Last Week Was A Great Week To Be On The Packers Season Ticket Waiting List

Last week was a great week to be in the long, long, long line for Green Bay Packer season tickets.  As I currently sit I'm person #66,898 on the waiting list and last year I only moved up about 400 spots.  I'm eagerly waiting this year's post card which should move me an inch or two closer to being first in the queue.  Since the Defending Champions are the defending champions I doubt I will be moving up by 400 spots again.
That was until last week's news that Lambeau Field will be expanded by 6,600 seats.  The construction would be done by the 2013 season and would effectively jump me 10% forward in my quest for tickets.  It might also mean that I could actually get these tickets before I die.

Back in May, the Packers sent me an e-mail [I think it went to anyone who had ever purchased a Packer ticket or just signed up for e-mail alerts] asking me to take a survey about expanding Lambeau.  I gave my opinion and I'm happy to see that a lot of what I wanted is included in the plans...specifically that the Packers are paying for the construction themselves rather than through government money.