August 31, 2011

The Rookie Card Series: Dennis 'Oil Can' Boyd

**In this series we do rookie cards and nothing else.**

These two rookies came to me from reader Mike D. in a trade for some Cubs.  "Oil Can" is one of my favorite players and if he had been born anywhere else other than Meridian, Mississippi he might have been called Dennis "Beer Can" Boyd.  Apparently around Meridian beer is called oil, hence the nick name "Oil Can."

There was talk of Oil Can trying to make a comeback back in 2009 but I haven't seen any recent articles about it since then.

1984 Fleer #393 Dennis Boyd
1984 Donruss #457 Dennis 'Oil Can' Boyd

Here's A Little Help For Thorzul's Contest

On Monday I bought a similar repackage to the one Thorzul is giving away some cards from and here is a little help for those of you that read both of our blogs.  I've posted below the two best cards I pulled from my pack [which was of the black wrapper variety]:

1983 Topps #715 Tony Perez
1984 Topps #415 Tommy John

I also did receive a couple of common '68 Topps but they weren't as nice as these two cards.

August 30, 2011

Last Week Was A Great Week To Be On The Packers Season Ticket Waiting List

Last week was a great week to be in the long, long, long line for Green Bay Packer season tickets.  As I currently sit I'm person #66,898 on the waiting list and last year I only moved up about 400 spots.  I'm eagerly waiting this year's post card which should move me an inch or two closer to being first in the queue.  Since the Defending Champions are the defending champions I doubt I will be moving up by 400 spots again.
That was until last week's news that Lambeau Field will be expanded by 6,600 seats.  The construction would be done by the 2013 season and would effectively jump me 10% forward in my quest for tickets.  It might also mean that I could actually get these tickets before I die.

Back in May, the Packers sent me an e-mail [I think it went to anyone who had ever purchased a Packer ticket or just signed up for e-mail alerts] asking me to take a survey about expanding Lambeau.  I gave my opinion and I'm happy to see that a lot of what I wanted is included in the plans...specifically that the Packers are paying for the construction themselves rather than through government money.

August 29, 2011

The Troll Hunter Preview

Being about 60% Norwegian this movie is awesome on so many levels!

** WE HAVE A WINNER** -- Win A National Exclusive Card!

It's time for another contest, this time for a card from Leaf that was available exclusively at The National. To get these exclusive cards you basically had to be milling around the Leaf booth and you would get one in a sealed white envelope.

I ended up with two copies of the Nolan Ryan card and so I thought I would share the wealth with my readers.  Here's the card you can win, numbered 220 out of 300: 

If you like shiny cards, this is the one for you.

To win the contest we are going to do the game procedure as my last contest for some Topps Prime 9 redemptions. I've included a part of scan of a card from the 1970s...needless to say it is a Topps card.  Be the first to leave a comment telling me which card it is and you win the Nolan Ryan. If no one gets it I'll show you more and more of the card until it is identified. Good luck!


Clue #1: The card is from the 1970's.
Clue #2: The card is from the first half of the 1970's.

Here's some more of the card in question:


Uncle Jon's Band of the Cards That Never Were and  Six Degrees of Ron Santo blog got it right.  The card in question was the 1973 Topps #263 of George Scott.  I wrote about the card HERE. Congratulations!

1973 Topps #263 George Scott

Cards From The Box: Random Vintage Football Card #1 -- Mick Tingelhoff

**In this series we delve deep into this box of cards, purchased for $2.99**

Included in the box were about 50 random vintage football cards from the late 60's and 70's.  There were no stars included but there some pretty interesting commons and so I'll show a bunch of them.  Let's begin with Mick Tingelhoff the Viking's long time center during the 60's and 70's who played in all four of their Super Bowl appearances.

1971 Topps #204 Mick Tingelhoff
I like the '71 set because it skips the stats for a really, really long paragraph about the player.

August 28, 2011

A Pile Of Cards Transported 600 Miles South

A few weeks ago my parents visited me in Kansas and my dad asked me if there was anything in particular that I needed. I of course asked for the standard things:

--Wisconsin cheese curds [of course]
--any interesting Packer stuff he had run into...
--and my last request was to find some of the boxes of cards that I'd left abandoned at my parents house when I moved out about 10 years ago.  My collection has been divided between Lawrence and Wisconsin and to be honest I really have no idea of what cards I have other than a lot of Jose Canseco rookies and a Kirby Pucket Topps rookie.

So I said bring any loose boxes you can find and what they brought is pictured below.  My dad didn't find my most sacred cards as there was no sign of Jose or Kirby but what he did bring was junk wax gold. 

As you can see I've got a 1988 Topps complete set [opened of course!] I didn't believe in keeping factory sets sealed until about 1994.  There was one of those damn Dugout boxes that actually damaged the cards inside it [I think that has to be a post in the near future].  Also included were eight boxes of misc cards, a nearly full box of Pro Set English soccer cards from 1992 and some unopened sets of Pro Sets Super Bowl XXV collectors set.  Those last two will be given away in some future contests so keep an eye out.  Some of the treasures I found in the boxes will be highlighted in the future as well.

UPDATE: Let's See If I'm A Winner

UPDATE:  Eagle-eyed reader Joe of the Cobb and Halladay blog noticed that to win the game I needed to find all three "27s" before getting one out [not the three outs that I thought originally]!  So I was a loser right from the start!  

I found this unscratched contest card from 1992 Topps while sorting some commons and so let's see if I can win a prize!  Here's a list of things I could possibly when if I scratch these circles in the right order:

--a card show Topps buying spree
--a ToppsGold complete set
--a pack of ToppsGold cards

So let's begin...I have to find the three "27" spots without getting three outs.

