I Can Die A Happy Man Now, Kent Hrbek Followed Me

Well, I can die a happy man now! Kent Hrbek followed me on Twitter! Herbie! Herbie! Herbie! 

Kent is of course known for his humorous and unique baseball cards and as I was flipping through my Hrbek collection today I think that this 1995 Upper Deck card is my person favorite of him. What's your favorite Kent Hrbek card?

1995 Upper Deck #195 Kent Hrbek


gcrl said…
i think his '94 ud card shows him on the dugout phone which is nice, and he's got a few cards where he's fighting the sun to catch a pop up, but my favorite is his 1987 topps. it looks to me like he's run in circles trying to follow a pop fly, and he might fall down at any moment.
Brian said…
Dugout phone is a classic - I'm partial to the ridiculous mugging on his 1992 Donruss Triple Play card. I believe it was even featured as a "Baseball Card Bust."