** WE HAVE A WINNER** -- Win A National Exclusive Card!

It's time for another contest, this time for a card from Leaf that was available exclusively at The National. To get these exclusive cards you basically had to be milling around the Leaf booth and you would get one in a sealed white envelope.

I ended up with two copies of the Nolan Ryan card and so I thought I would share the wealth with my readers.  Here's the card you can win, numbered 220 out of 300: 

If you like shiny cards, this is the one for you.

To win the contest we are going to do the game procedure as my last contest for some Topps Prime 9 redemptions. I've included a part of scan of a card from the 1970s...needless to say it is a Topps card.  Be the first to leave a comment telling me which card it is and you win the Nolan Ryan. If no one gets it I'll show you more and more of the card until it is identified. Good luck!


Clue #1: The card is from the 1970's.
Clue #2: The card is from the first half of the 1970's.

Here's some more of the card in question:


Uncle Jon's Band of the Cards That Never Were and  Six Degrees of Ron Santo blog got it right.  The card in question was the 1973 Topps #263 of George Scott.  I wrote about the card HERE. Congratulations!

1973 Topps #263 George Scott