One swing and a force out.  This could be done really quickly.

My 2nd attempt and a strike out.  0-2.  

Get your rally caps on boys and girls...It's the 2004 Red Sox all over again.  

Another "27"!  I more and it's time for "do you believe in miracles?"

Alas, poor Matt F. has flown out for my 3rd out.  

And what would my prize have been?  A pack of 10 ToppsGold cards.  If I had pulled off the comeback I would have needed to send my card in by January 1st 1993 so I'm just eighteen years too late.  

I Don't Get A Lot Of Excuses To Show Joe Thomas Cards

But a 7-year contract extension with the Browns that could pay him up to $84 million  is reason enough.  So far Joe hasn't never missed a snap in his NFL career...and who doesn't love that he skipped the NFL draft to go fishing with his dad.  I found this one at a mall card show in Topeka in the $2 bin if I remember correctly and of course I grabbed it up as Joe is a former Wisconsin Badger.

2007 Donruss Playoffs Joe Thomas Autograph #21/25

August 27, 2011

Genius Covers: Sabertooth #1

Mark Texeira and Mark Teixeira.  That extra "i" makes all the difference.  First let us begin with Mark Texiera, one of my all-time favorite comic book illustrators.  His style is unlike anyone else's...[as I read what I just wrote it sounds sort of stupid...of course everyone's style is there own...what I mean to say is that Mark's illustrations blew my mind as a kid...they seemed sloppy and yet 13-year old mind didn't really think comics could look like this]. 

My personal favorite is the premiere issue from the Sabertooth mini series which was published in August 1993.  The story comes from Larry Hama who is best known for writing the Marvel G.I. Joe comics.  [Interestingly, Hama wrote the biographical file information on the back of the G.I. Joe action figures...I used to cut those out and save them as a kid.]

The cover itself only hints at what lies behind it.

Flip the cover and you get an outstanding painting of Sabertooth about to devore you.  Inside you get a story of Sabertooth being betrayed by his girlfriend and being forced to take a job to kill the mutant Mystique.  

Here are a couple of the pages from the book to show how great Texeira's art is.  I especially like the close up of Sabertooth's face at the top of the 2nd page.

Although a topless Sabertooth look a little too much like a topless Cable.

Now onto the other Mark Teixeira who continues to crush American league pitching.  He is second in home runs, third in RBIs and if he could only get that batting average up above .300 he could be a triple crown threat.  Here are a few Teixeira relic cards from my collection:

2005 Bowman Sterling #BS-MTE Mark Teixeira Bat Relic Refractor 127199
2008 Upper Deck Sweet Spot #DS-BT Lance Berkman/Mark Teixeira Dual Jersey Relic
2008 Topps Allen & Ginter #AGR-MT Mark Teixeira Jersey Relic
And last but not least in this issue we have a great add for Pinnacle:  

August 26, 2011

Show and Tell #112: Striking Oil

Why exactly Oil Can Boyd was included in the 2011 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions set I can't say but I'm glad they did.  Here's my recently acquired Goodwin base card:

2011 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions #178 Dennis "Oil Can" Boyd
This autograph is my card of this year...I can look at that autograph for hours...I think it's the "O" and the "C" of "Oil Can" that you don't quite notice what it is at first but then it all becomes clear as if it is some sort of infinity symbol.

2011 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions #A-OC Dennis "Oil Can" Boyd
And they'll be another Oil Can post soon, this time highlighting a few of his rookie cards.  Thanks to reader Mike D. for tracking down these cards for me!

Everybody's Got A Record: Jeff Bagwell Edition

**In this series we strive to prove the universal truth that every baseball player holds some kind of record.**

Jeff Bagwell is the Astros all-time leader in home runs, runs batted in and walks.  You may remember that Bagwell was traded from the Red Sox in 1990 and the next year he was Rookie of the Year.

2004 Donruss Timelines #24 Jeff Bagwell Bat Relic

August 25, 2011

Johnny Depp As Hunter S. Thompson For A 2nd Time

Enjoy the first look at The Rum Diary...

Team Set Tuesday: 1969 Topps Seattle Pilots Team Set

Sometimes Team Set Tuesdays posts just aren't meant for Tuesdays...I've finally completed my 1969 Topps Seattle Pilots team set and so I now have a copy and all the original Seattle Pilots cards made by Topps.  Well, let me take that back...there are some variations of the '69 set that have the yellow and white coloring of the name reversed...they are much rarer than the regular version and I gave up on trying to include those in the  team set.  I guess I'm not a true completist.

#17 Mike Marshall
#42 Tommy Harper
#62 Chico Salmon
#83 Mike Ferraro
#111 Johnny Morris
#135 Tommy Davis
#178 Ray Oyler
#209 Larry Haney
#233 Steve Barber
#254 Joe Schultz
This is my favorite card of the team set mainly because of the back side of the card and the great caricature of Pilot's one-and-only coach Joe Schultz.  

#254 Joe Schultz [Back]
#285 Don Mincher
#301 Darrell Brandon
#322 Jose Vidal
#346 Wayne Comer
#377 Gary Bell
#394 Pilots Rookie Stars Lou Piniella/Marv Staehle
#413 Roland Sheldon
#451 Rich Rollins
#482 Jim Gosger
#511 Diego Segui
#534 Jerry McNertney
#563 Marty Pattin
#577 Mike Hegan
#612 Jack Aker
#631 John Kennedy
#651 Gus Gil