TCPS Podcast Episode #9 Supplemental Material

Here are the supplemental materials you'll need to fully enjoy Episode #9 of the Trading Card Preservation Society. At the beginning of the podcast we talk about what we found at Roswell, GA card show and Dave found a bunch of discount 1968 Topps. Here are the Cardboard Junkie's key pickups. 

I talked about these rack packs of 1994 Topps that guarantees five Topps Gold cards and a chance at some Topps BlackGold! They are marked $3 each but I got them for $1 a pack.

My odds of pulling a BlackGold card is 1:14.4 packs and getting one of those BlackGold redemptions for a smaller sets fall 1:36 packs and finding a redemption for all of the BlackGold cards is 1:144 packs.

So after ripping the packs and literally having to pull the cards apart here are my 15 Gold cards. My group included two double and one gold stamped Hall of Fame member. 

#235 Scott Cooper
#235 Scott Cooper
#221 Larry Luebbers
#221 Larry Luebbers

#356 Scott Ruffcorn Future Star
#363 Eric Helfand Future Star

#325 Jody Reed
#244 Rick Wilkins

#106 Daryl Boston

#76 Luis Aquino

#108 Gary Redus

#81 Greg McMichael

#114 Mitch Williams
#248 Rickey Henderson
 My favorite card from the group is the Doug Drabek as a catcher card. After having great season with the Pirates, and winning a Cy Young award, Drabek signed with the Astros in 1993 and promptly went 9-18 so maybe I understand why they had him take a few pitches as a catcher!

#220 Doug Drabek
So I didn't really hit the Topps Gold jackpot that I was hoping for but I did pull one of the nicest base cards from the set which is Derek Jeter's second year card which he shares with three other shortstop prospects.

#158 1994 Prospect Shortstop 


Adam Kaningher said…
Two doubles of a one-per pack parallel. That is annoying. Still, I'd love to bust some 1994 Topps. It was my first-ever factory set.