollie Finger's mustache on notice, Jeff Reardon's full, thick beard makes the hipsters weep, Jim Kern doing his best impression of an Amish pitcher, and George Foster's sideburns could cut glass.

1981 Topps #719 Sparky Lyle
1984 Donruss #279 Jeff Reardon
1982 Topps #463 Jim Kern
1983 Topps #156 Billy Martin
1983 Topps #366 Dick Williams
1978 Topps #2 Sparky Lyle Record Breaker
1984 Topps #350 George Foster

August 5, 2015

The Best Finds In My Goodwill Cards Or Please Give Us More Big Mitt Cards

The North Georgia Goodwill had a bag of 2004 Topps on sale for $2.92 [I'm not sure who the hell does their pricing but we'll go with it]. The cards were grouped together with rubber bands that had been in place for what looks like many years. The bands had stuck to the cards it was in direct contact with and the rubber was dried out and brittle. Who knows how long they had been there but they were mine now! 

Many of the cards were too damaged to salvage but some made it out successfully. Here are the best cards from the bag which includes the best rookie card from the set, Yadier Molina.  

2004 Topps #324 Yadier Molina RC
Here are a couple of first Topps cards for Rickie Weeks and Nick Markakis. Rickie is playing with the Mariners these days and Markakis was the Braves biggest free agent signing this past off season.

2004 Topps #687 Rickie Weeks 
2004 Topps #691 Orioles Prospects 

Plus, I was able to rescue a second year Joe Mauer. 

2004 Topps #559 Joe Mauer

This particular tops design is one of my favorites with all the foil stamping but it does lead to having some small player photos, especially on the horizontal cards. Nonetheless this Tino Martinez card is perfectly timed and brilliant.

2004 Topps #186 Tino Martinez

Seems like they should have made this one a vertical card but still, Thome and Schmidt on the same card is amazing!

2004 Topps #695 South Philly Sluggers
A big mitt card I had no idea existed! Oh please Sooz, please give us some more big mitt cards!

2004 Topps #181 Jason Michaels
One big mitt card deserves another and so I have a great excuse to dust off one of my favorite Twins cards ever, Mickey Hatcher's BBBIIIGGG MMMIIITTTTTT!

1986 Fleer #396 Mickey Hatcher
And that let's me throw Mickey's rookie card up here because I will probably never have a chance again. 

1980 Topps #679 Dodgers Future Stars
And while we are on the topic of big mitts, here's an inadvertent big mitt featuring Gerry Arrigo. Arrigo was a reliever for the Twins for a couple of seasons in the 60's and then was traded to the Reds for the great Ceasar Tovar! 

1965 Topps #39 Gerry Arrigo

August 4, 2015

TCPS Podcast Episode #9 Supplemental Material

Here are the supplemental materials you'll need to fully enjoy Episode #9 of the Trading Card Preservation Society. At the beginning of the podcast we talk about what we found at Roswell, GA card show and Dave found a bunch of discount 1968 Topps. Here are the Cardboard Junkie's key pickups. 

I talked about these rack packs of 1994 Topps that guarantees five Topps Gold cards and a chance at some Topps BlackGold! They are marked $3 each but I got them for $1 a pack.

My odds of pulling a BlackGold card is 1:14.4 packs and getting one of those BlackGold redemptions for a smaller sets fall 1:36 packs and finding a redemption for all of the BlackGold cards is 1:144 packs.

So after ripping the packs and literally having to pull the cards apart here are my 15 Gold cards. My group included two double and one gold stamped Hall of Fame member. 

#235 Scott Cooper
#235 Scott Cooper
#221 Larry Luebbers
#221 Larry Luebbers

#356 Scott Ruffcorn Future Star
#363 Eric Helfand Future Star

#325 Jody Reed
#244 Rick Wilkins

#106 Daryl Boston

#76 Luis Aquino

#108 Gary Redus

#81 Greg McMichael

#114 Mitch Williams
#248 Rickey Henderson
 My favorite card from the group is the Doug Drabek as a catcher card. After having great season with the Pirates, and winning a Cy Young award, Drabek signed with the Astros in 1993 and promptly went 9-18 so maybe I understand why they had him take a few pitches as a catcher!

#220 Doug Drabek
So I didn't really hit the Topps Gold jackpot that I was hoping for but I did pull one of the nicest base cards from the set which is Derek Jeter's second year card which he shares with three other shortstop prospects.

#158 1994 Prospect Shortstop