An Inadvertent Theme In My Card Show Pickups

Sorting through my card show pickups I discovered an inadvertent theme in a few of the cards. What could that theme be? Why glorious facial hair, of course! Sparky Lyle's mustache is putting Rollie Finger's mustache on notice, Jeff Reardon's full, thick beard makes the hipsters weep, Jim Kern doing his best impression of an Amish pitcher, and George Foster's sideburns could cut glass.

1981 Topps #719 Sparky Lyle
1984 Donruss #279 Jeff Reardon
1982 Topps #463 Jim Kern
1983 Topps #156 Billy Martin
1983 Topps #366 Dick Williams
1978 Topps #2 Sparky Lyle Record Breaker
1984 Topps #350 George Foster


JediJeff said…
Kern just needs a trillby and some indie band mp3s.